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  • iPhone5

    RIP samlam 2020.05.22

  • bombardieru

    UncleFlorin pm Bombardieru ingame when u reach on ty

  • HadorisHUN

    oh okey, thanks the info!

  • [GM]Elspeth

    they were just added to the hunter ranking

  • [GM]Elspeth

    The metins arent new, Hadoris. They were in enchanted Forest the entire time

  • HadorisHUN

    Where are the new 110-120 metin stone guys?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • 100pcentTSK

    - a moment of silence to show some respect for Zum -

  • L0lu

    There is an info about costumes, DSS and new Dungeon from [GA]Shadow, but it seems some poeple are just too lazy to check those topics first.

  • L0lu

    ALmoSIQaR Instead of whining, you should take 5 min. and check the latest Patch notes and responds under them.

  • ALmoSIQaR

    everyone aspires to get the best

  • ALmoSIQaR

    and we need something for dcc like changer we spent alot of gold and we got clean super class

  • ALmoSIQaR

    we need new runs and new maps and new costumes and new pets and new mounts

  • ALmoSIQaR

    the game now like metin2 in 2013 all things old

  • ALmoSIQaR

    we want somethings new in our game

  • ALmoSIQaR


  • yusupheu

    omg will they add meley's lair to the game

  • PrometheusX

    would that be an easy fix?

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow you can't right click beans into the refinement window anymore after they were moved to the extra inventory

  • L0lu

    xCesarz They should be dropping all day, just like moons.

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    5. ; 6. ; 7. are not needed at all IN MY OPINION but I agree with the rest. Its not game breaking but just QoL.

    Your first suggestion simply cannot be done because we can't alter the characters who already have Mastered, Grandmastered or even perfect mastered the skills at 17. We would create a situation of unbalance where new players master skils at 20, while old players retain the skills at 17.


    Thats good to know. I need to ask, if you will be willing to make such meta changes in the potential new Server, or would just keep it the same as the current one as to not deter any players that want a old/middleschool experience?

    Dear everyone,

    First of all I would like the say that I enjoy playing on this server. It does alot of things right and it has shown it is willing to change the gameplay in order to balance it/stand out.

    That being said, here is my suggestion.

    1. Make all skills success at 20 skill points.
    2. Give one extra skill point for lvl 1

    The reasong I am suggensting this is for 2 reasons. First of all to shift the meta for higher levels, which in turn would really help out the newest players but freeing up lower level Metins. However, they will not be able to stay lvl35 farmers as they can develop only 1 skill and not 2(AoS/Berserk or Blade/Fear or EnchDmg/BlessingSpell)

    Secondly, it will give incentive to reach lvl 120 to get all 6 skills Master.

    Now, how this would be done is a little tricky.
    What I came up with is the following:

    All players that have more skills Master than it would be possible (eg lvl51 having 3M skills where with the change he can have only 2) are Cursed not able to cast any skills until they use a skill reset item given to everyone in the inventory and reset one skill.

    I do realise that for the current server it is very radical.

    However, with the big possibility that a new server buy TEC is going to open, it would be the perfect opportunity to make the change so that it is different gameplay/meta from other servers and would attract people that way too, besides it being new.

    Other changes I propose are for the doubling of the drop rate of Green Changers so that they are worth like 1kk each. This will help newer players stat their gear faster and make players increase level in order to start making real money and not just stay lvl 35 for 1 year and save up for all the gear they will use until lvl 100.

    Another change is to the pearl system. I am more of a casual player. I play in month long periods before making a break. That being said means I am not swimming in money and I just think it is absolutely crazy that making lvl 65 weapon +9 or lvl48-90 armor +9 is crazy. I have so far spent 2kkk on Compass and Pearls. At this point it would have been cheaper the buy +9 than to make it. So my suggesion is to add White/Blue/Red pearls to Moonlight L. Similar chance as Changers, or even lower just to allow for prices to be not that insane.

    Anyways, that's my thoughts on the game.



    PS. Thoughts and feedback will be much appreciated

    So, farming ice marbles is better than farming map2?

    Where do i farm ice marbles if i dont can kill the metins? How much is keepcase and demons gem+?

    Ice Marbles from Ice Mountain Yeti/Golems. Demons Gem+ and Keepcase+ x8 each make Spearman Poly =9kk.

    So is it definitly not worth to stay 35? My Problem is, im 36 because u didnt noticed my Level up and dont have Money for the items you said above.. What should i do?

    at lvl 51 I can farm Demon's Keepcase+ and Demon's Gem+ for Demon Spearman Poly(8kk-10kk) lvl 55,60,65,70,75,80,85(a little hard) metins. Also I pick up all the herbs I get and from time to time sell stack x200 for big bucks (Jamul x 200 is 23kk easy). You can also farm Ice Marbles 2kk each. Make sure you do lv50 Bio(50Def) or if you lvl up to 60(50attack) and Military Horse for better stats and Mutated Mounts with better bonuses.

    when u have a good fms and armour start to try lvl 65 metin´s. there u dropp red changer. 20kk each. Buy a lvl 60 helm with 5 monster. try oit with buff + lvl 48 def potions. there u farm yang and raise your skills. then u go sdv2 room3 and farm mystic equip. dont go over lvl 60 and farm S Moons for hermit´s.

