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    1. I think the drop of flowers is ok, just farming on 90's maps you get enough flowers and if you need more they're not that expensive on the market

    2. It's a bit annoying but doens't bother me much , would make it to easy to get good liquids

    3. This I would like , it's a good QoL improvement , don't know if it can be done without revamping the whole system tho, so probably not going to be implemented , but let's wait for Shadow answer

    Every single reply of yours doesn't even bother to further explain how the things you claim to know so much about work - seems that all you know is just the spelling of economics, basic economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, supply, demand, market, and so on.

    Unlike you, most people around here take their time and explain something, whereas the best you can do is simply deny their arguments, without any proper counter-argument, and rely on defensive sarcasm to make yourself sound smart.

    You may or not may be an economic expert - but so far you haven't proved any sort of knowledge; the only things you seem to master are sarcasm and personal attacks.

    If you are indeed knowledgeable in economics, then I must admit that your way of explaining is severely limited - now I don't know if it's because of language barriers or actual lack of knowledge. I am yet to see a productive, helpful, and meaningful argument coming from your side; anything except basic economics and the law of supply and demand, of course.

    Like what is there to explain? Supply and demand are pretty straightfoward concepts , more supply prices dropp, more demand prices go higher , what you want more?

    I'm strictly talkin about metin here, not economy in general. In real life u don't have people not checking the market or players that do the same thing as Palita said. Stop considering yourself superior while avoiding the subject and changing my words, mr. grown man who studies economy and thinks he's smart and knows everything.

    You're the one who thinks you know everything and smart, you're the one showed you were top class in math , why the flex? Oh well i'm done talking to you , you keep being delusional and keep living in your little happy bubble , you're going to far in life and on this game! :hmm:

    You see, brother, in real life it's about real money. You can't compare that to a metin2 market. Suplpy and demand it's an important aspect, of course, but it isn't the dominant factor because things would still be purchased at a somewhat average price either way, but impatient people reduce the price before even trying to keep it same as others since u give them this option. As i said abose, im a relatively new player, that means i can't buy cheap stuff and sell it higher constantly since i can't afford it. It's basic economic untill the human factor kicks in, u can't compare Amazon with a shop search in metin2 because in real life the prices changes accordingly with the quality and many factors as human labor, transport, taxes and everything. You keep behaving like a economic master, but u fail to look at every aspect of it. Let's take a simple exemple, Exorcism Scroll. They would be around, what, 1-1.5kk let's say because since i started playing that was more or less an average price. If we have 10 people selling it at 1kk per piece, 10 people selling 10x at 8kk and then we have 20 people after them selling at 999.999 or 10x at 7.999.999, those guys who had it at 8kk are gonna reduce as well, and this go on untill a price loses it's values even tho people would still buy it at 1kk because people are impacient and u give them an easy way out with this shop system. You said before that maybe we are selling it too expensive, well it's not really like that, we sell at the price it had in that exact moment, before 20 people decided to reduce the price by 1 yang each or even more, but if everyone keep doing that, where will it get?Maybe the prices stayed constant but those people who couldn't because of time to reduce the price by 1 yang sold nothing, maybe they can't connect every few hours to check. Maybe this shop system worked before when less players were playing, but because there are many new players that wanna make fast money, the prices are decreasing every hour, if u don't play alot to change your shop's price, u simply sell nothing. And u mentioned the Apollo problem, man, that it's a different thing. We said before, if someone have an enormous quantity it's understandable to do it, but this guy just does it to provoke us, even message people and mocking them about it and saying hahaa ur not gonna sell aynthing, we are talking ONLY about doing it ouf of spite, don't try to change my words.

    Like I said , economic models can applied to anything , and most of them don't even deal with money . Also suply and demand is the dominant factor to determine prices , but if you want to argue it isnt ok , you're just arguing with the last 500 years of economic theory , but hey a high school that is top of his class on math sure knows more than economy nobel prize winners hmm

    It's not a point of real-life situations or game, it's simply a market with supply and demand, so a economic model can be applied, microeconmics and macroeconomics are based on theoric situations and can be applied to any situation be it real life or a game. Go ask any person with basic economic knowleged if a random market is a good idea, do it , every one of them is going to laugh in your face

    1-Do you even live in real life? Do you even buy things online? You can't tell me you dont go to amazon and don't sort by cheaper prices??

    2- 3 or 4 days are nothing , if you want to sell fast then sell below market value , you want to sell fast but you dont wan't to reduce the price you have in your head because your price is the price at things should be sold , you are the person who dictates how much things are worth?

    3- If people reduce prices by 70% then buy it and sell it higher, it's basic economics ....

    4- What Apolo did is not ruin the market , if he farmed 2000 of an item then that item has a surplus of offer , so naturally the price is going to go down, the market is not ruined it's basic economics again ...

    5- Changes are not always good , thoughtfull and smart changes are good, now random ideas with no thought behind are just ... , this shouldnt even be being discussed

    Players from lvl 90 would have the same chance as players until level 110 for the level 105 metin because of the new drop formula , and what's the difference if they would focus 105 metins? its the same now people just focus on the lvl 95 metins , even the higher levels , making people with low equip and low level's have to fight for lvl 95 against people who have good equip and are level 100

    All of the metins on the 90+ maps have the same drop chance of their items , but the health of the 100/105 metins is higher so there's not a lot of incentive to farm those. Why go to thunder when you can farm faster metins in Bay with the same drop chance?

    I already see alot of 100+ level players in Bay farming while having the reduced drop chance of being 6+ levels above the metin , but doenst matter because it's still more efficient because the metin are alot faster to kill.

    My suggestion would be to increase the drop chance of the higher level metins , like all of the other metins of the game the drop chance increases with their level.

    Hello, im looking for a good warrior armour from level 26-61(Doesn't need to be +9) with the following requirements:

    • 8% Avg resistance
    • Stone of defense +5 and Stone of evasion +5

    And with the following bonuses(In case of a level 26 or 34 armour the bonus are not necessary as I can roll them cheaply):

    • 15% Magic Resistance
    • 1500/2000 HP
    • 10% of Damage absorbed by HP
    • Attack Value or Arrow Resistance(Would be nice but not necessary)

    You can PM here or in-game: 0edonSG2

    Thank you for your time! :beer: