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    Wrong sir, nowadays it is SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to make money. You farm green changers, sell horse medals for 500k (you make like 40 in 10 minutes), you make spider poly marbles (5-6-7kk each). Books are always bought. Clams are 12kk +. Orc maze, etc etc.

    To say that now it is hard to make money it is a very big lie. If you are a lazy bastard then true, it is hard to make money.

    there're many players quit is caused player like this

    You are right with only 1 thing here, my grammar mistake xD.

    And yes, you are obsessed and the fact that you do not realise it is really sad and worrying.. well good luck in the future but you it will not be a very bright one for you son. :)

    Friendly advice, next time try hiding your entire account not only your inventory :P

    This guy, AlmightyHoly is totally a Purge's Pet,

    first : he always blames the opinions or even facts from others like his perceptions are true.

    second : he thinks that his opinions are true all the time (there're some of bullshits).

    third : i've just noticed in game that he's a big lier.

    PS : before you advice others people, please check your self first, well boy , Good Luck