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  • iPhone5

    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

  • EmyEmy

    Open thread If you want

  • dolguldor

    So Shadow, should I open a new thread again on the same topic? Since the topic is closed i couldn't say my opinion.

  • Nature2

    @[GA]Shadow Can you tell us the purpose of the poly update ? Btw closing thread after thread to forbid players from talking about updates is a great step forward :thumbsup:

  • EmyEmy

    high lvls do not farm mats, they buy from market when they want something, materials farm is for low lvls

  • [GA]Shadow

    I close threads when they go off topic and when the answer is given

  • Etherial

    + the damage reduction from the new formula is insane. I used to do runs all day. Now I can't do anything.

  • Etherial

    You want people to farm mats, but let's face ut. Most poly are useless cz of their bad animations. Only few are okay and they are hella expensive

  • Etherial

    Why do you close every thread related to the poly update?

  • PalitaGoblin


  • EmyEmy

    shut up wild dog

  • PalitaGoblin

    i liked the update but think some polies are way too expensive for what they offer(especially hate spike) and the damage was lowered more than what it should have been

  • EmyEmy

    omg let me write before closing thread!

  • j0Hn


  • j0Hn

    what is thaht...other mentenance ?

  • Gherasim Ionut


  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • EmyEmy

    Luxu rat

  • EmyEmy

    Luxuria on?

  • Glutamine

    When are we going to receive the rewards from xmas events (puzzles, photos letters etc)?

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    As for the addition of aos/blade, as far as I remember they removed it because they said it's a bug and you shouldn't be able to use them in poly. Now it's back for some reason. 😅

    The reason for this update was to fix the 31231241 bugs polies had and enhance them with stats. I think this change is totally fine, only needs some balancing in terms of the damage, the material costs and from what i've been seeing you guys say and people in game, the addition of the polies you mentioned would be welcomed.

    Totally ruined high level farming. Especially for mages and sins who rely on dungeons to make gold rather than farming metins.

    After playing almost everyday to get decent gear and levels on my ninja to do runs, this poly change came up to force me out of dungeons.

    If doing a dungeon now requires farming on a low level char for 70kk worth of mats for a poly that is way less effective than before (damage reduced A LOT), I'd rather stop playing at all.

    which polies have you been using and where at now?

    So far from what i've seen i like the update, im a bit on the fence when it comes to the damage but still need to test more before actually commenting on it.

    One suggestion though, can we have spider eyes dropping in v2 and spider webs/poison sack dropping in v3? At a lower drop rate of what they normally are obviously, since can't drop polies anymore, would be nice to still have access to them in a way from inside the cave


    Isn't it lovely?
    Isn't it wonderful?
    Isn't it precious?
    Less than one minute old
    I never thought through love we'd be
    Following all the lovely rules
    But isn't it love made from rules?
    It never hacks?
    Truly the angel's best
    Boy, I'm so happy
    Never capsing
    Never spamming
    Never speaking anything other than english
    I can't believe what God has done
    Through us He's given rules to one
    But isn't it love made from rules?
    It never does illegal trades?
    Love and rules are the same
    Life is Rules,
    The meaning of it's name
    It could have not been done
    Without you who conceived the one
    That's so very lovely, made from love, hey!
    I will ban you, if you dont follow the rules

    Heya, this video contains most things regarding gold making atm, also sell the current event boxes

    Check out the Game Options Settings for keybinds and loot filter options (tick down the ones you want to loot)

    Horse quest has 1 hour cooldown and having high attack speed gives you extra damage (maxed at 230)

    You don't understand because you lack a lot of information. If you were up to date, you would know that this has been suggested before, you would know that this change would make people take way less damage and nullify the point of S skills since it would just bring back the issues there were before they were introduced and there's still concerns about people being able to get way too much resistance

    It's about strength and weaknesses, not to mention, it really doesn't take that much long to be able to swap an item already

    I still think it would come in handy , would save some time against bosses as you mentioned and regarding pvp , I dont think you can call it exploiting since everyone would be able to do it , it would be more like mechanics IMO

    It's like begging for better drop rates, pushing a drop rate formula change, being happy for a week because you get so many drops then crying because the market is broken

    Changing base game mechanics that aren't broken and worked perfectly well for years, often have bigger effects than what is thought being so simple

    9) Please, if possible, remove the you have to be motionless to equip the item . It would be really useful to equip gears,gloves,change petc,etc while we are moving/attacking a target

    This isn't allowed in the great majority of mmo's due to how easily you can exploit it

    Imagine spam swapping weapon/resistance items while in pvp

    Imagine spam swapping equipment while fighting a boss to max out resistances and damage

    simply doesn't work