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    You do realise that it is a Run and not actually meant as a Leveling spot?

    There is a reason why we did decrease the EXP of it on the Season Server and in return increased the EXP in Heaven's Lair. Which would cost us 30 seconds and a Reboot at best to do the same on the Main Server.

    Regardless, it was a highly requested change, that is why it happened. Its fine if you personally do not like it though.

    You do realise that run is older than you :), I tried giving you some guidance base on my previous experience but you are going from mistake into a mistake and i'll stop myself here and give up for good, there are way too many things you said it wont happen but eventually it did, there is too much of an abuse as well but at the end it's a private server and I apologize for interfering, Happy fcking birthday to me, 33 and counting :)

    It is simply for the run to be able to have a rejoin feature, which a lot of people requested. That can't be done without a Group.

    That reason is a joke, first of all, run is now only 1 hour, you have to be in a group as well, that was the best possible place to lvl until at least lvl 105, by making this game easier you are just forcing old school players off the server, was playing this game in 2005/2006, I believe game was released in 2004, last couple of updates makes no sense at all and if you think you gonna have new players because of this approach, you are so god dam wrong.