[VIDEO GUIDE]Beginner Gold Making Guide

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  • Good video , can you please also add more ways to get gold I mean anything but not beating the metins because it's boring already 😎 something for 75lvl+ now

    Ah sorry, i just assumed after that lvl you are not a beginner xd :> np i will do a part 2 probably. Also there's spider cave v2 and giant wasteland farming:) its pretty fun i also get bored farming just metins tbh i cannot do it whole day i understand:)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have made a gold making guide(part2) for beginners/returning players, as it was requested by some players in game. I apologise for posting it late. I really hope this would help you. I will also post useful information and links in this thread.

    Part 1 Red Forest Map

    At lvl 75 or even under you can farm at red forest. Get to the map through teleporter. Farm the metin of lightning cloud(lvl90) and metin of fighting dragon(lvl85). You can use your buffer to farm and make sure you equip thief gloves while farming.

    To have the best drop chances possible try to keep your level low, preferably at least 10 levels lower. You can farm red changers easily from the metins. Dear beginners, you can farm exorcism scrolls and hermits to raise your skills easily!

    Part 2 Ghost Forest Map

    Teleport to red forest and enter the ghost forest portal behind you. You can farm metin of wind devil (llv75) and metin of devil eyes(lvl 80). For best drops be lower lvl than the metins. Don't forget to use thief gloves. The monsters from the metins also drop milk juice (useful material for upgrades check f11 when you are in map 1 and shop search if you are unsure about prices). The metins also drop ghost tree branches (useful bio item you need lv 70 to start dropping).

    Part 3 New Red Forest

    Teleport to red forest and speak to the teleporter to enter the map (you need lvl 80). You cannot save scrolls to this map. The new red forest is same as the red forest map and with same metins. If you are lvl 86, you can drop clams from the mobs. You can also farm the metins for red wood branches (bio quest item) if you are lvl 86.

    Part 4 Ice Golem Room

    This room is found in Heaven's Lair. At lv 80s you can farm clams and ice marble. Farm along with your buffer in safe spot.

    Part 5 Heaven's Lair/Heaven's Lair 2

    Teleport to HL or HL2 (start) if you are lv 80s you can farm there for clams and useful drops like armours, shields, bows, poison swords, fans, & bells, shoes & helms. To farm in this map you need arrow resist, magic resist, block, immune to faint, strong vs demi & hp absorb. Farm with buffer if needed.

    Part 6 Zins farming

    Go further in HL2 to reach the zins. If you lvl 85 and above you can start farming at zins. If you finding hard, take your buffer also and make sure you have good arrgow resist, magic resist ie same as above mentioned. The zin heaven soldier can drop grudge sword.

    Part 7 Dragon Cape /Nephrite/Thunder/Dawn

    You can get here through teleporter. You need lvl 90 to tp there. Also if you have a buffer, he/she also needs lv 90 to use wedding ring.

    The lvl 90 maps, you can find metin of ember, gloom, vanity, wrath, calamity & malice. They all drop blue changers.

    Part 8 Boss farming in Lvl 90 Maps

    You can farm bosses in those maps, they drop rare dss and other useful high lvl upgrade materials. Make sure you use 5 skill resist vs those bosses, some bosses are hard. Bosses spawn duration is 1h, at times its hard to find them especially when many are farming them.

    [FEATURE] Hidden Monster Passive Skills check this link regarding bosses hidden passive skills, useful if you are farming them. The bosses also drop boxes you can check for drops here https://wiki.metin2sg.com/index.php?title=Boxes

    Bonus needed vs bosses

    Bone face -demi human rakshasa - animal, gnoll lord- animal and superior gnoll lord- animal

    Triton -devil , kappa-devil, general lobster-devil

    Lemures bodyguard-devil,lemures prince-devil, captain shruk-animal, the great ogre-animal

    polyphemos -orc, wubba -orc, arges-orc, gargoyle-orc, king crap -devil

    Part 9 Enchanted Forest

    You need lvl 95 to enter this map, speak to guardian of forest in map 1 to enter the enchanted forest. You can farm for high lvl upgrade materials and metins. Make sure you have vs devil, good magic resist, arrow resist, block and hp as it can be quite hard to farm in this map.


    Watch the video guide and read the written guide if you are unsure about something. Also, with the rarity update it is a golden opportunity for beginners to make gold by farming thief gloves and experience ring to craft rarity changers and they are around 350-500kk in shops. You need 200 rarity ores, x100 experience rings & x100 thief gloves to craft 1 rarity changer. I noticed that people farm rarity equipment and dismantle for ores then sell the rarity ores in shops, it is a good way to make gold especially for beginners!

    Please feel free to use shop search if you are unsure about any prices, press f11 and you have to be in map 1 to use it.

    Check the link for all the maps and drops which i mentioned in this thread. https://imgur.com/a/ZaI1Kj2

    Thanks & Goodluck


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  • Hello, I made another video ! Check it out. Thanks

    1. Farm & loot rarity ores/soul stones

    2. Dismantle unused rarities at Npc Rarity Alchemist for rarity ores

    3. Sell soul stones & rarity ores in shops, check f11 for price

    4. Thanks & Goodluck


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