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    can you close the thread already?

    it had good intentions from the start but again bazzy's ego took control and ruined the thread..

    also why are there always the same yellow players crying on the forum everytime? if you do not enjoy to do pvp or the game itself do something else and stop wasting energy on these stupid topics. You are all 20+ years old so stop pretending you are in kindergarten for once and play with what the game has to offer (use your instapots, loaches, whiteflags, tp rings(hi skus), mounts and only stay in safezone) we never went on forum to cry about this because it is all part of the game.

    and to shush some of you, most if not all of us agreed with the introducing of rules for the NW, pwp :*

    Was nice to see so many people at NW, even new faces too. Bazy bro stop taking the game so serious, no need to let your keyboard warrior ego explode and tell people you don't consider them pvp because they posted a meme picture. People were having fun on the thread until your foolishness began... you are better than this ;)

    1. Please check post number #86 to see who started the provocations ;)

    2. Staff needed to change ochao run cause you guys were never playing fair and dc'ed yourselves whenever you were about to die.
    3. You track pvm chars as well, no point in proving anything. There is a reason why no one in yellow kingdom plays with you guys, stop pretending you are the victims all the time <3

    I think you forgot about the purpose of the thread so please stop with the non sense posts :)

    RedWyn you realise that the person you were talking to just tried to help you and tell you to be careful with those people right? Most likely he still was considering you a friend and showed that he cared about you :)

    So HadorisHUN you never ever bought

    Items that constantly sell in your shops are never useless my brother <3
    I bet you over 100 gloves and rings were bought daily from shopboxes :P also if they are useless why so many people selling them.
    Do not get me wrong, I respect your opinion but think before you speak next time.

    It is enough.. so much talk about this rarity adders drives me insane.. just admit that you did a mistake with implementing it and stop defending yourselves.

    Stop saying high level players are mad cause bla bla bla, everyone gets rarity items so no one is more advantaged than the other. Some players already have perfect rarity items even before this update so they are no mad about this. Only the high level players talk and shout out their opinion out because they care about the server and know what makes this server better than the others.

    Will cut it short, implementing a new feature that needs gloves and exp rings to help new players is contradictory because what do new players need the most at start? Gloves and Rings :D. Am sure you will add new recipes for crafting in the future but this makes the feature incomplete and to bring an incomplete feature on the server.. no thanks.

    You said that someone told you that gloves and exp rings were useless before, it is the most hilarious thing in the world. Please ignore that persons opinion from now on.

    These updates should also never come without a poll no matter how small the population of the server, make the players that still play feel important and let them express their opinion :)

    Pierce got changed once already and in my opinion it works fine now.
    If you complain about pierce please use block or dodge on items, this is not a server where you can tank skills + hits at the same time :)

    In my opinion the best approach is to send a report ticket (with screenshots or video) regarding this topic.. try to also encourage other people that are being harassed by this person to do so.

    Guys do not forget how "good" the forum was working.. it was almost impossible to navigate on it.

    I personally stopped using the forum because it was so slow, but the gms still needed to do their daily/monthly work under such circumstances.

    If the forum was working properly i am more than sure that this situation would not have happened. So go and complain to the right person.