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    still there's no point to the run , to take it on you need earrings or high quality gear , if you want to sell 8 avg rib or fms that's another story , but when the run goes bad you don't even have the time to farm those if you want to finish the run and I'm using a 50 avg 8 poison 8 faint +6 ss fms , the run is clearly not designed for solo play and ip block will never be removed because people then just brings 3 character to test the correct portal .

    you've already been answered you drop green changers on orc chief reborn together with his chest , the run is not worth it anymore , because it's a huge time waster, the gear required to take it on is expensive , drops are bad for how much time it requires and the run is boring the only redeeming factor is the drops of level 30 weapons.

    First of all I'd like to apologize as I didn't know heal was nerfed in this server , I've never participated in raids since I'm not ready for it yet , but still it doesn't take way from my argument that taichi is a blank skill and I fail to believe that with good gear you get hit for 11k with spirit strike when you get hit 1.5k from dark orb.

    body warrior has aura and berserk , they're not useless

    mental warrior has high cooldown compared to other classes in the game and if you go against someone with full res the skills are already easy to miss , and the reward is bad ,

    mage 3 buff skills are all useful , and heal mage 3 "buffs" are one a kiting skill that increase your average dps , one a healing spell that heals a shit ton and cleans every debuff , and the other one that increases damage by not a lot but it's still a thing ,

    you're so simple minded that you think the only useful skills are active damage skills , when buffs increases overall damage?

    i showed u that mental warrior doesnt sucks at all.

    ye they sucks at 1vs1 (every class sucks in 1vs1 except wep sura)but in raids are mental warriors one of the best pvp class, idk why it bothers u guys so much that they get so much pierce hits just dont use taichi and all is okay wtf

    hello? BM sura , blade sins, mage in general are all great in 1 vs 1 , why mental warrior must have only 5 skills when the rest of them have 6 heck even swiftness is more useful than Taichi in this server.

    I don't think adding more AC would make a difference , adding skill damage would be a good counterpart for corporal warrior , also mental warriors are slow and skills don't deal that much damage for how much they miss , they would be much better at pvp.

    I don't believe that the staff don't want to change things , I'm sure Shadow has many great things in mind that could improve the server , what is actually stopping the server from growing are the older player they're afrain of change, from what I heard the rarity system made a lot of player quit because they didn't want to grind gear back after having a near perfect gear , but this change feel actually pretty nice it gives freshness for the game something similar should be changed and that's called DSS , make it accessible for everyone or for no one I've farmed dss for 3 months the intended way , killing monsters in firelands and other places and managed to make only 3 legendary rubies and I had no power on which bonuses they had , infact all of them were total crap I bought a clean one to try to increase the clarity grade and failed and got another crap ruby at the end of the process, nerf alchemy and increase up rates or just give us a dss bonus changer because right now the system is broken , unrewarding and completely unfair for new player that joined the server , if you think that I have to farm 5 years 8 hours a day to make a perfect dss page then I might as well go look for a job and do something more constructive with my life.

    It would be cool if you could update your guide , with the actual peak values of legendaries dss , for exemple a legendary +4 minor clarity ruby how much avg does it reach what about a low , or an intermediate , that's something that could be worth adding just to show people if it's worth to risk spending money into higher clarity dss.

    They both count as kill drops and kill drop for this specific boss has been set to 1 so you either drop one or the other.

    no from me because farmin in rwf and gf will be to easy then, u havent to turn ur camera anymore then, all u have to do is watch minimap....boring

    but good idea and maybe some others liking

    better make entities for groupmembers on big map when press m

    the correct word is not hard but tedious , making it less tedious doesn't make it harder , looking downward is not hard nor skill intensive it's tedious , also knowing the position of the metin doesn't make it less boring as you probably know in red forest the average player tends to get lost the what requires skill is the navigation of the map not looking downward or upward.

    Hello , I wanted to ask if it was possible to add metin as entities on the map , I'm asking this for 2 major reason:

    -the first reason is that there's a weird bug concerning entities while you're on a mount that doesn't allow the entities to be properly shown , this bug is not only visual infact if you use a bravery mantle the monsters that haven't appeared on your screen are still allowed to interact with you but you are not allowed to interact with them e.g. you take damage from invisible entities but you are not allowed to kill them , the way to make the entities appear is to walk around the area until the entities spawn , that's all good when monsters that can actually damage you are there but metins don't interact with the player so you're not sure whether the metin is actually there or not and you have to patrol the area multiple times to be extra sure that the metin actually isn't there , making a grey dot on the map doesn't fix the bug but it actually help with the situation a bit.

    -second reason is for quality of life changes , in some maps like ghost forest the map is divided in multiple routes and the area of spawn of each metin is totally random making it tedious to check every route , you can still check other routes from the high ground but this could make our life easier.