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    Dear Players,

    The scariest time of the year also comes to Metin2 SG!

    The Halloween 2022 Event will start on 28 October (14:00 Server time) and last until 4 November (14:00 Server time)!

    During the Event, in addition to the classic Metins, you will also find spooky Halloween Metins, which together with the classic Metins will allow you to drop Halloween Pumpkins.

    You can use the Halloween Pumpkins at the Jack O'Lantern NPC to create Halloween Surprise Boxes and obtain their incredible prizes.

    You can also drop Trick or Treats from the various Bosses in the list, which will contain numerous rewards.

    Inside the Trick or Treat and Halloween Surprise Boxes you will also find the new HalloWheel Tickets, to be used in the Wheel of Fortune.

    With the arrival of the event, a new Event BattlePass will also begin!

    We look forward to seeing you in game!

    All the scheduled events are cancelled during Halloween Event.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Players,

    Another wonderful year has passed! To thank you, here is our Anniversary Event!

    The Event will start Friday 14:00 GMT+0 and will last 5 days!

    Game Events

    During the event you will be able to drop Piece of Cake from Metin Stones and Anniversary Dungeon Chest from some Dungeon Bosses.

    You can use the obtained Pieces of Cake to create The Anniversary Chest!

    You can also obtain an Anniversary Wheel Token from the Anniversary Chest,

    And with an even higher probability also from the Anniversary Dungeon Chest!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team



    Dear Players,

    Summer has arrived and with it our special Summer event !

    What's better than some ice cream and melon to combat the heat?!

    We are waiting for you in game to find out together!

    Also waiting for you in game there are new Battlepass quests for the summer event, which will grant you itemshop cosmetics!

    The Event will start Saturday 15:00 GMT+0 and will last 7 days!

    Game Events

    During the event you will be able to drop Watermelon Slices from Metin Stones and Summer Dungeon Chests from some Dungeon Bosses.

    You can use Watermelon and Ice cream cones in what will be your best friend these days! the Summer Koala!

    Summer Dungeon Chests are dropped from the following Dungeon Bosses:

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Hey guys,

    Tomorrow, April 15th, at 16:00 GMT+0. the Easter Event will start and last for 7 days!

    The Easter event will consist of two great main events:

    In-Game Event

    In the various metin2 maps you will find a series of metins in the shape of Easter eggs.

    From these metins you can drop 20 different types of eggs. At this point you must go to the Easter Rabbit that will allow you to craft these 20 different eggs into an Easter Chest!

    The second big news is the introduction of the new battlepass system!

    The battle pass will allow players of any level to put themselves to the test, taking on various challenges for incredible prizes!

    The battle pass will include three different sections:

    1) Normal: accessible to all players and which will allow anyone to take on a series of challenges and earn incredible prizes.

    2) Premium: available to those players who decide to support the server by purchasing a premium pass. This will allow players to access exclusive quests and rewards once dragged into the battlepass section.

    3) Event: with a selection of quests accessible to all players dedicated to the current event.

    Have a good game!