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  • DontBeScared

    Will be there any Halloween event buddies'

  • Gonzoxxx


  • Syslas99

    Moon event already started?

  • Pingu

    Never close the Metin2 SG :d <3

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Reboot done. Server on

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Hey guys, as it states at the very end of the post "The rewards will be sent automatically" just be a little bit patient and the it'll solve itself.

  • DontBeScared

    Same here, i think it will be manual

  • Adihere

    hello, you receive rewards from special lottery automatically ? i didn't receive :(

  • deathpool

    in your heart

  • Radioactive

    where is the lottery result?I cant see it ;)

  • DontBeScared

    Still nothing? :(

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Since I am waiting for the answer of some players it will be announced at night

  • MrSoon

    soon :) it requires to check A LOT of numbers, so be patient

  • DontBeScared

    When will the forum lottery winners be anounced?

  • PrometheusX

    just get enough dmg and then make sure you have magic res, hp absorb and as much hp restore

  • Adihere

    is there any use for fire resistance, wind, lighting etc?? i tested fire res in infernal flame field and no effect in damage taken(i have necklace 20% fire res)

  • MrSoon

    max your magic res, block chance, dodge arrows is usefull, don't get too much def because pierce will crush you

  • deathpool

    and for defense? 2 gms said me some time ago that lightning is useful but I tested it and nope, useless (against cleric, mob which attacks with lightning)

  • MrSoon

    demi vs "human" mobs

  • deathpool

    any useful bonus in hl (except mob and arrow resistance)?

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  • Dear Players, this is a list of all of our normal events :

    Siege War:

    Day of the Week: Sunday
    Location: Asmodia/Elgoria Castle
    How to go: Neutral map teleport s / Teleport Ring
    About: Siege war is a Kingdom PVP event. Players must attack or defend Fire Signals in 30 minutes to win. After finish, winners are able to destroy all the metins.
    Reward: Global Exp bonus.
    Further information: Click here.

    National War:

    Day of the Week: Sunday
    Location: Special Map
    How to go: Speak with the Archer Guardian
    About: National War is a Kingdom PVP event. Players must kill another players from different kingdom in order to score points.
    Reward: Global Exp Bonus
    Further information: Click here


    Day of the Week: Tuesday and Thursday
    Location: Special Map
    How to go: Speak with Uriel
    About: OX is a Quiz Event. Every 15 seconds a sentence is announced and players must move to one of the two squares: one with O if they think the sentence is right or one with X if they think it is wrong. After 25 questions or when a low % of players remaining, the event end, rewarding them. OX have 3 rounds. There is only 1 IP allowed on OX at same time.
    Reward: Levi Ring
    Further information: Click here

    Tanaka Hunt:

    Day of the Week: Monday
    Location: Sahara CH1
    How to go: Go to Sahara. You can use the Teleporter NPC or go to the teleporter on second city.
    About: Tons of Tanaka invade Sahara carrying a big amount of gold. They are fast and are hardly to catch. Kill them in order to collect gold.

    Vein Spawn:

    Day of the Week: Monday
    Location: Event Map
    How to go: Go to Sahara. You can use the Teleporter NPC or go to the teleporter on second city.
    About: For 1 hour, every kind of Vein is spawned. You are able to farm them. PVP is NOT allowed.

    Metin Spawn:

    Day of the Week: Wednesday
    Location: Sahara CH2
    How to go: Go to Sahara. You can use the Teleporter NPC or go to the teleporter on second city.
    About: For 1 hour, metins from all levels will be spawned. You are able to farm them.

    Boss Spawn:

    Day of the Week: Wednesday
    Location: Sahara CH3
    How to go: Go to Sahara. You can use the Teleporter NPC or go to the teleporter on second city.
    About: For 1 hour mobs from every level will be spawned. You are able to farm them.

    Horse Race:

    Day of the Week: Friday
    Location: Dark Temple CH1
    How to go: Go to Dark Temple, located in the middle of Orc Valley.
    About: Players have to race with their horses from the start of Dark Temple and reach the goal in the entrance of Demon Tower. Players can’t have more than 121 of speed.
    Reward: Hero, Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates.

    Gold Fever:

    Day of the Week: Monday and Friday
    Location: Global
    Duration: 1 hour
    About: For 1 hour, gold from mobs is increased.

    Hunter Hour:

    Day of the Week: Friday
    Location: Global
    Duration: 1 hour
    About: For 1 hour, chance to get items from mobs is increased.

    Quiz Event:

    Day of the Week: Friday
    Location: Global
    About: We will ask 5 different questions: for each question we take the first 3 correct answers, the first one who answers correct will have a better item than the second one, and the second better than the third one. Those who win prizes will not win again but still can participate.

