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    I'll take them in the order you wrote:

    • We have Dungeon Masters event, which is similar to the PvM King but for guilds.
    • Quests 1-30 have been revamped, better rewards on them.
    • Hunter quest is daily quest, the lv 25 quest to kill Jin-Hee for wedding ring is also repeatable.
    • Fishermen have Fishing Extravaganza, Fisherman of the month and Mystery Box, Hunters have their ranking and the best gets a good reward, silver and gold categories.
    • Metin stones respawn faster than they did in the past, metins from lv70 and above have higher chance to drop +3 and +4 stones.
    • New players have the Novice CH, metins from lv 25 to 60 drop green adders and changers, the upgrade chance has been increased with 10%, the upgrade+ system adds another 10% when used at full, beginner items are at +9 at NPCs in map1.
    • You won't see guild wars in here, I explained why in the PvP Model.
    • Good mining places are the ice mountain map and the temple at frogs and catacombs entry. Experienced players above lv90 can easily go for mining in the high lv maps as well.

    I think you need to try harder for next suggestions :D

    Yes, quests from 1-30 are revamped and are quite good, but after then you have Octavio's Recipe at level 49 that asks you for 100 eyes of spider, and besides the experience (that is good, 3100000 points of exp) you get only 40k of gold, for a quest that takes so much time... Maybe gold rewards over some other quests could be improved.
    Hunter's quests are bugged mostly, I can't do the quest from level 61 because it asks me to kill Ice Golems, which don't drop those hearts. Jin-Hees aren't that much of encouraging as daily quests are.
    Still, PvP isn't encouraged, I would like a quest about having like 20 duels a day, and having a reward for it, exp, rank points, that would be nice.

    2.- I do highly agree on the missions, because besides they give now some good rewards, some are quite difficult and aren't worth much, and the hardest quests should the most highly rewarded.
    The tutorial should be more didactic about how much you need to do to progress, new players are accustomed to newer quest driven MMORPGs and Metin could improve their quests and lore, to go with the improved leveling this server has.
    3.- Daily quests could be amazing to keep people in the server, neither you need an awesome reward, but you could give a weekly reward for doing those daily quest, this could serve for avoiding exploits
    4.- Yep, we fisherman need a hall of fame at least.
    7.- Guild Wars winners should be rewarded with gold or items.
    8.- Mining spawns should be fixed in one place or an area, an area for every vein.

    Ideal level for horse medals is 22, you can make another character, mental is optimal (as monkeys make you drink too much potions) on your account to farm them. Remember to save at least 11 horse medals for your horse quests
    The level 30 one will serve you to farm ribs at esoterics, also you will level up to 35 there, when you can get your armed horse.

    Mental characters are quite slow, but you can still choose your class until level 30 with the Old Lady, to not lose your progress, she charges a lot of gold, I think 200k in lvl 25 for each try.
    Remember you should only master an ability at level 17, and if is farming character you should master as soon as posible, without wasting points on other skills, those skills that give you a passive buff as Taichi on mental, Berserk or Aura of Sword in corporal, Enchanted Damage and Blessing Spell on dragon mage.

    It's quite a fun mechanic that isn't really used but in higher levels, or with expensive items, as belts, high level armours, or poly balls. Given that mining has few uses as well: Why not crafting level 30 weapons with a lot of minerals? Of course you could not get the rarity versions, for that you need to farm them.

    Or maybe using minerals for the refine plus system for level 30 weapons, instead of the orc heart, maybe.

    Taichi you can sell it for 300k (be pacient with book shops, leave them overnight)., you could use the novice channel and hunt for Spider Eyes in Sahara Desert.

    Farming Spider Eyes in desert - my favourite place.

    In about 2 hours, with a 2 hours glove and a lv 25 character (i like to use body warrior) the shop will look like this :

    Remember to ask for a guild invite, donating experience is key to keep in the range of levels for the monsters to keep dropping things.

    You could try a lvl 15 char for book farming in the first town (Aura of sword sells for 1.5-2kk, Enchanted blade sells for 1kk, enchant damage, blessing spell, dark shield and fear for 400-500k aprox.)
    Or try a lvl 22 mental for horse medals, it gets boring but pays off (when somebody doesn't sell horse medals for 100k, the price fluctuates but keeps at 300-350k each with some luck, and those are highly requested).
    At lvl 30 you can try to fish and mine. Opening fishes could get you a Clam, which price is between 9 to 12kk until you get at least 15kk for a full moon sword +9 or you get a red iron blade +9 for your warrior farmer.
    Fishing gets easier with time, but you could get bored easily.

