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  • Onyekuru

    wtb poison+9 45 avg

  • Radioactive

    tary explain lottery pls <3

  • EmyEmy

    Woot? Xd

  • A.O.S

    uve been freed

  • Fivel

    Well that sucks:P

  • EmyEmy

    Haha im curious unkojp

  • UnkoJP

    because of many reasons XD

  • EmyEmy

    banned why? ;l

  • UnkoJP

    Fivel, i have 8avg 5skill lvl 48 sura armor, but I guess im banned xd

  • deathpool

    3º in hunter ranking has any prize? :P

  • Onyekuru

    yes 49 avg is very good

  • Fivel

    Anyone got a lv 48 Sura armor? I mean like any at all..

  • SirPic

    no we don't

  • mfker


  • JaviitorZ

    for sure bro

  • ZinedBeleaua

    rib 49 avg is good?

  • EmyEmy

    boss spawn at 16;00 gmt

  • deathpool

    what time is boss spawn today?

  • naumy99

    Hello why I can’t log game

  • Onyekuru

    yes its very good stats

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    im talking about when u guys uploaded some raids which was cuted i didnt showed what happen really. As example the fake "first raid after update" video i give probs and didnt said ah its cuted.

    anyways but u agree with me that u dont have sword res at all right? i mean for sure this 8avg 2skill emerald earrings are ur main earrings i guess on ur sura or how panic made with poison sword which has -skill dmg 8k ww on it

    8 avg 2 skill emerald on a mage? not really, but believe what you want :)

    I don't upload videos here, but i can't stand it if someone uploads footage with kill *cut* kill *cut* kill *cut*. So I call them out with the hopes that next time they go back to uploading the entire fight.

    2. Nerf +5 +6 Stones especialy def stone ( 150 def is too much, now even more because of pierce system change )

    dont worry about +6 stones they can only get craftet with hell run drops. And those wont be around on the new server for some time. Not on mass at least.


    New players already go elsewhere and the feedback we received is because the server is too old and they don't want to compete with people with thousands of farmers.

    I understand your point and ofc its logical you want to do something about it. It just feels like the 1st server is taking a risk if the poll will lead to a 2nd. I know you said this will not happen but who can predict something like that with 100% insurance?

    Anyway I hope I am wrong about this and that it will turn out fine.

    Why would this one close in a matter of weeks? We already said we won't close it.

    Because new players will most likely start on the newer 2nd server. 1st server will get less and less traffic, others from old server will try new server etc. etc.

    All this can and in my opinion will lead to a market crash. But I guess I will just buckle up and get some nice items which i think will rise in value so i dont have to buy them later for absurd prices.

    It should be ready for the end of this month, as we have also to translate the poll on at least some of the main languages.


    ahhh I see what you did there, 1. of April, nice one....I hope at least :(

    What the hell are you smoking ? Make a poll to vote what ?

    If you want to know something, just ask and you will find out.

    Also, you can test yourself these kind of resistance hard is it to put a 5 demi res item and let mobs hit you to see if it has any effect ?

    I dont know why but every time you post on this forum it seems that you lose all common sense....

    Can you just stick to normal common english? No need to be disrespectful.

    So to summarise what you are saying: keep everything the same, no place to look up this kind of info and have 100% confirmation, let people just ask individually every time they want to know the res for a monster and let the gm's look it up every time.

    To me it seemed that Shadow is tiered of people talking about this stuff without being 100% sure they are right. My idea was just to collect this information so everyone can look it up themself, and to reduce the workload on the gm's

    And my dear friend I have tested a lot of resistances and i would like to share this information with other players so they can make the right gear without going through the same time consuming process i had to, I just feel the best way is to collect all info at one place.

    The idea with the poll was to reduce the amount of maps and monsters so there won't be 1000+ listings. If you did not understand my idea please tell, and I can try again to make it more clear to you.

    You can't expect us to list in this thread or any other, over 1000 monsters and their resistances. It won't reach everyone. For instance I already explained on the forums kazilions times that Demi Resistance is just made up name, the real name is "Warrior Resistance + Sura Resistance + Assassin Resistance + Mage Resistance", all rolled into one. As there is no monster that is a character, it is just a pvp bonus. Yet despite the many times I told so, you didn't know.

    No one is asking you to list ever monster there is in the game and which resistance is good vs it. In my opinion this a totally possible task. For example you do it like this:

    1. make a poll including all the maps/dungeons of this server. This would have the purpose that the players can vote which map they want to know specific resistances for specific monsters the most. Once lets say the top 8 voted maps/dungeons have been selected you start a new poll with all the monsters from each of these maps.

