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  • Radioactive

    tary explain lottery pls <3

  • EmyEmy

    Woot? Xd

  • A.O.S

    uve been freed

  • Fivel

    Well that sucks:P

  • EmyEmy

    Haha im curious unkojp

  • UnkoJP

    because of many reasons XD

  • EmyEmy

    banned why? ;l

  • UnkoJP

    Fivel, i have 8avg 5skill lvl 48 sura armor, but I guess im banned xd

  • deathpool

    3º in hunter ranking has any prize? :P

  • Onyekuru

    yes 49 avg is very good

  • Fivel

    Anyone got a lv 48 Sura armor? I mean like any at all..

  • SirPic

    no we don't

  • mfker


  • JaviitorZ

    for sure bro

  • ZinedBeleaua

    rib 49 avg is good?

  • EmyEmy

    boss spawn at 16;00 gmt

  • deathpool

    what time is boss spawn today?

  • naumy99

    Hello why I can’t log game

  • Onyekuru

    yes its very good stats

  • zera123

    guys pc Black steel armour 5 avg 5 hp resstore ? any worth ?

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    you can check it by clicking qustion mark ? next to mob name

    from zins you start getting drop at 85lv, from normal mobs from 80lv

    go there once to test what gives you better experience in let's say 10min, if metins, lure mobs away and focus on 3 metins, they should respawn by the time you kill the third, just keep in mind that more metins you kill the more mobs will there be on the floor if you don't clean brutal spawn after destroying metin, more mobs more lags more chance for disconnect, i suggest getting 20exp in boots,shield,necklace, and waiting for NW bonus exp if you want to make this really fast

    Heaven Lair 1/2 Maps - Ice Witch Location

    in this thread, post #4, there is hunter room in hl2

    About exp, you can try exping while killing metins 95-105, but that would take long time

    at hunter room in hl2 I get 0,08% on 92lv per room without exp rings,

    if you are willing to take your time with exping, i suggest going hl2

    maybe you drop desired by many people counterattack strategy

    it depends if you are in a rush with lvling up or you just want to get some experience while farming ;)

    The biggest challenge is to survive on 11th floor ;)

    60lv helm 5mob +6-9 15magic 20dt (att speed,dodge arrow if you are lucky)

    armour, best bma 8avg with def+6, hp, hp abs, arrow would be nice but on 11th floor there aren;t many archers

    phoenix/quillins/leather boots 8avg, dodge arrow, hp, crit, faint also nice

    necklace - scn with some hp restore might be nice, but any with arrow,hp,crit, faint should be enough

    bracelet - ebony 5hp restore should be remotely cheap to get or htb 5restore (it's not necessary to have rarity on this one in my opinion) hp,hp abs, 20dt

    earrings - sce for more dmg, if you don't have yet, simple ebony with 8av will be good, arrow + 20dt

    shield 61+9 15block + 20dt all you need, mobs don't faint you

    poison+9 30+av with undead or around 40+av clean

    beside that:

    magic res is really important for 11th floor, same with def

    -use 300 def pendant

    -use green liquids for magic res

    -use white liqiuds for more def

    -if that is not enough for 11th floor, try luring mobs away, to one side, and kill/exp just on metins

    and of course ench blade P, fear g1+ would be nice, if you mastered shield it should be even easier

    for blue death, get some low lvl eq with 5skill, some diamond for alchemy, instant 100hp pots, toy top for faint chance

    sadly blue death has good sword res, so high vs undead would be nice to have, imo with 10k dmg you should kill her easily

    16-18k hp is minimum to survive her skills

    i think i covered most of the stuff from my perspective

    Hello and welcome ;)

    1) blue is more populated, more shops, more players - idk if it is the best or not, that's for you to decide (on the side note, if you decide to join yellow you can get 1month free shopbox - offline shop)

    2) I suggest stopping on 35lv first to get some eq and improve skills

    3) mostly metins, spider upp stuff, poly marbles

    4) I think body warrior is easiest and fastest class to farm at beginning, but skills books are most expensive for him, sura weapon is also nice. All depends on your preferences

    You can get anything here with gold in game, no need to spend real money. But it will take time, so you need to be patient.

    Some tips:

    1) DO ALL YOUR MISSIONS - rewards you can check on wiki, but it's worth your time, you'll get basic hp equip

    2) normal horse can be trained every 3h

    3) you can craft some poly marbles at Baek-Go in m1, so check it out

    4) when you start don't rush to farm metins, use your time in different way, for example farm horse medals, upp stuff at sahara, you can go at esoterics to drop rib

    5) vendors sell low lvl armours/weps +9/+8/+7

    6) keep track of events - you can win some tec points (event calendar is on forum)

    7) if you are truly first timer on this server you can get access to NOVICE CHANNEL with one of your accounts to farm (more metins, better spaw time, so use it wisely ;))

    That's all that comes to my mind at the moment.

    With any questions you can find HELPER at the bottom of your friends list. Feel free to pm any of them

    And Good luck ;)

    From what I know the difference between minor, low and inter isn't that high (i think one or two avg more). The bigger difference start from High class. If I get my hands on those stones at +4 value i will add screenshots. Or anyone who have such stones and is willing to add screenshots, feel free to post

    Hello :)

    I would like to introduce new people to the alchemy system on this server.

    Below there is a link to a great thread about where you can get pieces of stones.

    Dragon Stone Alchemy Drop Guide

    Here is how you can upgrade your pieces.

    1. You need 5x Rough piece to make 1x cut

    2. You need 3x cut piece to make 1x rare

    3. You need 2x rare to make 1x antique

    4. You need 1x antique to make 1x legendary

    There is also possibility that you fail upgrading and your stone will go even class lower, for example when you upp antique to legendary and you fail, you can receive rare piece. Same situation goes for clarity upgrades.

    That's how you can make Legendary stones.

    Upgraiding Clarity grade of stones is quite similar:

    1. To make Low Class you need 4x Minor

    2. To make Intermediate you need 3x Low Class

    3. To make High Class you need 2x Intermediate

    4. To make Super Class you need 1x High Class

    The chance isn't high but you might get lucky ;)

    Maybe some details about alchemy:

    Legendary Stones last 4h. After that time, stone isn't destroyed and its bonuses aren't active. Stones you put in your circle are there forever unless you want to take them out and change.

    To refill time on your stones you can use Time Elixir from Item Mall that refills whole 4h or you can use DSS Discharger (1kk in Alchemist's shop) and try to make from any piece of alchemy a time elixir which can have 5-50% refill time.

    Stone can be taken out with 100% succes by DSS Releaser from ITEM MALL:

    or with lower % of succesing by DSS Destroyer (in Alchemist's shop)

    We can upgrade our stones by using dragon beans. There are 3 kinds, with different success rate:

    They work like normal blessing scrolls. When you fail, + is lowered by one.

    In terms on bonuses that are most valuable (useful):


    PvM - skill resistance

    PVP - magical attack, skill resistance, skill damage, spell speed


    PVP and PVM - average damage resistance, average damage, attack value (also sometimes you can chose defense instead attack value, depends on your preference)


    Mostly used in PVP, but dex and earth res might help in some pvm cases; most looked for is 3x resistance, but you can also make stones vs classes


    PVP and PVM - I think 2x max HP and HP absorption or HP restoration


    Gives you HP, and rest of bonuses are connected to MANA and its regeneration/absorption


    PVP: in my opinion dodge arrows, pierce res, block chance

    PVM: dodge arrows, crit res, block chance

    Of course I'm not calling myself expert in alchemy. If anyone has more experience, please give your input, I will edit/add it ;)

    If you have any question, wrtie to me in game