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    Thanks! mmm, then I'll have to make another fms? Got a 42 avg with poison chance and +5 stones. I'll try to farm one with 8% avg mystic, but no rush. I would like to know about the armor anyway, for if I need to have more defence for dt.

    Hi, I'm a 43 lvl sura who wants to get to 61, to farm lemures/v2/DT/metins etc etc, for which I should be updating my armor.
    What would you suggest? To keep this one with +6 stones or upping a 61 one with +6 stones?
    Which eq besides would I need for lemures?
    Didn't want to upgrade it to +9 just if some stones failed.

    Sorry for my poor english, it's 6:30am and I'm sleepy.