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  • [SMOD]Tary

    The players can send me their numbers until Sunday midnight, so they are announced after that time

  • DontBeScared

    When will the forum lottery be anounced tary?

  • [SMOD]Tary

    I don't know :|

  • iPsycho

    make moon onn please

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    the forum is also part of the website...

  • Acidic

    ive tried two diff browsers

  • Acidic

    the website wont load shit for me

  • H2SO3

    buy 6 exorcism scroll

  • Lyetta

    plagueds give me life!

  • A.O.S

    invisiblade fu

  • AirMax47

    Buy 3x Odin's ring

  • H2SO3

    buy hermitx20 i pay 9kk for one

  • palita

    it's pvp game kill stealing is allowed, don't flame people and you won't get ban

  • Zydor

    thats intense brah for real if someone stoles metins and you flame him , you get 1 day bann GG

  • Zydor

    Any Support here on?

  • Lyetta

    300k, I pay til 500k for each inferno and dragon roar

  • amoname

    Lyetta how much per flying talisman u want to pay?

  • Lyetta

    buy flying talisman, inferno and dragon roar books pm Lyetta

  • Lyetta

    looking for blue partners for dungeons pls Looking for partners in Ice Run, Plagued and Demon Catacombs.

  • Vyenna

    Hiro  Metin2 SG Basics for Beginners

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    Never but never blame a beer! beer is our friend! xD i didnt know it happend so much o,o

    Well that clears it out! sorry for the trouble! :)

    so i was looking on old forums to see what updates you guys have here...and i saw Metin2 sg is not official anymore? webzen duck up again?is that a reason you guys didnt get wolf class ? to be honest i dont care much about official things i just want to see new content lol ,hope so you guys still have active dev team...
    Also i dont want to my private information leak out if i am planing to support you guys....that hacking thing is serious.....noting against you guys just want to be sure and safe
    edit : ok i read it more carefully you said sg is still official version but webzen dont support you guys?but it support Gameforge?what is the reason of that o,o i played SG all day and i had much more fun then on the US,exp is faster and community is friendly,and alot events from what i saw

    Hi i always did played on red kingdom in metin 2 US but red kingdom was called Argos if i remember right...
    Thanks for all info! Did you played on red kingdom on US server?do you remember NewTry and Greeny's? xD

    Hello there, it is worth it to play here, they just opened Red Kingdom back because the population is growing and growing. It is a brand new forum, so for sure you will be expecting more new things coming in soon! If you starting to play, everyone is friendly and for sure they will help you.
    So what are you waiting for? Download the game , register, and log in. Make new friends and new life here xD. Goodluck and have fun playing. Hope you enjoy. c(:

    T\hanks i am trying game now

    whats u name in us
    i name raad in yellowe

    My name on US server was : Zopto(Argos red kingdom) i was a light mage (Always)

    well this server is official and for the other question you ask, gm or ga will answer you, probably :P

    is it worth playing here? at sg? yes ofc, i started to 0 back 2 years ago and i still enjoy it until now. the events, pvms,pvp,community is just awesome. the forum is empty because its new, the old one is shut down.

    goodluck :)

    Hey, yes its worth starting here its fun. We just got a brand new Forum thats why its not very filled yet.
    The population is more than fine i think the server got more Players than ever right now.

    Yes SG is an official server.
    See you around ingame :)

    thanks for answers guys! hope so GM will answer me other questions :) i put game on downloading...cya in game soon :)

    Hi guys i am old metin 2 player back in 2007 i played on US server but i saw that it got shutdown...i am thinking to come back into metin 2 but i see that there is gameforge server and this one, i do not like gameforge i never like that company... just wondering is is worth to start playing on this server? i cant see any updates on website and forum is empty? how is game population here?also there is no facebook page for this server is it official?