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    The thing i wanna say is that, is it possible to drop Orc Seal from Boss rather then Mobs.? I am asking this question is because when i/anyone get DC from the Group, we can get back from start and run all they to there. so my point is the time of Orc Seal is limited it could be vanished at any time. Because of which we end up at the Seal stuff and go back to town without finishing it.

    Either to increase the time of seal, or to drop from Chief orc too..

    Thank you.

    As this was requested many times, the answer won't change, when both kingdoms are really overwhelmed, actions will be made. Till then, no.

    at least Free Mode PvP mode Player from same kingdom who only attacks shops should be stop.. about other kingdom players and Monster attack its alright..

    to solve the problem about Some Player opening x20+ account 24/7 days, Simply a player who is afk atleast 55 minute, immediately will get logout/Kick out by the system.

    about player opening shop from Character, well in that case the character is still in Progress but those who open shop wont count as Playing so will receive no points.

    so the price of the items will be quite high,


    (3 point) for 2 green changer, (5 points) for 3 green changer and (10 points) for 7 green changer.

    (6 points) for a hermit, (10 Points) for 2 hermit... ETC

    But the items from those points will be non tradeable.

    Tbh the idea is pretty much good, but it won't be implemented as it is quite a pain to make settings for it..

    there are many player who open shop out side of safe zone, sometime get destroyed by Certain player Either from other kingdom or Doing Free PvP Mode. The current safe-zone is meant for shops, i do agree that. but the number of Shop box are overwhelming that fills the current safe-zone.

    What i wanna suggest that is it possible to enlarge Safezone a littlebit + in front of general store + Smith availability of safe zone and adding a small safe-zone in front of Store Keeper like Old-Man Corner of Map1. Which can not be use by Shopbox only by Shop created by Character.

    Edit ( If possible to make Safe Zone from Archer guardian to General Store and Black Smith )


    "Or it could be just the opposite. Hermits and Exo scrolls could be dropped so low"

    What are you trying to say?

    Yeah sure the worth of those book are low to nothing, also they aren't rare drop (for now). Even if this system applied ( Certainly Will not) there must be changes with the drop rate of those books.. Well when i mention the books (i was just giving General Example/General Idea) it doesn't mean only those books. Yeah sure we can farm Piece of Scroll from Bosses ( Like Sash System Which isn't available here) Collect 10/20/25 piece of scroll which can be turn into Blue Exorcist Scroll..

    It is general Idea. That's all

    i hope u understand what i mean..

    To be honest, what the difference between farming metins and doing SOLO orc maze?. Orc Maze actually meant to be Played in Groups rather then solo.

    if the reward of SOLO Orc maze is less + Harder + Time Consuming. Isn't is best to play in group. After all through orc maze u can make your skills and Items at some point better rather then Making money ...

    As for rarity drop, soon FMS with 8 avg Mystic will going to be sell for 100-150kk..


    The Point of the is that, we can create Exorcism Scroll / Blue Exorcism Scroll through each of Special Skill Book (i-e Combo Skill book , Leadership Skill book, Polymorph Skill book, Horse Skill Book, Mining Skill book, Linguistic Skill book ETC) . Means we need to farm or get These Skill books to trade them with Sage/Uriel Or Mr Soon ( like crafting Poly-marble from Doctor.

    As For Blue Exorcism Scroll, to reset the time , we need to use it x2/3/4 times for resetting the time. Means x2 or x3 or x4 Blue Exorcism Scroll for 1 Skill book..

    EDIT: Forgot to mention one more thing, x1 Blue Exorcism Scroll decrease Time to read the next book ( 25% OR 33% or 50% ). Means Decrease of 6 hour or 4 Hour or 3 Hour.

    The Idea looks Pretty lame tho... Well i want to let out the weight by Writing This Post/Thread.. As it distract me from other activities..


    Metins are Easiest thing to farm :) But not that profitable. But In term of mobs, Yeah Wild dog is easiest animal to farm And even more less Profitable.

    no they are not. dogs are easier than metins. less profitable though. even on higher lvl it's easier to kill most bosses than a metin of gloom. so no, metins isn't the easiest thing to kill at any level

    Its Easier to Kill bosses than a metin of gloom u say? Maybe Boss are easier to kill with the use of polymarph? i dont know :D.. But if Bosses are easiest to farm, so its mean that Players are OP in term of PVM? thats what ur trying to say?

    and you know how much time and patience i had to put on my game play for that? same as other players? you can do same.