    This is total overkill for lvl65 Metin. You need 380+ Defence + Mage Buff with 25%+ and you are set to go. Try having 13+k HP and Military Horse(lvl50) if possible. If they are still killing you you can get the 150Def Mount or use Dragon Earings. lvl50 Bio Quest also helps. I am lv51 435 Defence and Only Mystic is 8avg on boots. My Mage has M7 Bless and I just need my horse to kill it.

    Hi everyone,

    Since I started playing on this server I have been using one rib that I made (40% avg and Monster +5). Its a pretty good weapon for what I do and I am really happy with it.

    However, recently I got more into doing some DTs and Orc Maze runs on my own up to the blacksmith and I decided that a FMS would really help me out, especially since I use a mental warrior for the DT.

    So I dropped one with 42avg and put Monster and Crit+5 on it.

    Here is the thing:

    When I am not mounted, I hit for slightly more with the FMS (30-50) but then when I mount I hit less (80-100).

    All in all the FMS has 2% more avg dmg but 36 less Attack Value.

    I have no idea what is going on and it would be great if you could help me out.

    PS. I tested the dmg in Orc Maze and on lvl 70 Metins. All the other gear was the same.

    The way how the bonus works is just decreasing the opponent's piercing chance, so if you get 5% piercing res then the opponent will have less 5% piercing chance. Therefore, maybe 5% pierce res is enough for every mob of the server except some bosses to not pierce you.

    Thanks for answering the question. I knew that other resistances were always good, I was just curious about Resistance to Piercing hits and whether anyone is using it. If it really works the way you mention I feel like there is some potential for alternative builds.

    Hello everyone!

    Recently I had a discussion in-game about higher level farming/leveling and I was told that my mental warrior will be incredibly bad as the monster pierce a lot and I will take more damage, the more defence I had. (Is this true: monsters do more damage on pierce to more defence they ignore?!?!)

    Which got me thinking, is there a way for Mental Warrior to circumvent that problem? Here is what I came up with:

    1. Not activate Taichi(Strong Body/Might) if I will take more damage from having more defence and basically play it out similarly to a body warrior(usually do not activate Berserk).

    2. Resistance to Piercing hits:
    a) How does it work:
    i) By reducing enemy chance to pierce? EG. I have 50% chance to pierce; enemy has 25% Resistance to Pierce; so vs that enemy I have 25% Chance to pierce, or
    ii) It just reduced the damage take from a piercing hit. EG. I do 1000 damage when I pierce the enemy, but they take 750 damage (25% Resistance to Pierce)
    b) Is it worth investing into gear that has Resistance to Pierce for the future when I decide to level up my Mental Warrior?

    Hopefully you guys will provide me with some insight or maybe Shadow will tell us how the stat is coded in the game and works.

    I made an electro+9 recently which uses similar upgrade materials and I used around 2,2kkk for upgrade materials, including master compass, blacksmith memos and white pearls. I had back luck though.

    Now, in terms of a poison sword, I think its better to buy one. From what I have seen for 1,5kkk you can get one with low avg and +6 stones or one with normal avg and no stones (18-30). For something like 40avg and +6 stones more like 3,5-4kkk and for ~mystic~ with 8 avg I have never seen anything cheaper than 2kkk.

    The reason why I am telling you to buy rather than sell is that changing is very expensive too, so IMO its better to buy a made one for 3,5kkk than spend 2kkk on making it +9, another 1kkk for stones +6 and then even more to get a good bonus.

    Hello everyone, Azazul here with another post.

    Well, I am not going to lie, I like to go fast. And I really like it when I make a new character and I get 160 or 180 Leopard Pills, which give 60 movement speed for those who do not know. I also love the Shoes of Wind+ x 2.

    Anyways, I am always sad when I used them up. So here is my suggestion/idea:

    Either make the Leopard Pill a better deal to buy because 5 30 min ones for 1300TP is kinda shitty. Maybe 30 30 mins ones or 50 10 min ones for 1300TP.
    Or Alternatively the price could be lowered to maybe 300/400. Brainstorming here.

    Also Shoes of Wind from store can be made Shoes of Wind + to give 60 and not 30 movement speed.

    Anyways, that is it for today!

    Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW!

    Hello everyone, Azazul here with another post!

    Moonlight boxes!

    That is how I do it. So here is the know-how to this method.

    Step 1. Admit to yourself that grinding for metin drops sucks.

    Step 2. Ironically acquire a critical mass of money through grinding. This amount of money depends on the current price of moonlight treasure boxes. Currently I am talking about +- 220kk.

    Step 3. Buy 2000 moons for 220-230kk. I always find people willing to sell 200 boxes for 22kk or 23kk.

