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    Hi. I want to prepare for blue death.. What changes should I do in my eq?

    Shaman lvl 75

    # Blessing Spell P (57.2%)
    # Enchant Damage P (57.2%)

    # Biologist done
    # Baby Azrael
    # Poly P

    Cardinal's Hat+8 20% undead 15% magic resist
    Bamboo Bell+9 41% mob, death, pierce+5
    Dress lv 54+8 def+6 eva+5, vita+5 10 8 avg resist 1.5k hp 15 magic res 10 abs hp
    Phoenix Shoes +8 8 avg resist 1.5k hp 10 arrows 10 crit
    Falcon+9 8 avg resist 20 undead 15 block imun
    Ebony brac+9 8 hp res 10 abs hp 2k hp 6 magic 20 undead
    Ebony earings+9 8 avg 20 undead 15 arrows
    Soul Crystal Neck+9 10 crit 10 pierce 1.5k hp

    I want to kill it alone or with someone with similar items, what lvl should I make, what changes in my EQ? Any advices?

    Best regards!