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    Players tend to share their metin2 folder to help people with patching issues. If we add this save login features, it will create a file with all your stored data in that same folder, and sharing it means giving free access to anyone who has that file.

    A safer way is simply using a macro to register your logins. I doubt the average metin2 players know where the macro file is located and nobody would need your macro files at all.

    What if I don't know where they are located? :pleasantry:

    Where can i find a secure one?

    Dear @[GA]Shadow,

    I have a question ,

    Could you please clarify about the effect of drop rate when we use mall glove + thief's glove?

    Using Thief's Glove when u are using mall glove is increases drop rate?

    I Mean >

    Mall Glove ( 50% ) + Thief's Glove ( 50% ) = 100% ?

    because I tried something with bosses, when I kill a boss using mall glove (without thief's glove) I have so better item drop from that boss,For example I killed Blue Death without thief's glove it dropped a BD Box + 1 Draconis(Antique) + dark lord's fang or something else (Three or four items)

    But if I use thief's Glove with mall glove it decreases my item drop from bosses and i got jost 1 BD Box from that boss

    Do you confirm using mall glove without thief's glove is better or not?


    wts :

    AQUA Armour+9 8avg ss6
    BSA+9 legendary 5% dodge arrow \ 3% block phisycal att
    BSA+9 Titanic 8% Restore HP \ 2% Block phisycal att                   {SOLD}
    BMA+9 5% skill Clean
    BMA+9 8% avg Clean {SOLD}
    BMA+9 5% Block phisycal att Clean

    Phoenix shoes+9 5% skill Clean                                                   {SOLD}
    Baroness Dress+9 8% restore hp Clean

    Gold, Blue/Red Changer and TP Accepted
    offer here or in game

    Hello Guys,

    I think Easter Metin spawn rate needs to be increased because it is very hard to find one to break.

    Sometimes In Fortive Capes/Thunder/Guatama map you have to search at least 5 minutes to find 1 metin...

    As I saw many players are complaining about this issue,

    As I clearly mentioned a name for checking process , I did not said that player is scammer or not I just mentioned his name for checking process also you can check my name if you want.

    putting an item that's price is 500k, for 1 won 499k it is using game bugs for scamming others because when you put a thief's glove for 1 won 499k it comes top of other gloves with 500k.So everyone knows, shop search system prioritizes items with most cheap price to expensive.So when I want to buy something from shop search I will buy first item in the list because it must be most cheap item in that list.

    BTW if you think I am wrong you can close this topic.

    Hi guys,

    These shops are trying to scam gold from other players with wrong prices in shop.

    3x shop with full items all with 2 Won - 1 Won + on each item.

    Hope GA find that who is behind this shops faster and punish this player faster :D

    Victims who are scammed by these shop is better to make a ticket maybe you can get back your gold.