    2. New poll for each monster of the top voted maps. Now again lets say the top 8 most voted monsters for each map will be selected. You could provide us with info about resistance that works against them.

    This way a lot of irrelevant maps won't cause you any work because lets be honest....dragon valley, map 2, map 1, probably desert and ice land ore not relevant to this list because they are so easy with all the mechanics in the game right now. Also runs where resistance does not work at all can be left out anyway. the way I see it this is not as much work as you state. I would gladly take the task upon myself so you don't have to deal with it, but I doubt you want to give code to someone who is not in the Tec-team.

    Different approach:

    Make a new forum post and let players edit a list of maps/monsters with which resistance they believe work on them (maybe you can give power do only a few willing players who are experienced enough to fill these out). You could then look at the list and update it once a week by correcting and confirming their input.

    ""Demi Resistance is just made up name, the real name is "Warrior Resistance + Sura Resistance + Assassin Resistance + Mage Resistance""

    Not everyone reads every post in this forum. As long as no list with information like this exists you can NOT expect people to know stuff like this. Every one hears something somewhere and if it sounds good they believe and spread the news. Who would not think, that fire res works in Hell run. It sounds logical. But no not all the monsters and most important: the strong monsters in this run do not interact with fire resistance.

    So please don't blame the players for "false rumors" they just want to spread information and don't have the intent of misinforming.

    This task is not impossible and asking the community for help is not a bad think. We also would like to know if we are right about this kind of stuff and will be eager to help. :)

    Kind regards

    Did you make the decision because there was a complaint? In my opinion the monthly posts should contain the time of each player as well. The reason for this is, that in my opinion the time is the most important information in this event. Otherwise how are you suppose to know if you are the best in your category for all time? And as already stated above...i also value the information how much faster i was compared to others...after all this is a competition that occures every month and gear changes very fast. If someone does not want their time to be public he/she should think about participating in this event at all. I'm not saying he should not, just that other people enjoed the way the event was handled for the past years and did not want it changed.


    My two cents:

    Devils catacomb and Demon Tower are 2 runs that are very very lucrative. they both are possible solo if your gear is good but the bigger the group the faster the run will be completed. they both can give huge gold even for players who don't have great gear. Plague run is also a run for beginner and the time spent in the run also drastically decreases when more player join it. What you fail to understand is, that high lvl player are making the 'perfect' gear for each run to solo it. this takes a lot of time and a lot of resources. Of course we want the right payout for the result of our hard work. In my opinion players who don't play that much and don't have the best gear are not suppose to be able to make highe amount of gold by themselves. but if 10 or 15 such player get together and do these runs together it should not be a problem to still make a nice amount. And no I'm not saying you are suppose to do the run with 15 people...but if 15 such players make a deal there will be at least 4 or 5 online at a time which can make runs. How do you think we dropped our first sce? by making some friends and then doing runs together. not by complaining that after 6 weeks of playing im not able to solo all runs in my lvl range. and after all these runs were not created to get solod. I myself had to go through a frustrating amount of plague runs and spent a huge amount of gold untill i was able to solo it efficiently.

    Ps: there are still runs we high lvl players are not able to solo and we do together ;)

    • Dragon Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a Fan.
    • Healer Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a bell.

    can you please explain what led to this decision, and what you hope to accomplish with this?

    RED MARKERS: white luquid has no affect on the dmg you recive from the Blue Death. Tiger earrings have no affect on you dmg output when you are in poly.

    BLUE MARKER: Poly G1 does 15% extra dmg.....Poly P does 30% extra should read it up to P asap.

    GREEN MARKER: Do you really want to spent a dragon god attack every time you kill blue death? 30 min push item for 4 mins of fighting + makes the whole run less worth.

    YELLOW MAERKER: the attackspeed that is optimal depends on the class you are playing and also wich poly you are using. For example a ninja with savage minions has an optimal att speed of 182+-2 not. The reason for this is, that a higher attackspeed leads to hit animations of some polys not dealing dmg. A ninja with baby spider on the other hand can go 182+ att speed without losing dmg

    Regarding you question about Grude or Poison: Grudge gives you extra 10% att speed when you go into poly so you can save money this way. and neither prometheus nor I can tell you wich will be better, but you can go up to Blue death and test it out for everyone. those are weapons wich ever player can obtain for for a resonable price so I think it will be intersting to know the results.