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    Well, if you can afford to come here, I'll rent a place more spacious to make a pizza party. (?)

    The oven is key, but also the proportions of water. 150 mls of water and a teaspoon of salt for 250 grms of wheat flour, when done with fresh yeast, depending on ambiental conditions you use 13 grams of fresh yeast, that one that comes in cubes, that is a normal fermentation. Now I'm using flour with yeast integrated, and works wonders, in 30 minutes I have a pizza to the mold, really quick.

    For the crust, well, it's not a very crunchy pizza if cooked rushed, but you can leave it until goldens, the secret is to get the dough sparced in the pan with some oil in the fingers, in tapping movements, not with a rolling pin. It's a oily crust, you can also do it with flour, it gets crunchier.

    No, you didn't post in the wrong place. 2 int- 1 str is a good idea in early levels, when you have a 34 armour with green bonuses and stones, if they are good stones, you can keep it until lvl 60-70. With a Vita stone +5 and green bonus of 1500 HP, plus ebony earrings +9, plus silver bracelet +9, you can get by quite easily. If you have Dark Shield masterized, you will get a ton of Defense out of INT.

    Well, tonight my friends came and they ate all the pizza before I could take a picture.

    But this was one of the last pizzas I made:

    PD: I do totally get the "poor pizza", as I had done them with ketchup, with horrible cheese, but they leave you wanting more perfect pizzas, as when you have a 42% FMS and you want a Mystic FMS with 8% avg, well, it's easier to get a perfect pizza.
    PD2: This is argentinian pizza.
    PD3: The mushrooms and ham pizza is my specialty,

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    Please don't forget cooking the sauce with a bit of onion chopped, the quantity of onion doesn't really matter, and put some sugar (a pinch is enough for a big pizza) to the tomato sauce, It will supress the acidic taste of the tomato. Some oregano cooked in the sauce, salt to taste, and voila!

    Forgot to say it looks fantastic!

    Maybe tomorrow I'll post my pizza. :D

    As I suffer this since I came back to .sg in 2015, had so much frustration which made me quit a ton of times, but metin2 is an addictive bugged monster.
    This is the bug:

    Pardon my lack of pictures, as I have my Windows system in spanish, I can't upload pictures, but I'll try it to be the most understandable.

    For all we know, people with Intel processors don't suffer this bug often, as only does AMD in great part of their processors. Some people do suffer this bug even without AMD products.

    The fix is simple:

    1º: Open your Task Manager.
    2º: Select your window of Metin2 which you wanna manipulate, and right click over it, in that menu click "Go to details"
    3º: Right click again over the marked "metin2client.bin", and click "Set affinity" in the menu.
    4º: You will get a window with boxes, "<All processors>" is the first and the default option, you should click only one core "CPU 'X', (being 'x', 1, 2, 3, 4, if quadcore) and click "ok".
    Once you got a window of metin in one core, if you open other window of metin, you should get it in another core not used, for example I use one window in "CPU 2", and another in "CPU 3".

    Do not use other programs which could use the core metin is using, because you could get the bug again. Every time I've done a DT with youtube open, bug appeared.
    Don't worry if you think this will damage, as it's not permanent and will not damage anything, is a tweak you do every time you want to do a dt or another run, the bug could appear, but I met it rarely now, and maybe is because I left Chrome open.

    Please let me know if it works for you, or if you have something to add. I'm sorry if it is not clear, I'll try to make ilustrative pictures. And I hope this helps. Thanks.

    Edit: It helps but doesn't prevent the appearing of the bug.

    I was going to donate through Payment Wall and... gone. I'm so sorry because it was very useful, as I don't have a credit card.

    So, you should put Paypal again, if not, we'll run out all of Odins.

    It recover 180hp, have u ever kill any boss? Which potion do u use? How much it recover?

    Greater healing potion i mean

    Common fishes aren't quite the friend of a boss killer like you, nor everyone, thats the point.

    Besides the bragging, a Crucian Carp doesn't even cover a Savage Minion attack, the really useful fishes for potting are those that instantly recover hp, like the Lotus fish, the Grass Carp that give you AS, and the hardest ones (Eels, Pikes, Perchs). The greater healing potion covers 1200 hp over time. Those Crucian Carps were only useful when fishing was available on lvl 7, and not much.

    The effect of common fishes should be changed, if you want that fishes that recover petty ammounts to have some utility, to something like more HP regen over time (added to pot regen) or add 200/500/1000 hp extra (for example) for 10 minutes. 200hp for C.Carps, 400hp for Mandarin Fishes, 500 for Graylings, etc. (this idea is taken from another mmo).

    2dEDIT: So given the fact Clam-fishing is quite a waste of time if you were unlucky, if you could sell the dead fishes then you can amortize some of the time, also given the fact Mistery Boxes event is every two weeks, making fishing a bit more proefficient, not much, encourages people to not farm metins all day long, and could make clams and pearls more available on the market.

    Thing is, they see a .sg video publishing the server and monetized*, they delete it. If you post a .sg video, I think it shouldn't say it's from .sg. Maybe Shadow can explain the minor details why.

    2dEDIT: *I meant monetized videos.

    I think .sg staff used to reward youtubers that publicited the server by giving them tec points, but this changed when the Voldemort of game publishers (I'm not naming them, neither will I), reported to Youtube that .sg can't be publicited on Youtube and had the youtubers who did punished with 2 strikes, and with 3 you can get banned from youtube.

    This would really have more priority if there was more people on the server, I agree with this, but maybe it isn't really needed right now for a few people to use it.
    But it could encourage also more guild communication.

    Given the common fishes are quite useless after killing them, I suggest to give the fish a higher value, like 1k (for example, you can put the price you want) for every dead crucian carp in the fisherman, as rarer the fish, higher the price to encourage doing something with those fishes apart from throwing them to the ground, except for useful fishes like Grass Carps, Eels and such which should be consumed cooked.
    Or more quests involving fishing, like "Feeding the village: Bring 5 Dead Salmon to Octavio to make a feast"

    Since it was a quest made by the old team is very likely to be full of bugs. I will look into it once we finish the updates that we are going to release soon.

    yay! Can you tell us a bit about those updates, please?

    I like to know more about them, as it seems fun to do daily. I got greedy the first time so I asked always more, you should not. 35 herbs is the last offer Yang Shin will give at first quests.
    What rewards did you get?

    I would like to have a general idea about it at least, seems something not everyone know.

    P skills cannot be removed on existing low level characters, so no. There is no arguing about that now.
    Daily quests are an interesting idea, rewarding you when you log daily to make a quest, or when you level up. Thing is, you gotta make that in a balanced way. I'm saying this because of the people who leaves the server, whom people may not be interested with but GAs are, I suppose.

    For example, to win some rank points in bulk after you complete a quest from x lvl, increasing as you level up, it isn't that game breaking.
    Also, more quests, fun quests, are always welcomed with joy.

    PD: Damn, I just necro a post, I'm sorry.