    PVP Budokan:

    Day of the Week: Saturday
    Location: PVP arena
    How to go: Click on the quest scroll.
    About: Fight in different level categories against other player in a duel 1 vs 1 tournament. The player who pass all the rounds wins.
    Further information: Click here

    Mistery Box:

    Day of the Week: Weekend
    Location: Global
    About: Fish Minnows in order to get Mistery Boxes. You only have to give them to the fisherman.
    Duration: 48 hours

    Hexagonal Box:

    Day of the Week: Weekend
    Location: Global
    About: While Hexagonal box is activated, every mob have a little chance to drop them.
    Duration: 48 hours

    Moonlight Box:

    Day of the Week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
    Location: Global
    About: While Moonlight box is activated, every mob have a little chance to drop them.
    Duration: 24 hours

    Natural Disaster:

    Day of the Week: Saturday
    Location: -
    Duration: Whole day
    About: Guilds can challenge our Natural Disaster Guild, created by 3 over powered characters: Typhon, Eartquake and Volcano. The guild who can kill them more times or win a guild war with them, win the event.
    Further information: Click here

    PVM King:

    Day of the Week: Saturday
    Location: Football map
    How to go: Speak with Uriel
    Duration: Whole day
    About: Players have to deal with weaves of mobs, adapted for your level. Those players who finish them all faster, win the event.
    Further Information: Click here

    Sumo Wrestling:

    Day of the Week: Saturday
    Location: Special Map
    How to go: Speak with the Archer Guardian
    About: Players duel in a 1 vs 1 with a level 1 sword. Their goal is kick out from the ring the other player. The player who pass all the rounds win.
    Further Information: Click here

    Fishing Extravaganza:

    Day of the Week: - (Right now this event is on a rework)
    Location: Global
    Duration: 1 hour
    About: Players have 1 hour to fish all the fishes they can. In base of kind and amount, players get points. The player who gets more points win and all the players get gold from what they fish
    Further Information:

    Find The GM:

    Day of the Week: Friday
    Location: Global
    Duration: 3 rounds
    About: Players have to find the GM hidden in one random maps. The 5 first players who found him will get a reward.

    Bring the items to the GM:

    Day of the Week: -
    Location: Global
    Duration: 3 rounds
    About: A GM will announce a location and some items he need. The first 5 players who trade to him those items he need will be compensated for the effort.

  • Instructions for Siege War

    Every time, one of the kingdoms will be chosen randomly for the event to take place. After the start of Siege War is announced, the players of the defending kingdom shall quickly approach the teleporter in their town and select the last option to enter the Castle.

    The two remaining kingdoms shall attack this castle, which can be entered from the Transport Gates found in most common areas, such as Dragon Valley, Sahara Desert, Temple, Ice Mountain or Infernal Flame Field. By clicking on the Transport Gate you can join any of the three castles. Note that you must use the Transport Gate nearest to your kingdom portal.

    Once in the castle, Siege War starts. A number of Fire Signals (level 100) can be found in the castle; for the first 30 minutes, the defending kingdom must prevent them from being destroyed by the attackers. Fire Signals are hard and require the help of many players to be destroyed effectively! No damage will be done by the defenders during this time.

    Fire Signal can drop level 75 weapons, level 66 armor and Treasure Chests.

    After the first 30 minutes, if any Fire Signal are still left, an annuncement will show ("The x kingdom has been succesful in defending the Fire Signal") ; from this moment, the defenders may try to destroy the Fire Signals themselves. The Kingdom which is able to destroy the most Fire Signals will win the event and receive 48 hours extra of experience 50% bonus.


    - Some monsters may try to prevent you from destroying the Fire Signals.

    - Sometimes a Gold Frog may appear in the castle. Gold Frog will drop 10,000,000 Gold to the player who does the most damage to it.

  • National War Instructions

    In the first round, the 3 kingdoms fight to prooceed to Round 2. The first 2 kingdoms with 300 kill count will automatically enter Round 2 and force the other Kingdom to exit

    In Round 2, either Kingdom to achieve 300 kill count win the Three-Way Nation War.

    Winning Kingdom will receive 50% Experience Bonus for 60 hours.

  • OX Event instructions

    OX event runs every Tuesday at 16 hours GMT and Thursday at 20 hours GMT. To check your local time see this page:

    You can join by talking to Uriel NPC after the event announcement is made ingame. A few minutes after the announcement the event starts.

    For every sentence that appears in your screen, you must decide if it's true (0) or false (X) by moving onto the appropiate tile. If your answer is correct, you stay in the event for the next question; if it's wrong, you are teleported away as observer.

    The event will stop when there are 6 Participants left or after 25 questions. Reward will be a Levi's Ring (1000 TPs)

    There are over 500 questions and more are being added constantly. To make it slightly harder, those questions are not only about the Metin2 game, but also geography, biology and other varied subjects.

    Rules update:

    It's forbidden to log more than one account from the same IP adress. Infractors may be temporarily banned. There is also a known bug that allows you to enter he event at any time you wish. If you make use of this bug you will be banned 7-15 days for bug exploiting.

  • Budokan Instructions

    The Budokan or Hall of Martial Arts is an area accessible for all kingdoms from the Captain NPC once the GM signals the opening of the event.

