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    That would/could be a good idea. I've seen these "speed servers" and in most cases, they worked pretty well.

    - On one side you'll have all those new players who bump from server to server (new ones) in search of that "adrenaline/addiction" the game gives you with a fresh start for everyone. Plus the "old" players from the actual SG who are bored/tired and want to start again from scratch. This combined will, OF COURSE, bring a good amount of $$ for the server if the Item Shop will be prepared optimally (just imagine, for example, all the $$ for the costumes when everyone will start).

    - On the other side you'll still have the old server with the player who would rather see the server die with them than leaving and playing on a new one.

    Once the speed server reaches its own cap time(I wouldn't let it run for more than 70/90 days) you can merge it with this one.

    That's a win-win situation because you'll get new players ( $$$ ) with the speed server and keep some of the old with SG, and then after the merge, you'll still have a good amount of players who will play on the merged server. Or at least you should.

    If all this speed server thing will work, you can repeat it multiple times. Basically, the speed servers will be more like "seasons"

    And if this will not work, you can start a new one as you (Shadow) are projecting to do, without the chance to merge it

    P.S. If the new server will have easier features then you can progressively put them into SG too because at that point, let's be honest, this server will be pretty EMPTY and I think the players will be kinda forced to accept them. Because what would be the options for them?

    1) Do not accept them and let the server die, which will happen anyway because we'll have like what, 50 players ONLINE? Then you'll close it because it will cost more than it generates.

    2) Accept the changes and wait for the waves of players from speed server.

    P.P.S (for all the players) Remember guys that this game needs to generate $$ for the Team&Co because otherwise what would be the point, of running it?

    Would you run it for free or with negative income, only for the sake of it and the nostalgia this game brings to most of us? I don't think so...

    Absolutely +1.

    These days i was thinking about suggesting the same exact thing.

    Being able to withdraw your gold/won and at the same time adding (or even removing to change the price) items without closing your shop it's kind of a MUST.

    Hope the Team will take this in consideration as a QOL update :D

    It won't solve the problem i stated earlier. These are all solution that can be done a new server, when you run a server for almost 12 years you have to do workarounds.

    Maybe i'm missing something then. What would be the problem? Those who got tons of costume stored will used them anyway, and the new ones will need that bonus to be added. More like a "fillable bonus". You just buy the permanent costume and then every 30days, or so, you buy the bonus and add it on your costume.

    Ofc on the old costumes, you shouldn't be able to add this bonus, since it's already there.

    Or add a "bonus" you can buy into ItemShop.

    So basically we will have the same costumes but without bonuses. And players can buy the bonus "5% mobs" (random e.g.) for hats/armours etc etc and drag on the costume.

    Idk if this it's easiser to implement, instead of a new button/"window".

    It wouldn't change much for me. But i do agree with the initial suggestion.