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    Well, if it is just a freezed screen or doesn't respond then I don't know what it could be, but AMD processors are the nemesis of metin2, having every kind of bug. Just taking a guess, have you tried on diferent compatibility modes and windowed/full screen?

    Please be more specific, how the problem manifests and what model of proccessor and graphic card you have. I don't know what do you mean with "stuck/bock".

    Please allow me to explain why not to implement autohunt:

    - It devalorizes all items previous to the autohunt. It also means more items = more offer = less value.

    - It devalorizes the time people invested to have those items and will have people really angry.

    - I was made because Game***** couldn't keep up with the hackers, so they made their own hack, while getting money.

    Edit: - Farming AFK doesn't encourage to keep playing the game, as it is a big part of the game, people only motive to open the game would be: open farmer, autohunt, open main to read books and bio, chat if you have a guild, and if you are a solo player then you will leave (because you aren't even enjoying the only part of the game farmers are playing), open shop to sell, and that everyday until you forget and then leave because you don't have any motivation to keep playing, the only thing that encourages you would be to keep finding more and more loot when you get back to the farmer.

    In this estabilized market, which doesn't have a lot of movement, if you lower the prices and there are not much buyers, you will kill the game. This mechanic should be only implemented on the start of a server, and that was checked on International Steam server I think, as always, it was a boom in the start and then I didn't heard about it anymore, as all servers opened and closed in previous years, it isn't a very good idea.

    I'm sad to know you don't enjoy it anymore, as people like you make the server feel lifeful and you seem cool for a yellow (jk, you are cool). ^^

    Still, I do totally get the tiredness... And that of a garbage community, yes, it doesn't get much better. But I hope you come back soon, and by that time, we MorningWood can stand a chance for pvp (well, some of us we do, but I don't xD)!

    cya, hope to see you soon, C:

    In game***** servers you can pay to use an automatic farming which, btw, doesn't work on AMD because any freeze will cause autofarming to stop.


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    - So what activities can people do together? It is hard to force people to do runs in guild with 8 people: the rewards of the run will be very bad divided by 8 (as the game reward system is now), which means that we'd have to create a super-ultra reward for doing it in guild to offset that and that seems too overpowered, exploitable and kills the game for people wanting to play alone. And since I want to make a simple suggestion that wouldn't give too much work to the team, the simplest way is to only implement this in a PvP perspective for now.

    I know this but rewards should be higher if there are more people in the run, not stupidly higher, but to encourage teamwork, either you can:

    - Lower the cooldown when more people are in.


    - Give more rewards when more players are participating, you could have the tree on Plagued giving rewards for every player. More ninjas, more rewards.


    - Give in ip blocked runs the bonus in party of x% more drop from monsters when more people are in, or only with 8 players. (This is my favorite)

    or: as Vyenna says:

    Make a run for each member with no cooldown having 8 members.

    Vyenna solution seems more likely even if I don't like it as much, as the buffer could get a more valuable stone and the ninja could get a magic stone +3.

    Didn't expand more because this is not the thing we should be talking about, anyway Shadow notice me senpai (hahaha).

    Getting back to the point: PvP wars should be encouraged and rewarding. And I like quests: a quest that rewards you for joining a guild and/or and making a war.

    1) Guild Reward NPC: it would be located next to Hong-Hae like in the picture below. For now, I only give an idea of 1 Item it could sell: a 50% EXP potion that would last for 3 hours. It would be non-tradeable, non-storable and non-cumulative, which means players can only have 1 of these potions at the same time in the inventory. The potion would also have a timer on it, my suggestion is 10 hours - after that the item would disappear. The duration is only 3 hours otherwise it would be better than a mall exp ring, and we don't want to take the utility from that ring, otherwise the team will be mad.

    How to buy this item? With Guild Tokens. How to earn these tokens? Participating in any type of Guild War that has at least 12 players entering each side. At the end of the war, regardless of the result, every char inside the war would receive 1x Guild Token in their inventory. The 50% EXP potion would cost 3x Guild Tokens. To avoid exploits, Guild Tokens are not tradeable or storable :thumbsup:, and players cannot receive a token when they already have 3 in their inventory. EXP is an important reward for every player in-game so it would give enough incentive for people to join guilds, and giving EXP doesn't destroy the server's economy or the server's profit since no mall item is losing its utility, and if it contributes for more player retention, it would help it. Do I believe that some people would try to exploit this and do wars 12 vs 12 where in reality it's 3 people each side logging 4 chars each? Yes, however that will still be 6 people doing something together and guild wars are watchable so a simple report would solve the situation.


    Rank points/exp bonuses/rarity bonuses/drop bonuses bought with Guild Tokens, is welcome. More Guild Tokens for the winner, prices of rarity/drop should be high. Standard buy could be exp bonuses. Any reward chosen would be ok for me, I only throwed those ideas.

    IP lock wars, no personal buffers, lets encourage shamans.

    Costumizable item filters are a cool idea, I'm glad you thought about it, even if it can't be implemented, and it wouldn't be that urgent or important, as we could have a couple of items highlighted and that could make our eyes detect drop far easier.

    I like the idea of getting alchemy colored, they could be all the same color, I don't mind, as it helps with general distinction of drop.

    Thank you for considering the dungeon items. <3

    Some told me you should farm them at lvl 75, others say if you can kill them at 61, another post says 55...

    What is the optimal level and mob to farm for Glyph Stone farming? I'm not trying to make profit, but trying to upp some penetration stones that don't get in, but I would like to not be farming 2 hours for getting only one.

    sura or ninja would be the best option imo, ninjas are very op when using poly and bow on bosses, and suras are overall more rounded, but ull see that ninjas are often more looked for when making runs which is where a lot of ur money will come from at high lv.

    one question though are u blue or yellow? will be interesting watching u make progress :)

    He's blue.

    Level up the ninja in hl to 90 and get gear. ^^

    If you want to do runs, do ninja.

    Sura is better to leave it at that level so you can farm v2, unless you want to level it to 75, or 90, in that case you can level up the warrior to 61.


    Get gear on your ninja, so we can do dungeons.

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