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  • This thread's purpose will be from now on, to inform the community on what the team is currently working. It will stay closed to prevent any replies as it usually brings nothing good as the previous thread showed us. You are free to like or dislike the post if you dislike the contents or create a thread on the suggestion section to provide your suggestions regarding the work in progress updates.

    The current contents will take the remaining days of August till almost the end of September. Of course if all goes by the plan and there aren't any bugs or changes with high priority, but in the last 2 months all updates were delivered on schedules, except Meley which had a 2 weeks delay due to personal health issues.


    In the recent updates we brought on the server a lot of costumes, hairs and also added weapon skins. The feedback was 99% positive which is very rare, maybe also due to the fact that you can now hide your cosmetic accessories. So since we have a lot of unused mounts we are also developing a mount skin system. The only requirment is to have a valiant mount.

    The current problem is that certain mounts are faster than others. This is because some animations are shorter making the mount much faster as the time to repeat the next animation is much much shorter. Because of this players tend to choose the fastest mount instead of what they actually like which kills the whole point of having several different mounts in game. This will be fixed on a later time after the system is released.


    The Dungeon of the Hydra will be for level 100 and above. Dragonette Pet will work only on this Dungeon. Among other items, stones +5 and Rainbow stones will drop from the main boss. Rainbow stones will be usable from level 100 or 105 and are needed to break the limit of the perfect mastered skill. Since all monsters have water affinity, the element of this Dungeon will be Ice.


    Once the character reach a certain level and have at least 1 P skill, a rainbow stone can be used to reach the next level. Most skills will just raise in terms of buff or power, but some will grant special unique effects.


    We are also working on a wiki since the players who offered help to complete ours, runned away after few days.

  • Costume Mount is under testing

    The seal have its own slot now, which means that as long as it is equipped the mount don't need to be summoned by clicking on the seal, but will just need the usual CTRL + G shortcut. Of course if you do not have the requirments (horse level 11 or 21) you cannot use a wild or a valiant seal.

    The costume will go there, other than granting a bonus it will replace the appereance of your valiant mount. A costume can only be equipped once your seal slot is filled with a valiant mount, it won't accept young or wild.

    If the testing goes smoothly it will come on SG at the end of August or the first days of September.


  • All the bugs regarding the skills are solved. The only missing things are:

    1) New Effects for the S level.

    2) Add special bonus to certain skills once you reach S level.

    For the effects we prefer a golden color for the buffs and passive skills, while for the offensive skill we prefer elemental effect. This gave us ideas on point number 2. Aside from a special bonus, all attack skills will deal elemental damage at S. The elemental damage will be only reduced by the elemental resistance, making those bonus viable also in pvp.

    Body Warriors: Light + Wind

    Mental Warriors: Wind + Earth

    Dagger Assassins: Ice + Wind

    Archer: Light + Fire

    Weapon Sura: Fire + Dark

    Black Magic Sura: Fire + Dark

    Dragon Mage: Fire

    Healer: Light

    This open up to new contents, such as new bio quests that boost elemental skill damage or resistance, or new items with these bonus.

    From this coming week the development of Ship defense or Hydra will start and if all goes smoothly it should be done within 2 or 3 weeks.


  • A little peak of a small portion of the contents for November

    1) Main Inventory Sorting

    Something easy and a quality of life, it autostacks the items and prioritize the item with 1 slot on the top if there are "holes" in the inventory.

    2) Sidebar


    By clicking or pressing F5 you can access to the side bar with some new and old buttons.

  • A new set of inventories is currently worked on

    Wind of Shoes have now their own personal slots. Side Bar overlap the inventory and sorting button asks you now confirmations.

    The costume button will be replaced by the sash equip slot, while the inventory II will contain all cosmetic slots, mount and pet seals.

    The Inventory III is the Talisman Inventory. Talisman grants elemental resistance and offense and once all equipped talismans have reached a certain level, grants also a special set bonus called the Elemental Lord's Blessing.

    The Inventory IV is under developmenet and will run the sparkles and effects of your armor and weapons.

  • New Fishing map and revamped fishing system


    This new map serves a double purpose, fishing and pvm arenas. We might block fishing in all external maps except this one, so that it makes our job easier to find and catch bots. The map will also have a special NPC that will count your fish during Fishing Extravaganza and release rewards. The event will be smooth and quick. Size of the fish will also matter, as bigger fish helds bigger points.

    The map also has 4 arenas for the PVM King. This event will also be automated, on a later time.

    The fishing mechanics will also change. Currently a pre-fixed time where to pull is needed to catch most of the uncommon and rare fish, making some fishes so not viable that in 10 years only 27 were fished, 90% of these by bots. What we will implement is a similiar system, but instead of a pre-fixed time, you can catch a fish if you pull before the fishing bubble expire. This system is more versatile as we can customize the kind of fish based on your fishing rod, or even implement a fishing passive skill, which with the old system was just way too complex to do.

    As for some suggested quality of life:

    1) Poisoned enemy will have a green bar


    2) Quick sale


    The tooltip only appears when a NPC shop is opened. Remember to always double check what you are selling, as equipment with bonus cannot be restored once they are sold.

    3) Quick Safebox


    Likewise the tooltip only appears when your safehouse is open

    4) Return scrolls with the same coordinates autostack on the creation

    5) Shopbox save now the prices by item type along with item ID. It also works when you close the client unless you delete a little file that is created when you use the shopbox. This means that your price are saved based on your client and not your accounts. Which means to always pay attention to the prices no matter the "suggestions", as once the item is bought for a price, the trade is done.

  • Two more quality of life:

    1) Advanced Split Function

    It splits items in equal stacks, max 20 stacks every 30 seconds.

    2) Save login

    It can store up to 5 accounts, the hotkey to log them are F1-F5. The infos are not saved in your client to maximize the safety of your data but we still advice you to use this at your own risk and that any security leaks that happens on the user's side is not one of our responsabilities.