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    I disagree with the "unfair for all people that invested their soulstones already" since that's something that should be normal in every game, old content gets easier when new content gets added. Otherwise the gap between new and old players would just keep getting bigger, which harms everyone in the long run.

    But it's true that this change specifically would hurt new players more, since they are the ones selling soulstones to the high lvls.

    And reducing cost by 50% at once is just too extreme.

    Remove the rarity system

    This would increase difficulty of the game significantly.

    New players would struggle fighting monsters and bosses, they would deal a lot less damage, so farming stuff would also take a lot longer. And even more of them would quit early game.

    Basically this would result in the opposite of what this threads intention is.

    Another problem that should be mentioned are all the pvp boosts.

    Dragon gods, dews, fishes, pvp costumes, and so on.

    Difficult to motivate people for NW if it means they actually lose a lot of money every time just for some minutes of pvp.

    we wonder why players make all the time pvm and not pvm+pvp and we want to know what we can do to make you do pvp. you dont have to be a perfect char to take your role in pvp. it's easy to make a normal pvp char to join some fights and enjoy the pvp. if many guys join like that, the wars will be much better with too many people and everybody will enjoy it.

    I disagree. It's not easy to make a normal pvp char who can compete in any way with those who are currently joining NW.

    He will do 0 damage against them and they will kill him 1hit.

    How is this fun for that person?

    i dont think the metin/boss part is a good idea and ill explain why. In a way, yes it will be easier to figure out the respawn time, but you forgot one aspect of this problem. Some people literally camp these bosses 24/24, for someone who is new to the game or maybe not that good geared for pvp it will be way harder to find any boss (i.e Captain Yonghan). Im telling this from my own experience, because the only way to gather keys for the aqua dragon for me is to be one of the first players that figures out the respawn time of this boss after a maintenance, or to farm at very late hours but thats a hardcore way to do things. Just a thought.

    Those who want to camp them 24/7 were already doing it before update, so this doesn't help them at all.

    On the opposite, since all bosses spawn at the same time now (unlike before where they spawned first on CH1, then CH2, and so on), it's much easier for a casual player to get some bosskills in too.

    Hey Sapujar

    Both Assassin and Mage have an additional 35% Strong against Monsters, so they're both not that bad in PvM as on other servers.

    Assassin is going to be really strong in poly for higher levels in dungeons and against bosses, but not really useful in lowlvl.

    Mages are probably better in lower levels, if you play dragon mage you don't even need to create a buff which saves a lot of time and money.

    For beginning you can farm upgrade items from spiders in desert with lvl30-40.

    Then with lvl 40+ you can farm metin stones in valley and upgrade items in DT.

    Lvl 50-60 you can farm metin stones in temple which is probably one of the best farming spots these days.

    There is a german guild in blue empire, StrawHats. If you're interested leave me a message.

    You get itemshop double drop in your first week for free, stack that up with thief's gloves and 20% doubledrop in earrings and bracelets to get the maximum amount of drops everywhere.

    Welcome to SG =)

    Warrior is much better for farming, especially in lowlvl.

    5% Monster or 5% Demi-Human are useful in lvl 60 helms.

    Perfect for PvM would be 5% Monster + 5% Attack speed (for all classes except Warrior, he doesn't need it since he can get to 230 Attack speed easily)

    That's one of his special skills.

    Like a shield that protects him for about 1-2 minutes from all damage, so he can regenerate.

    EDIT: Nemere is actually just desynced

    Also you need some skill res to survive his skills. While he does do avg-damage as well, this damages only one person at a time, while skills damage everyone close to him at the same time.

    I talked to him ingame and I think the problem was that he was only lvl 90. Which means he couldn't get L boxes. He's now going to level up to 91.

    But it's still surprising to me that he didn't even get M boxes, even though the mobs he was killing were in the 10 lvl difference range. :hmm:

    I'm farming metin stones on lv90maps too and it's not as bad as you would think. Up to 10 boxes per hour is possible, of course you get much more if you just spam bravery capes at the lemures spot, but both ways work.

    0 Boxes in 2 hours is impossible, unless you were farming with lv120, then your level was simply too high (max 10 lvl difference to the monster).

    Kentra u think somebody care about the game anymore ? :) u are so optimistic person i like u :P

    I know that the team cares about the server, they spend a lot of time working on updates, creating and carrying out events, answering support-tickets and much more.

    So yes I'm optimistic that they'll fix the anniversary event.

    Review one hour after the event started:

    Droprate from Anniversary chest is incredibly low, most of my guild didn't have a single chest after an hour of farming. Which probably means like multiple hours of farming = 1 chest that contains lot of crap drops too.

    And the Lottery Ticket drop is just a mess, they'll permanently spamfill your entire inventory and you're spending most of your time trying to get rid of these things while farming, which is extremely annoying.

    So far the event has been very disappointing.

    Would love to see some changes.

    Yes, removing all their statpoints from INT is probably the fastest move mage and sura can do at the moment to have better chances at farming bosses.

    But since this will severely reduce damage outside of poly I don't think that's a solution most people would use.

    To prevent losing damage, another idea would be to remove all points from CON, but this will only work if your HP is high enough.

    I will test these solutions, thanks Shadow ,

    Btw, is there a list for polymarbles that says what monster 3d model changes character into which class?