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    Which is already answered on another thread. Why i do realise that most of you don't have the ability to read or to read whats written without assuming, I on the other hand cannot repeat myself 20 times before you accept it.

    are you referring to this post ? RE: Fresh blood in pvp

    if so, basically new shop search and maybe zodiac in a few months/maybe end of year then just bug fixes for SG?

    you also said the new server won't merge with SG in case it's not successful because it's a different concept, but won't a new server take away players from SG? what happens if enough people move from SG to the new one? will SG still be online or do you close it?

    So will there be a big shake up patch(or series of patches rather) on this server or did you give up on that idea and you're just working on the new server?

    You said you won't stop updating this server but at the same time you also say it's pointless to add new content either.

    You also stated that you might leave at the end of the year again.

    What is a very rough plan for the next, lets say, 6 months?

    would like to know this as well @alaadmns.png[GA]Shadowalaadmnd.png well I guess everyone wants to know, what is planned for the future of SG?

    the new server is not like SG so they arent in competition to each other.

    I don't know about that one, pretty sure a new server made by the SG staff will take away people from this one even if it's not like SG.

    IMO I think you guys should focus on this one as it has so much potential considering webzen/gameforge can't touch it, this is the best thing about SG imo, the very low to none risk of it getting taken down or closing, but it's your server, time and money, still I believe shadow and the other devs could turn it around, they have the skills to do so, some people will always complain about changes/nerfs that's just human nature, you can't make everybody happy but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to improve things, I really hope shadow reconsiders and does whatever changes he thinks would be best for this server instead of just making a new one.

    At the end of the day I still believe this is one of the best servers out there if not the best and it deserves better, hurts to see friends I made while playing here tell me they are quiting over the recent news :(

    Getting rid of it sounds fine, even if shadow has to remove everyone's gold carp fishes like it happened with the poly marbles, if it stays though I think 5% skill res instead is fine, or even changing it to skill damage but 20% is too much, 5% sure but 20% sounds like it would give ranged chars too much of an advantage, being ranged already is an advantage in itself since you can do damage from afar while not being too close to where most of the melee chars are fighting.

    Off topic: get rid of loach too, that fish should never be a thing in PvP, being invis the whole fight is just too much, not even dagger sins with the S stealth do that.

    I don't have a strong opinion regarding this subject, I'm fine with it as it is and I won't mind if it's changed either.

    There are multiple bottlenecks that discourage people from joining PVP and I wish S skills was the main one but I don't think it is.

    Agreed, I'm also fine with the way they are right now or if it's changed to be easier, both seem fine to me.

    As a new player trying to work on getting pvp gear and dss, those 2 are far more time consuming and important, I don't think if S skills were easier to get new people would be encouraged to work on pvp, you still can't do anything without gear and dss, especially now that people are starting to run around with full mythic super which take's quite the investment both in time and wons.

    Of course I don't know how much my opinion matters as noob/new player so it's just my opinion.

    I agree with everything but this event needs a big mechanic rework or something, horses and pets are annoying, yes but the worst imo is people using skills to get near the vein and they have no idea how to do it properly(sideways of the vein not directly towards it) they end up on top of it and it make's it hell to click on it when there's like 10 people around + pets and horses and probably a bunch more on top of just 1 vein.

    A "simple" fix i'd suggest is increasing the range of mining if possible so people don't have to use skills to get closer to the vein, even if it would look stupid, still better than having a bunch of people right on top of the thing.

    Another one is just spawning more soul crystal veins since let's be real that's what most people go there to mine but I'm not sure if people would like that, last time I asked some gm's about this I remember something about "economy" or whatever.

    Anyway I like the mining event and appreciate Tary putting up with us screaming at eachother to remove horse/pets/move from on top of the vein xD, it's my favourite event but it definitely needs some work in my opinion.