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    8% restore works better when you kill the mobs quickly enough (spiders for example), because isn't the same as hp absorption on Enchanted Blade (restore procs when you kill, absorb procs per hit), having a good amount of absorption makes useless to have more restore, being of more use to have block or average resistance. (And this depends on the amount you get from helmet and phoenix or quilin boots)

    I think you should max average resistance as much as possible and then worry about block, more than restore.

    Ahh, but consider the fact this newest run can be invaded by other parties being them from a team of the same kingdom or the other, so maybe team woudn't want to apply a "Private DT".

    Big yes to 1. I would add also a icon showing if they have buffs.

    please explain yourself when you mean private or public, because that depends more on if you tell about a dt than in a mechanic so please elaborate.

    Big yes for me, I like herbalism and they could be things for gathering, I'm getting tired of farming those. :P

    Food system for new pots with carrots and misc new items I'd like too!

    Here comes Ly for your 80's fix!

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    I like the character spinning, but it should have another backpic so it looks more immersive, and let's the bars of stats more watchable.

    I know a backpic like a city or something looks cliché, but a OX city pic (like the last one), would be immersive.


    - The rewards are ONLY given after the Event ends!

    - If you click on "HAPPY EASTER", you will lose your Basket permanently and you WILL NOT be able to fill it anymore! Please be careful not to click in that message!

    - We are NOT responsible if you lose your Basket after clicking by mistake on "HAPPY EASTER"

    :|, I see this will be a problem even for people who knows this. There must be a way to solve it for people not to do it by mistake...

    It starts when the leader of the group clicks on the plagued tree in the middle of the map. It is mentioned in the run presentation made by GA Dulaan and the link to it is included in my first post of this guide :)

    Oh thank you very much, I had searched it but didn't found it, my bad. :S

    Resume: I didn't said to him he needed a pc, I asked his specs to see if there was something I saw or heard of. So please don't get angry, I tried to help him, but I'm not part of "the team" or have majestic knowledge...

    Long: My bruddah, that I do not negate what you say, but nor AMD or Metin2 developers want to make themselves responsable of bugs coming from errors and activated by updates in the game or any other updates, what I'm saying is that some AMD processors could have more incompatibilities. But I think the game won't be played very smooth with minimum requirements, and those changed with the years of adding stuff to a engine (yes, I did played with potatos, and ooold potatos which only covered minimum requirements).

    Don't bite! :fie: