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  • [CoMa]Shadow

    from the client of course

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Change the resolution

  • Spenditiion

    ofc no1 answers , i reinstalled it still not working , nvm

  • Spenditiion


  • Spenditiion

    anyone can help

  • Spenditiion

    what should i do when i cant log and it says "metin_2_create_no_apropiate_device"

  • Spenditiion


  • Onyekuru

    wtb poison+9 45 avg

  • Radioactive

    tary explain lottery pls <3

  • EmyEmy

    Woot? Xd

  • A.O.S

    uve been freed

  • Fivel

    Well that sucks:P

  • EmyEmy

    Haha im curious unkojp

  • UnkoJP

    because of many reasons XD

  • EmyEmy

    banned why? ;l

  • UnkoJP

    Fivel, i have 8avg 5skill lvl 48 sura armor, but I guess im banned xd

  • deathpool

    3º in hunter ranking has any prize? :P

  • Onyekuru

    yes 49 avg is very good

  • Fivel

    Anyone got a lv 48 Sura armor? I mean like any at all..

  • SirPic

    no we don't

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    guys guys ya all should stop arguing and ask shadow anything todo ( he is still stuburn as mule i see, and he got a plan ) or end like me ;) and hello :D. Its metin, server will have low amount of players during summer, as it always do, in september all will back, so relax.

    and ye i'm bored at work so logged to see how all thing goes, seems same old same old......


    but shadow too lazy to add useful updates...

    like new pets ( would love if only ice dungeon boss box gave new pets, would made dungeon attractive to farm, pet skill books and so only from ice dungeon), making pvp stats to roll easier (like removing 6 vs/res class stat), remove gold limit in shops/chars ( set it to 99kkk ). And so on, lets admit archer crap and that bind stuff were mehh....

    in gf server i think dss stones r in mall, so they make them easy. And clarity upgrade here is 4-3-2-1-1 for perfect clarity grade legendary dss. I have already made one 3rd level class dss, too bad it was just with 2 base stats. But the problem come upgrading lower clarity grade dss, they fail a lot with green dragon beans :D. And as sirpic said better keep mirror clarity grade dss if it have good stats, etc red with avg dmg ,avg res and attack value (its worth 2-3kkk atm maybe more). + from low clarity grade not much dif, but as i told to upgrade till +4 way harder with green beans.

    ask coma of german server, "if is illegal why u dont close it? It run 6 years + now, why GF cant close"
    If its illegal just ask webzen to close this game..easy.

    From day 1 GF server coma's told .sg is illegal server and nothing changed in YEARS.


    for sura u will need lv92 bio done, then u do it pick +300 def. and u should be fine.

    I will talk mostly about hl2 items (vs zins), if u get that gears hl1 or hl2 wil be easy then.

    Items, mostly lv60 helm with 10 demi + 5 demi mytic ( they r cheaper compared to 5 mob), bone plate armor+5 with hp and absorb hp, if u lucky get sp absorb wont need to use much sp pots then, but its optional and no needed as bonus. Ofc bone plate should be with 8 avg res mystic, stones haste+5, eva+6, def+6 or vita+6, def or vita, depends there u want to use this armor, if vs bosses get vita if u wont hunt any boss def. Good avg poison+9 ofc, phoenix shoes with 5/8 avg, sce+6-9 with 10 vs demi, htb+6-9 with hp + 10 vs demi ( dont need hp absorb in brac u got encht blade). Titan shield+9 or lv61 with 8 avg res. HTN+9 with hp + 10 crit.

    Focus on getting 30-40 vs demi, as much as u can block, and avg res. Avg res is the most important, it reducing pierce dmg a lot.

    And demi res doesnt work in hl1 or hl2, dont really need any res, get just avg res. Nor focus on restore hp, cuz if u do lv92 bio, u will have 1-1,1k def, thats more then enought to tank.

    To sum all, do lv92 bio > pick +300 def.
    get 30-40 vs demi,
    avg res items, armor + shoes + shield.
    buffer 50+ crit,
    ur crit items 40-50, (in poison 10/15, htb+9 10, neck 10, shoes 10)
    good poison.

    Nothing else u need there as sura, cuz with 90% crit u will do 7-8k dmg and zins will die in 3-4 swings :)

    I see, so can keep blaming each sides for next 6 years, players for GA's not doing anything to balance from and GA's blaming players for not wanting pvp cuz of afraid to lose. Lets circle around another 6 years :).

    And if u even divide kingdoms, u forgeting about social aspect of the game. Not many like to play then there is 1 call in chat in 1 hour.

    So i see ur opinion and what u think about situation we got now. Thats all. Cuz talking more just pointless, we already expresed our thoughts/opinions about this.

    ofc, cuz what for should i go and waste time (do i remind u that blue alwyas join, past months). But since u stoped give rewards many will in time ( all hates working for free ). And lets not talk about past and + its not players job to maintain "fun" but u GA's that getting paid by our cash. If u see something is fked up fix it, we cry, we complain, but in the end we will be forced to adjust to new things. But do something, instead saying its ur players problem for situation like this it is.

    And if red and yellows dont join, it means rewards r low to do it. Cuz high lv dotn really benefit from exp bonus.

