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  • well my explanation for this would be that the server first rolls the rarity value of the item which is rare, precious, epic, mystic, titanic and legendary - and secondly roll the value of the stats.

    every stat has 3 values like on avg resist its 1st 3% 2nd 5% and 3rd 8%.

    so since titanic can have 2x 2nd value or 1x 3rd + 1x 2nd value, and legendary can have either 1x 3rd + 1x 2nd value (like titanic) or 2x 3rd value(maxed out), id say thats the reason why titanic items and legendary items can have exactly the same rarity stats on different rarity values.

  • It happens because it's a point system, I don't remember the exact values but imagine that for example the first bonus gives 2 3 or 4 points and the second bonus gives 5 6 or 8 points, 4 and 8 being the maxed out values (I'm just saying random values)

    For the item to be legendary is has to be 4 + 8 or 3 + 8 , which sums as 12 and 11. So that would be both bonuses maxed out, or the second maxed out and the first at "middle" stage e.g 8 restore 8 avg and 5 restore 8 avg for example.

    In the first image, the item has the first bonus maxed out and the second in the middle, and so it would be 4 + 6 points, which sums as 10, and since it's not 11 or 12 the item is titanic, even though the bonuses are the same as a 11 point legendary xD

  • Quite correct :)

    The points are 3 +5 on the image on the left

    2+7 on the image on the right

    Titanic 7-8 points

    Legendary 9-10 points

    It is logical because the % of dropping an item with ONE rarity is 7%, with TWO, only 3%. So having the second bonus maxed is rarer than having the first