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    meeeeeeeeeeh, boring, come on some pvp fun.

    changed char, bm sura ...........

    timer for my personal event for you guys 4 days, need two people helping me.

    rewards are quity ok, i hope....

    need mages in yellow kingdom with P skills: ench dmg, blessing spell and dance with wind. cheap sellout is starting, have a look in trading section

    EDIT: Any mage in yellow kingdom with ench damage, blessing spell P , dance with wind P , leadership P pm me please here in forum or ingame under user1312 (yellow) or ShoppingKing (blue) / WonWonSituation (blue) - also if you just have 1 - 2 of these , i need some help for something good (in my eyes)

    hi guys,

    i was playing around 5 years on this server with some breaks. Now it is time for me to say goodbye. I had a good time on this server and i appreciate the service the team is giving to the player. It is one of the best server i ever played on. But of course not everything seems good for me. I would like to motivate new and old people to do some more pvp action and duels. this game is not just about pvm. killing offline mobs is neccessary to progress but in my opinion the interesting thing in this game is pvp. when i started play in german metin2 every noob did duels, just for the fun. also there were many guild wars. With the green changer it is even easy to get some decent pvp eq and fun.

    sometimes i feel like this game is getting a economy simulator for some people. but i dont want to loose myself into details........

    enjoy playing here everyone

    i did small personal event where i gifted my things to people and one lucky person got my pvp eq :)

    i want to trade my legendary ghost plate armour + 0 without any stones

    stats are : 1 - 5: 2k HP 10 HP absorb 15 MagicRes

    6,7: 8 AVG res, 3 Block

    i would like to trade for a legendary ghost plate armour with 5 block / 8 avg res or 5 block/5 res + money or 3 block/8avg + money

    Maybe i would also accept a 8 avg or 5 block mystic armour pvp versus warrior ( at least 2k hp, 15 war res, 15 sword res)

    thanks for offer;

    lpa legendary sold,

    white dss was edited also in thread and already sold, so edited again. sorry my fault, a little bit confused language (edited, added). so yeah, in the end its not avaiable anymore

    very bad luck :( small question: i saw (i was not online for over an year) that you can just drop the dss and there is no quest anymore. i am not sure if it is easier to get dss now or even more difficult? when i was farming a little i just dropped 1 in half an hour or even longer. You can drop higher dss than the lowest??