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    Hey guys,

    Tomorrow, April 15th, at 16:00 GMT+0. the Easter Event will start and last for 7 days!

    The Easter event will consist of two great main events:

    In-Game Event

    In the various metin2 maps you will find a series of metins in the shape of Easter eggs.

    From these metins you can drop 20 different types of eggs. At this point you must go to the Easter Rabbit that will allow you to craft these 20 different eggs into an Easter Chest!

    The second big news is the introduction of the new battlepass system!

    The battle pass will allow players of any level to put themselves to the test, taking on various challenges for incredible prizes!

    The battle pass will include three different sections:

    1) Normal: accessible to all players and which will allow anyone to take on a series of challenges and earn incredible prizes.

    2) Premium: available to those players who decide to support the server by purchasing a premium pass. This will allow players to access exclusive quests and rewards once dragged into the battlepass section.

    3) Event: with a selection of quests accessible to all players dedicated to the current event.

    Have a good game!