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    I suggest that there should be a NPC where you can craft a permanent bravery cape. The bravery could be permanent for a limited amount of time (Example: 7 days or even Permanent ∞)

    I suggested this because there are a lot of players that don't even pick up the bravery capes from the floor so by being able to make a permanent bravery cape (at least for a limited amount of time), this could also save up more inventory space.


    I was wondering if there will be a chance of an update in order to make the Rank (Friendly, Good, Noble etc.) more useful other than giving 5% drop gold chance at cavalry I believe it is? I was suggesting to update it and give different bonuses depending on the Rank:


    Friendly = 250 HP

    Good = 500 HP

    Noble = 750 HP 2% Monster

    Cavalry = 1000 HP 5% Monster

    Metin Fragments

    I wanted to suggest this a long time ago and this is adding a new drop to the metin stones (metin fragments.) These fragments will then be used to craft a special metin stone:


    10x Fragments (DEPENDING ON THE METIN STONES Lv 5, 10, 15 .... 110) = Creates a special metin stone shard in which if you right click it, will appear the special metin stone (ALSO DEPENDING ON THE METIN STONE FRAGMENTS)

    So 10 fragments of a lvl 70 stone would create a lvl 70 special metin stone.

    Let me know what you all think ^_^:)

    Shadow what happens if the username/char name exceed the maximum limit with "SG2" appended?

    They must be making a specific change for that, cos there is no way they would do this update without being sure of these stuff...

    5) Skills above P: We can call them legendary or Super. They will work in a similiar way of how G-P works. The main issue is to create new effects for the skills as we lack a good designer. The main idea behind the skills is not to just boost their damage but also give maybe a special unique effect. For instance there is an used bonus that allows you to nullify skill damage, which seems perfect for Tai-chi, as mental is quite not used and it should be the last standing tank of the characters, etc etc.

    Do you have a date when this will be added, and also will soul stones be needed to make the skills from P to L?

    Example I would suggest to make a craftable npc where you can craft rainbow stone?

    Maybe 100 soul stones for 1 rainbow stone?

    Gloves and rings will be brought to Cape maps and Enchanted forest to spread the farmers and to follow our philosophy to reward the leveling up.

    Would you also consider to add inventory expansions to lvl 95+ stones too? Or will that item be especially dropped in the red forest?


    These will be the coming recipes for now. As we are preparing for the merge it may come in some days.

    I am posting a preview so that you can decide if either struggle in forest or farm and hoard something else.

    I like the idea of different ways to make a rare changer but I also prefer thief gloves and exp ring compared to the other two options :)

    If you check the Gameforge wiki is not up to date since what? 2 years? The wiki is functional on the servers where the players help, our wiki is done entirely by the team, mostly by Tary. When you open the client there is a button for the wiki so i doubt players don't know about its existence. If the players are willing to help we can create accounts to fill up the details in the wiki, otherwise we are simply too busy with other things to do it in resonable times (and since new things are coming the amount of infos on the wiki can only grow)

    As for the average price feature i am not a fan of it due to the fact that you can exploit it easily. It works ok for common items, but for rare items a player could simply buy his own items 2000 times and change the price as he want, the average price will change immediately, fooling everyone. Our shop search order the price from the cheapest to the most expensive, so if you cannot find any cheap price it means there isn't one.

    I understand that the wiki is entirely done by the team but if I could help in any way in updating the wiki I will, happily. Waiting for further reply :)


    Looking at most Metin2 servers, they seem to have a fully working wiki and i believe that an wiki update on this server would be really helpful for the players on Metin2 SG. If the wiki updates, I would also suggest that there should be hourly announcements on the server mentioning the wiki, so this will also increase the chances of the players acknowledging that there is a wiki.

    Example of player unsure about a bonus:

    For example; there are still a few players that cannot level up (lvl 85-90) as they are unsure about the bonuses needed in hl2 (from what I have heard you need MAGIC RES DEMI-RESTORE HP AND HP ABSORPTION.)

    Average Price Feature

    I also have seen some servers that have an Average Price option implemented on the website, where you can type the specific item you want to sell and it will give you a daily average price. I believe this would be really helpful as well as this could reduce the chances of players exaggerating the prices of some items. (Example: Moonstone or other Upgrade items)

    I believe that this would be a good update but the older players from this server might disagree and not even take it into consideration. xD

    I am FOR it.

    Tbh we need xp rings and thief gloves everywhere, but the chance % of dropping could be smaller or bigger depending on the stones.

    EXAMPLES Metin stones lvl 5-35 = 5-10% chance
    lvl 40-65 = 10-15% chance

    lvl 70-90 = 20% chance

    lvl 95++ = 25% chance

    This may also encourage players to actually go up in level and not stay lvl 35/55/62 etc for a long period of time.

    Hello, is there a formula in which i can know how much extra attack I get?

    I have 236 attack speed, how much attack power does the +36% gives me?