    Step 4. Open the boxes and remember to sell the junk to the NPC stores as for 2000 moons its around 20kk(including the gold from the moons themselves).

    Step 5. Usually you get 1 changer (Enchant Change Scroll) per 200 stack, which already pays for the stack itself.

    Step 6. Sell the Blessing Marbles/Changers/Adders/Evolution and Mutation Scrolls/Zen beans and stacks of Green Potion (M)

    Since there is a lot of clicking involved prepare to be opening moons and selling junk for around 40-50 minutes for 2000.

    In my experience as soon I finish opening the moons and I announce in chat that I am selling Changers for 23kk its an instant sell, so basically 90% of the cases you make you break even instantly and the rest is $$$.

    Note: This is still gambling, you might be kind of unlucky and for 2000 moons get like 6 changers. This has never happened to me but I am saying to mention there is a risk. And I am assuming that the chance to drop Enchant Change Scroll is 0,5% the more moons you open the closer you will get to that value of drop. But this has too much to deal with the theory of probability so I will leave it at that.

    Anyways, I hope this "guide" helps you and shows that there are other methods of making dolla signs $$$ besides Hunting/Rarity Dropping//Fishing/Mining/Material Dropping/Runs etc.

    PS. I will give the links to the screenshots showing the drop from 2600 Moons on a character with 0 gold. I spent 291kk on the moons and made over 60kk in profit in the first 10 mins after I started selling.

    Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW.

    Recently I have been seeing a lot of assassins using PVM lvl 70 bow especially. I want to know why.

    My assumption is either for leveling with poly since the lvl70 bow give 20% chance for extra exp, or it is for killing the bosses on runs quicker since bows are the highest damage weapons in the game and paired with a good polymorph marble the assassin's damage should be insane.

    Does anyone have a clue?

    I get what you mean. I my opinion the difference between the average damage and the strong against monster stats is when the damage amplification is applied, mainly average damage being calculated before resistances are considered.

    However, what I failed to mention in my post was that the extra attack speed will result in some more dps which is why in older iterations of the game or other in servers that lack the rarity system the Electromagnetic Blade is a Mental Warrior favourite for mid-level farming.

    Greetings all,

    Today I want to bring attention to my favourite weapon in the game: ELECTROMAGNETIC BLADE

    The electromagnetic blade is a two-handed weapon able to be used only by the warrior class.
    It can only be used by warriors who are level 65 and above.
    This weapon has damage values as 216-284 at level +9 refinement and also its attack speed increases with its upgrade level, reaching a maximum of 27%.
    Like all weapons for level 45 and above it has 3 sockets.

    Lets, review where this weapon fits in.
    Since most players will use a level 30 weapon for farming until level 75 where they can upgrade to the next average damage weapons, it seems only fair to compare it to those weapons.

    Starting with the Red Iron Blade(RIB):

    The RIB has an attack value range of 142-179 at level +9 refinement with a 15% flat attack speed.

    To simplify the comparison we will ignore the attack speed and look at only the +9 level refinement attack values of both weapons.
    Also we will assume both weapons have either no stones and no average damage or both have stones of Monster+6 and Deathblow+6 and 8%Average damage from the Rarity bonus, making them only different in attack value.

    Here are my equations:

    First lets take an average of the attack ranges of both:

    RIB: 142-179 -> (142 + 179)/2 = 160,5

    Electro: 216-284-> (216+284)/2 = 250

    Now to relate these too values:

    With the following formula we are going to find the percentage of average damage needed to be had on the RIB to compensate for the difference in attack power. Lets the average damage percentage be x:

    160,5(1+x) = 250
    160,5 + 160,5x = 250
    160,5x = 250 - 160,5
    160,5x = 89,5
    x = 89,5/160,5
    x = 0,5576
    x =+- 56%

    Therefore, the RIB needs to have a 56% average damage bonus in order for it to do as much as an Electromagnetic Blade.(Note that the highest possible average damage in the game is 60% if I am not mistaken.)

    When it comes to comparing the Electromagnetic Blade to the level 75 weapons, the Blade stands no chance since both swords have a much higher damage output.

    So, here it is. The Electromagnetic Blade. Perfect for lvl 65-74 farmers, and an awesome looking weapon.

    A few years back, especially before the Rarity system, this was a Mental Warrior's best friend since it gives a lot of attack speed. However, since Body warriors are stacking the average damage resist and so are weapon suras, which made the body warrior class obsolete as a farmer of any kind, I have not seen this weapon be used at all since I joined the server.

    Anyways, the Electromagnetic Blade is still an awesome weapon that is not only good to use at the right levels but looks incredible. Do not hesitate to make one +9. :saint: :thumbsup: :saint:

    Hello everyone!

    I want to ask why am I getting so much hate when I announce in chat that I want to sell my green changers for 1,8kk or 2,2kk or anything other than 3,000,000 gold? I literally get PMed and told to stop ruining price.

    Is it my fault everyone is over farming these changers and they are becoming harder to sell quick?

    Anyways, I am done venting.

    Kind regards,