    But with fraction system, as i toldu could set diferent rewards, and ppls who dont go in fraction wars, could even be kicked out of it. There are many things u could do. Just as i told, u got paid by our cash for a job ( balancing kingdoms ), why we as players do(join events) it if GA's do nothing.

    And if u move all by 33/33/34%, 1-2 year and blue will be populated and the rest kingdoms will be desert again. Cuz we know most new account r made in blue, and nothing would change in a long run.

    And there r kingdom change scrolls, for any player its easy to move arround, u remove it from mall? Okey i sell my account and make new one in blues and so and so on.

    But if GA wants to keep this system how it is sug is pointless.

    We all love blues, etc fail map of "Market map", didnt do a thing either (shop were still made in blue map1), so means all must concentrated in blue.

    And the only way, as u told u can do this balance is move all by force and divide new acc creation, by active user counts. Like making new account, like 30 etc if u make 10 in blues u can only pick red or yellow, if u pick 10 blue and 10 yellows, only kingdom would be left to pick is red.

    Anyways there is 3 option, let it stay in crap situation like this. Move all by force in diferent kingdom and make system with % registracion in kingdoms, and if not active account is back and limit is up he would be forced pick kingdom. Or move all in one kingdom and make new unique system in all metin2 servers. All up to u dear coma :), we can just sug and tell our opinions.

    I'm playing more then 6 years here, and it never were any balance of kingdoms, blues always were most populated. What ever GA tried were completely useless, means kingdoms as such thing in metin doesnt work. So need to make other system. Ppls will never move from blues, what for? Atm GA's dont give any rewards for NW/SW, i myself didnt go in NW cuz knew it will be waste of time. And i was right, no reward at all, and who went from my giuld regreted.

    Ofc there would be rewards for fractions who wins wars, maybe exp bonus, or extra hunter hour, extra 5-6 hours of moonlights event and so on, team can think what ever reward they want.

    In map1 can even be set mode "Fraction", so in map1 u could kill any other fraction player on sight ( there is a safe zone ppls u can hide if u dont want to die, and its for lv50 and up).

    And there is completely no sense in a system we got now, cuz no1 using it and ignoring for one or other reasons.

    And ofc u could swap fraction with some mall item, but just then some1 from other fraction would want to leave it to in ur level range. And it would be like , u buy swap, u pick fraction u want to swap into, if its full u get status of "pending" and u would had to wait till some1 leave or there gets a slot. And as i told slot would depend on active player count, not from total player, cuz there r tons not active accounts.

    And ofc u could be and without fraction maybe, so it would be 4 groups of ppls. But if u have fraction, u could get some bonus in ur stats, etc like +4 vs mob, +500 hp, + 5 avg res, + 3 skill res if u r in fraction. If u not, u dont get those stats, nor bonuses that gets fractions then win events.

    And this is just a sug, can be done and other way arround. But we need a change global pvp system we have now.


    We all see what game pvp is in really bad shape, it always were actually. Kingdoms there never banalnced . NW/SW is a joke atm so something need to be done.

    I saw one guy posting about Fraction wars, as sug.

    So i want to go in deps how fractions wars should be organized.

    1st. Removing all kingdoms, remaining kingdom will be just blue, for obious reasons. We will be one happy family.

    2nd. Lets break that happy family. Lets make 3 fractions or 2 what ever number u ppls like.

    3rd. How to pick ppls in fractions? After u hit lv50+, to pick fraction will be a must. But there will be some thing that would stop to get all to one. Just sug, etc. in a range of lv50-64 players there r like 300 active accounts ( active means that acc is logged one a month at least ). So 3 fraction would divide those lv50-64 player, for each 100 or 33% per fraction. That mean if one fraction get 100 ppls per lv cap, u cant join it anymore, you must pick other fraction. Same would go for other lv range players.

    Its just my 1st thoughts about this, if some like to add something, do gladly we can discus about.

    green dragon beans u can drop from lv95+ metins VERY rare drop. Blue dragon bean u can drop from ice dungeon boss, not worth doing it. Just browse shops time to time and u will buy green ones.


    was farming zins and remember how i was getting bored then playing W3, but it had nice feature, a card game called Gwent.

    So why not to add to metin2 some small card game? Maybe similar to gwent or some other card game or at all some other mini game that you could play then bored of farming.

    And how tec can make euros from that? Mini game would have limited time limit per day to play, etc 2 hours, and ofc card would be binded to char and to unbind them u had to buy unbind scroll from mall and so.

    Could even feature some game tournament or event, could have ranks or something. Ofc i bet it hardly possible in metin, but still worth to think about :gamer:

    kinda mehh update, but still update, maybe some1 will use it, and ofc tec support will get rid of some cases, cuz now they can use this as reason to dont help ya. Well but nvm in 1st place its ur problem that u sold item or rolled by acident not looking at it.

    Other thing is, mostly all share accounts in metin2, so this can help a lot, but ehh there is mall unbinder who unbinds without CD, so if u got tec pts u still can steal other ppls item even they are binded.

    As for me this update is useless, cuz i got 3-4 accounts that i move my items arround, so to keep them binded is kinda useless thing.

    Team should focus on game play updates more, balancing maps and re-looking some dungeons ( ice dungeon etc. ) that is barely used and abandoned. Just my oppinion about this, but as i see team has other view.