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    No, Lemures or any mob in new maps (Thunder, Cape) you can't farm below 60 because Teleport man won't give you the option to travel to Fugitives Cape until level 60.

    you will save money if you just buy a +4/5. If you have a +4 just buy glyph to +5. Then just buy flame key, 50% success talk to old lady to see your luck! :D before you try to upgrade your stone to 6. Then when it's 6 just buy 80% spirit for 150kk, and good luck with 80%. I have failed 3 out of 10 stones 80%. So goodluck!

    :hmm:, it's a nice idea.

    Thank you guys very much for your input!

    I've been saving for +6 stones for a bamboo, but what would you recommend? I'm a little anxious and I can't catch any mob +6 80%

    Should I buy the other stones with 80% or try my luck?

    Thank you. ^^

    EDIT: Wait, I swear I made this post on questions and answers... Sorry Tary, how can I move this thread?

    Very nice! Upgrades in the average of the FMS or RIB are quite needed after a while, but that fms will do, at least until you start farming metins and getting green changers, which you can sell or use for your fms.

    Good old Doors.

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    Amazing, Shadow! Thank you for the news!!