    I know u Spent time for it.. Coz that is the situation. even i did that too.. Thats why i realize something that u didnt..

    i get the impression you didn't think through on what you said. You say that a player shouldn't be able to farm outside his level bracket (farming limit as you put it). You have to be talking about higher level players using lower level chars on lower level maps. IF you want to forbid that in all farming, on all maps, on all metins, THEN it means a player could only play on their main char. there's no other reading of your idea. or you can use lower level chars or you can't. and you keep saying that people on higher level shoudln't play on lower level maps, but metin is almost unique because you can have multiple chars and use all game play not being locked out by level

    still you keep complaining you can't farm due to the nasty OP lower level chars. go figure

    Yeah Like the metin of gloom u mention earlier, the other metins Level 35 - 60 but it can not be possible.. coz it take way more time for new players.. So it wont help at all..

    Well u still got me wrong... Btw Where did i said that, Higher should not farm in Low Level Map?? This Thread is About The Skill, not for The Player to forbit Their low level farmer..

    Well i'm not complaining. im just saying.. Well Tell me in a story, A Character Can Perfect their skills in low level?? unheard of.. Yeah Mastering is something, Perfecting it is something else..

    "Hahaha!! Really?? Low Level doesnt have More Advantage then higher Leveler ?? Are u sure mate? Think again.. "
    Almost any high level can make in 1 day what you farm on lower lvl in 1 month. Like Clarice said, some people still have fun farming on different maps instead of restricting their game play to runs or 1 map only. But for sure there is no way you can make the same amount of gold in lower level as you can on higher level. Just not possible unless you have a really weak high level char. hell run and dc run specially, you can make 2-3kkk in 1 day. Try to make that on lower level farming metins.

    I'm not saying not to farm in any map... huh... Farming metins, Yeah Its not that Profitable as compaired to runs, I do Agree with u on that.

    With my lvl 41 char i can kill all metins from lvl 5 to lvl 90, there is a reason i don't do it as a way to make gold. Not enough profit. I use it to drop a specific item i need or just for fun because i like to farm all maps/mobs in game, but to make gold? no point when i'm lvl 105 that can do hell and dc without a problem and spending 30 minutes for 1 run.

    Thats the Problem.. Yeah u can farm whatever all u want, I'm not saying not to farm. But When i say that Low Level Char are OP that mean OP that 41 Char killing 90 Metins..

    "This is easiest thing to farm" Farming wild dogs is easier. Being easier doesn't mean more profitable.

    Yeah Metins are easiest thing to farm. Is it not?? In term of Power?

    "So my point here is Every Level should Have its own limit of Farming " Already happens on events. All events, except moonlight box, is for main only. Moonlight box isn't but the way the drop was re-set makes it more profitable for higher levels, i think to make people level up and because it makes sense that higher level make more gold than lower level. What you shouldn't do is forbid all players to use their chars on which they spent lots of time, gold, and real money, just because you can't compete with them. Maybe it's you that need to re-think if the way you are playing the game is the best way to evolve your char faster and stronger. Because this is exactly what you are asking. You already were told that re-skill all chars of lower/mid level wont happen because should have been done like that years ago. What you are saying now is that people should be allowed to play in 1 account only, their main account.

    Every Level Should have its own farming Limit, In term of Time. Thats what i was saying.. Well i know that already happened in Event, but not with the Game Play. And im not Forbidding any Player, Every Player Can Play all they Want From any Accounts, thats what they spent their time, gold, and money on it..

    I take from all your post that your skills aren't G/P yet, and you see yourself disadvantaged regarding farming, specially farming metins. You might want to try to do a really weird thing some people do in game, it's called upgrade your skills. Plenty of events, tradable mall, it's not that hard. Do moons, OX, forum events, tanaka, metin spawn and boss spawn, do mine event. Do all daily events and use those winnings to buy what you need to perfect your skills.

    instead of trying to bring other players down to where you are, why not try to lift yourself to where other players are?

    Well About me here :D. If ur talking about my skills, They are P :)

    Hahaha!! Really?? Low Level doesnt have More Advantage then higher Leveler ?? Are u sure mate? Think again.. Thats why u still have low level farmer with P Skills. Even if u get 500kk just from those runs.. Still you guys are Talking about ur ownself except for the server ..

    Actually MEtin Stones are Pretty Easy to farm from low level metins, Coz they have low HP + With P/G Skills of Berserk and Aura. This is easiest thing to farm :) So my point here is Every Level should Have its own limit of Farming :)..
    Calling me inexperienced ?? Okay:) Thats why u didnt mention this :)

    Bye.. Im Glad im inexperienced, At Least Im not Like You. :-)