    This event is held every Saturday at 17:00 GMT

    Once all the players have had time to enter the Budokan, registration for the first category will begin. The Tournament is divided into four categories:

    • Bronze : Level 15 to 39. Prize per round : 25.000 Gold * round number. Final Prize : Bronze Certificate.
    • Silver : Level 40 to 64. Prize per round : 100.000 Gold * round number. Final Prize : Silver Certificate.
    • Golden : Level 65 to 85. Prize per round : 250.000 Gold * round number. Final Prize : Golden Certificate.
    • Heroes : level 86 and higher. Prize per round : 1.000.000 Gold * round number. Final Prize : Hero's Certificate.

    Contents of the Champion Certificates are for you to find out, but rest assured they are worthy of the effort!

    The registered players for each category are automatically matched to the player of the closest level available. At any time, you can look up your next opponent in the Battle Master NPC at the Budokan.

    Use of red/blue potions, Life Pills etc is automatically disabled.

    • Use of autopotions (Red / Blue Dragon Blessing) is forbidden and will get you disqualified.
    • Buffing a player who is taking part in the tournament will result in 7 day suspension.
    • Summoning your horse is forbidden and will get you disqualified.
    • Use of other potions or items is allowed.
    • Is NOT allowed to attack another player if you are on range but the round hasn't started yet.

    Once the final round is over, the winner receives his prize, and the registration for the next category starts after a short break of some minutes.

  • The epic natural disasters are coming back to Metin2 Sg on Sunday @ 17:00 GMT!

    TYPHOON, EARTHQUAKE & VOLCANO are going to swept across your worst nightmare! Be prepared for Team Disasters as they enter your virture world to leave you a horrible & excruciating pain you can never forget.

    On Sunday, at 17:00 GMT, the mighty guilds in this server may send 5 of your best heroes to challenge the A Team known as Disasters. Members of Disasters are Typhoon, EarthQuake & Volcano.

    A brief introduction of Disasters as follows:

    • Typhoon - Level 104 Lightning Mage
    • EarthQuake - Level 103 Body Warrior
    • Volcano - Level 105 Black Magic Sura

    Members of Disasters are heavily armed with super godly pawnage equipment which can rip open your small little crack and leaving you sore fingers while hitting aggressively the hot keys on your keyboard. ;)

    Challengers may come forward to taste your ultimate defeat. The objectives of the event as follows:

    • If your guild can achieve 10/100 kill count, each members will walk away with a Blessing Marble, Blacksmith's Memo & a Hero Certificate.
    • If your guild emerge with the most kill count, each members will walk away with 100,000,000 gold, a Wiseman Memo and a Breath of Blue Dragon.
    • If your guild can defeat the mighty Disaster (which obviously is mission impossible), each of your members will receive 300,000 TP and 60,000 MP.

    Each Kingdom (Pandemonia, Asmodia & Elgoria) can only send a maximum of 5 best guilds. GM Team will decide which are the participating 5 guilds from each kingdoms through a Board Discussion.

    All participants will get a Blessing Scroll and Liutao.

    In this competition, you can use all kind of potions, including those available from the Item Mall. However, no horse is allowed. Members of Team Disasters will only fight the challenger in the center of the guild war arena!

    Plan your war strategy now and get ready for the ultimate battledome of NATURAL DISASTERS coming to YOU on !!!

  • PVM King Event Instructions

    Check our Event Calendar to know the specific start time for each category.


    • You have to finish task in order to advance to the next one
    • If you are killed during the first two tasks, you are automaticly disqualified from further competition
    • Outside Buffs are strictly forbidden
    • You are allowed to use alchemy pots, item mall pots, pendants, pierce/critical palms, bravery capes
    • You are not allowed to be in party with others during your turn.
    • Players can not borrow gear to others, we will track it down by logs
    • Players can not join with more than one character for whole competition.


    1st place: 50.000 TEC Points & Hero Certificate
    2nd place: 25.000 TEC Points & Gold Certificate
    3rd place: 10.000 TEC Points & Silver Certificate
    4th place: Hermit Advice x 3 & Bronze Certificate

    Further instructions will be given during the event.

  • Sumo Wrestling Instructions

    The event will be held at Event Map.

    There will be 3 groups of players which will be able to participate:

    • Lightweight - Players from level 15 to level 35
    • Middleweight - Players from level 36 to level 64
    • Heavyweight - Players level 65 and above

    Rules are simple. Kick other player out of the ring to win your way to the next round!

    1st Place - Golden certificate and 10.000.000 gold
    2nd Place - Silver certificate and 5.000.000 gold
    3rd Place - Bronze certificate and 3.000.000 gold

    Rules & Equipment:

    • Sword (level 1 weapon)
    • No items with poison, slow, stun
    • No skills
    • First who gets kicked out of the ring loses

    Illegal Substances:

    • Speed pots
    • Attack Speed pots
    • Alchemist liquids

    Note: Only 1 character per IP is allowed!!!