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    Every player should consider 3 axis here: server hour, amount of metin stones per map and quality of the drop.

    If you play at the 'top hour' (where all the people are not sleeping) and want to break a lv 35 metin in a zone where varius metins can be spotted and their drop is quite nice for low levels (like books and stones, maybe band of oblivions too) you shouldn't be angry at all.

    That's happens to me with my lv 35 farmer and i just go to another spot more empty, maybe looking for stones wich level is higher than my character where at that time there's almost no one there.

    Keep in min the axis. :this:

    Nice dream you have there, i wish it came true for all the metin2 players but i don't believe in magic anyways. The thing here is that the game has a client wich if you close it (as you wrote) the character makes 'poof!' and log off.

    The times that you manage for running a shop are very dinamic because of internet connection and stability. :thinking:

    Hello, i just want to know if the 3 hours Thief's gloves that comes out from the Crimson Ebony Box is working fine or not. Let me post an image to show you why my doubt:


    Link to the (closed) topic:

    The unique solution right now would be having two PvM weapons (warriors case) and test it against bosses assuming that they have defense against weapons, right?

    This is why we should not change anything.

    The grudge is also the second widest weapon on the game, while the poison is one of the shortest, exping on horse with the grudge is more effective compared to the sword.

    Don't you think too that the lv 75 weapons were part of an obsolete PvP system created a long time ago when the epic weapons didn't exist yet and that's why the dmg of Grudge at +9 has less value than the Poison Sword?

    Hello community, i bring today a really nice question. Why the Poison sword (lv75) at +9 has more atack value than the Grudge (lv75)? Let me show you, an image says more than 1.000 words! :

    Poison sword



    You may be asking to yourself: why so much drama? It's not drama, let me explain:
    if you follow the damage logic in the game, the bows are first, 2 handed weapons are the next, swords and bells and so on...
    You can notice this when you reach level 30 and can taste the sweetness of average and skill damage on level 30 weapons. With this weapons, you easily see the superiority on damage between Red Iron Blades and Full Moon Swords. Let me show you here with more images:

    Red Iron Blade

    Full Moon Sword


    Finishing this post, i would like to write about 'fairness'.
    In the world of fast opinions, in these years a lot of players claimed about this topic that there is norhing to discuss because all depends on the 'atack speed animation' of the weapon above the horse. Others may say that adding a dmg buff to the Grudge will put the Body Warrior overpowered as the Mirage/Weapon sura. In my humble opinion, i think that the lv 75 weapons were part of an obsolete system implemented when the game was created, when the epic weapon system didn't exist at all and the people used the lv 75 weapons for pvp, just like always happend after lv 30 with the weapons of this level. In the game, i am a Mental Warrior lv 80+ and i never feeled so weak in my life at PvM-farming-etc. But if i reach the last level of the game i will die at peace. If i want to achieve that i need to clarify a lot of doubts like this.

    Have a nice day.