    I do highly encourage you to build a Warrior or a Sura if you want to have a farming character, a warrior for farming metin stones at lvl 35 is cheap to build and you can use the items npcs sell, and pays off well if farming only second city, if you invest in it, get a better armour or you level up his skills, it's quite op. Sura is expensive but can solo almost everything, but isn't quick at all.

    You should try playing with just 1 client at the time if your specs are too low to handle Metin2 with a modern computer. Obviously more clients, more resources needed. I doubt you will experience freeze or crashes with 1 client only.

    Well, let's see, as my specs aren't that low, but you can mock my computer to be old. :D
    My processor is an AMD Fx 4130, and my graphics card is also an AMD Radeon HD 6670, I have 4gb of ram, I don't remember my motherboard right now, and with this antiques I can run up to 4-5 clients, when fishing. Long ago when I used 3 accounts in Demon Tower they runned as silk, this was when I made runs with my guild, 2 years ago?
    PD: Freeze was common on only one client.

    I have my PC with amd and metin crashes really often ;( so that sux and i know that feeling. Shadow, i experience crashes and freezes with 1 client on my PC, even tho i could handle 8 clients opened. However on my laptop with i5 no such thing happens. Cheers and good luck on exams Lietta

    I feel you bro, mine doesn't crash but freezes. Thank you very much!

    Gentle, you are so kind, my pizzas will be around (when I remember to upload, as I forgot for a while now). Have fun you too, cya! :D

    I did never wanted to write a farewell, because, I knew always nostalgia could make me come back.

    But as "the bug" I'm always complaining about made me quit once, when I came back my guild Neptuno was no more. I didn't wanted to play with people anymore after that, though I had some comrads that kept playing, as that now known as Hiumi, and Bor.
    I had some vice streaks but didn't last long, I can never participate on halloweens and anniversary event as I have exams on those events. I can't play if whenever I try to play, the damn visual glitch comes and ruins my demon tower's run. Nothing to do about this. This is just a catharsis.

    I would like to thank everyone, Neptuno in general, and Hiumi (whom sometimes gets cocky and thats the funny thing about him) and Bor (whom is bat**** crazy), whom are still here. I would also like to thank the team and the players for keeping this server up, as it's, if not the best, very close. If I remember someone else I'll edit this post as I forget stuff very often.

    I'll come back only to play if I get the 7500 pesos in order to get an i7 to play to not get annoyed by the "amd cpu visual bug" (there is no way to describe it properly). I hope by the time I come back, the server doesn't change much, and the odins to be kept in a rational price. There might be still some pizzas to be posted. See you some day.

    Thank you all. Have wonderful times in metin2.

    (the girl also know as) Asusora.

    I'm sad to say that I have gotten this after the tweak. It did only anger me and I played suggestionated and worried, expectating the bug. It helped, but still, I can't enjoy the game if I'm worried if it will happen, I'm tired of it.

    The bug supposedly happens when using the camera or clicking with the mouse after it, this implicates moving and searching. There is people who says it's only because the mouse, but I had it just after choosing character and moving with the keyboard.

    I seriously hope they can fix it, someday.

    You got a progression there, as from 55 to 61 you don't have any investment, you can make profit from Ice marbles if you feel comfortable, if not, you can upp it to 61 and that would have more versatility.
    An assassin is a good idea, if you want to play as an assassin and if you have the patience to get skills and equipment.
    Orc Maze is not worthy if you are a solo player now, as it has ip block and you can't enter alone, you wont make profit but maybe it could be fun to do some times, not worth to invest with.
    Moonlight farming is worth in higher level maps, your sura will do and your rarity farmer might as well, if you have % agains devils equipment.
    (feel free to correct me and add)

    Thing is, Paysafecard is not available everywhere, I tried to charge here in Argentina and it's not habilitated in the places it says it is.

    I can't fit everyone in my house, so get in line and tell me what toppings do you want.

    Hiumi will bring the fernet.

    Both are right, the limiting is annoying and did make people leave, it seems, but limit in PVP is more important than in PVM. Why? Because new players don't have the items and skills old players have, neither they have their experience.