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  • jackywin814

    shadow here? got something wanna ask 1 qeustion only

  • PaliPali

    happy bday Prince! may you have many many years to come : :growup:

  • SirCrowley

    Happy Birthday :bday:

  • bombardieru

    oww happy bday PrincePersia

  • EmyEmy

    Prince Happy Birthday :beer:

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  • PrincePersia

    Word cup covid 19 2020 event start sooooon???

  • Samaell

    <p style="color:red"> Hi</p>

  • L0lu

    If you're talking about 65 lvl metin stone it's weird indeed.

  • L0lu

    But it's still weird that you're dealing more dmg to lvl 60 metin stone. Maybe some stat of this metin is bugged or just it's weaker on purpose, considering 60 lvl metin stone is in the DT.

  • L0lu

    VeKi It depends of the def stat of particular metin stone. Some time ago, I was like "wtf" because I dealt almost the same ammount of damage to both 35 lvl and 85 lvl metin stone.

  • EmyEmy

    Palamut, dont be a hater wtf xd

  • PaliPali

    get attack value on armour/bracelet, raise the average damage of your weapon/earrings, get higher stats for your class (str+agi for warrior, int for sura)

  • VeKi

    does anyone have an idea why i make more dmg to lv 60 metin vs 40??

  • [GA]Shadow

    You might be checking the wrong email. It is better if you send a ticket as posting personal infos on the shout is not ok

  • Asuma

    Yo I have an account that I know the info to and everything but its locked and Im not receiving a unlock email, I tried everything and I tried it multiple times

  • GamerSHell

    sometimes i get that problem aswell, usually on CH1 it just randomly happens :D

  • Akuuu

    But, that's exactly why i wrote (jk) . so that it's obvious that I'm just kidding, and he doesn't live in fear that his Char is lost in space and time.

  • EmyEmy

    Dont scare him poor guy xd, dawnbreaker please send a ticket or on discord contact a gm

  • Akuuu

    Dawnbreaker - That sound's like a banned account if you ask me. (jk)

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    Actually this is a serious matter if you think about it. If the "best" "pvp" mental warrior on the server does 1k dmg with best skill to a pvm char. Its time we give mental warrior a update in dmg and revamp taichi. BBazzy was right all along.

    I agree with scream too, mental dmg is ok, i never said to buff damage or smth like that. But you can miss your skills very easy and it’s too slowly as char. One of my ideas is to remove the mov speed decrease from taichi and add the increase of mov speed on it (with 15-20%).

    Mental has 4 aoe skills, which make up for missing them sometimes.

    Mental in PVM is not so good, i did PVM only when i lvled it to 115, i never farmed because i don’t like. His attack speed is so bad and don’t have any boost buff in skills. Another of my ideas is to change the 6th skill of mental in a buff skill for PVM, or smth like that.

    Ofc mental can be useful in pvm. for example you can have a lvl 105 mental for pvp and also do hell runs in poly at the same time. He will have same dmg as body war and since grudge has been buffed recently he also has way more than mirage sura. Erebus in poly is also an option. It is not so different from playing pvm sin at lvl 105. If you choose either class you restrict your pvm potential to doing runs. This may or may not be a wise choice in your opinion, but thats not the opinion of every player.

    I dont mind Taichi being rather useless, haven 6 super useful skills may lead to other people complaining about balance, which brings us right back to square one. I am okay with "taking a hit" on the 6. skill as mental warrior.

    Server 2 has the new pvp Bell for lvl 105. I assume we will get them as well now. My concern is, that the bell and the fans had (iirc) incorrect attack and magical attack values. WIll this get fixed untill the merge?

    Can you even see us from your high horse?

    back in the day when I complained about ochao run and that I cant farm it.
    (#170261 )

    I stopped farming ochao and went to farm Dragon. -->

    when I could not farm dragon keys without getting killed by lvl 118 over and over again.

    I stopped farming dragon and started farming hell runs untill i could compete in ochao/HL General.

    Not like you gave a fuck back then.

    Not like you guys are even trying to obtain them via ochao run. Dont act like ochao run is the problem. Make good gear and farm the run, easy fix.

    yea yea yea this is perfect. This guy knows what he is talking about. Lets fight fire with fire. I 100% agree that the solution is not to change the crafting recipe from exp ring and glove to something else that is not essential. but instead (and this is the GREAT part) we just add more fire by adding glove and exp ring to more stones and monsters. This way the glove/exp price will drop for sure. There is no way this will only make the rare changer price drop, right? RIGHT?

    Holy shit do you guys even think before typing? The reasonable solution is to alter the recipe of crafting rare changers not to add more glove and exp rings.

    Maybe we should just ban the guy for selling moonstones at 20w. How dare he farms ochao run fr profit. How dare he even enters it at all. The rest of you are doing it right - not even trying to farm it at all and only complain untill red wood forest drops moonstones with 1%.


    At this point I think to cunteract the overfarming of red wood forest there are 2 viable solutions: Either add rarity changer and adder in 200 stacks to generals store, or add glove and exp in 200 stacks to general store. Alternatively we can ask for 8avg and 5skill rarity adder in itemshop, then we dont need to farm red wood as much.


    Idk if it is possible to dismantle stuff that is rare +9 but i would make the suggestion to make it impossible to dismantle items with rarity that are +9 because you would usually only want to add stats on them. I can already see people crying that they fked their item that they wanted new stats on by pulling on window and pressing enter twice by accident.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion

    I agree with the update, but i do not agree with the "adding is easy changing is hard". I would have prefered it the other way around to not fuck up the economy of the server completly but thats just my 2 cents.

    I just find it hilarious that from now on people will farm new forest map metinstones not to drop 8avg poison swrod, but to disenchant weapons to just add stats in random dt poison swords. Now thats a great RARITY system.

    So you are saying suggestions before your time dont matter, and can just be disregarded? Now thats a nice way to look at suggestions. also i just made 13avg with the combination of weapon and earrings. So basically i got a highclass red dss for free in under 30 mins. Is alchemy even relevant anymore? IIRC its end game content