[EVENT] Budokan PvP Arena

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  • Budokan is a 1on1 PvP Tournament that takes place in the Budokan Arena.

    When the Event starts, a Scroll will appear on the left side of your screen, you should click on it to enter.

    After being on the map, you should register at the Battle Master NPC once your category starts!

    The Event is divided into 4 Categories:

    • Category 1:

    Level 30-60

    Reward: 2.000.000 Gold + Bronze Certificate

    • Category 2:

    Level 61-79

    Reward: 4.000.000 Gold + Silver Certificate

    • Category 3:

    Level 80-104

    Reward: 8.000.000 Gold + Gold Certificate

    • Category 4:

    Level 105-114

    Reward: 10.000.000 Gold + Hero's Certificate

    • Category 5

    Level 115-120

    Reward: 12.000.000 Gold + 2x Hero's Certificate


    - Use of Red/Blue potions or auto-potions, or any sort of item that gives you HP/SP is forbidden and will get you disqualified.

    - Buffing a player who is taking part in the tournament will result in 7 day suspension.

    - Summoning your horse is forbidden and will get you disqualified.

    - Using White Flags is NOT allowed.

    - Using Polymorph Marble is NOT allowed.

    - Use of other potions or items is allowed.

    - Use of Liquids is allowed.

    - Is NOT allowed to attack another player if you are on range but the round hasn't started yet.

    - Is NOT allowed attack with space bar before the round start to get a better position.

    - Each player can only participate in one of the Categories. Every player abusing this rules will be punished accordingly.

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