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    I agree with everything but this event needs a big mechanic rework or something, horses and pets are annoying, yes but the worst imo is people using skills to get near the vein and they have no idea how to do it properly(sideways of the vein not directly towards it) they end up on top of it and it make's it hell to click on it when there's like 10 people around + pets and horses and probably a bunch more on top of just 1 vein.

    A "simple" fix i'd suggest is increasing the range of mining if possible so people don't have to use skills to get closer to the vein, even if it would look stupid, still better than having a bunch of people right on top of the thing.

    Another one is just spawning more soul crystal veins since let's be real that's what most people go there to mine but I'm not sure if people would like that, last time I asked some gm's about this I remember something about "economy" or whatever.

    Anyway I like the mining event and appreciate Tary putting up with us screaming at eachother to remove horse/pets/move from on top of the vein xD, it's my favourite event but it definitely needs some work in my opinion.