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    are you even a warrior? because it doesn't seem you know that well how playing with one goes.
    i just showed before you don't cap attack speed until you change from lvl 30 wep to lvl 75, easy math to do, but you still keep saying same even with proof. you skip mentioning skill duration and move speed because those 2 are a bit harder to refute so "lets just forget those ones" ay?

    just pointless. play with a warrior on all levels from 1 to 105, farm all maps with one, test all mobs and then your input will be valid. and a little sniff on it, a level 35 warrior with good, not godly, gear can kill metins until level 85, buffed, with P berserk, on a much harder server than this. but ye, you are 100% correct in leaving skills on G1, that's why they were made for.

    you do need those 21% because of poly, you do have other runs before 105 where you need poly and better berserk helps, you do have bosses that if your berserk goes down you might not be able to pass the last 5-10% of boss's hp while in poly unless you have good enough damage (i think it was perfectly clear i was talking about being in poly by writing "being the most important while in poly").

    Also, unless he prefers to drag his ass around on low move speed, or spend gold on purple L pots (less than that is almost useless) or needlessly waste one item stat to get 20% move speed, he will also need the 9% more move speed from P berserk.

    For me he can even leave it at M1, every player plays how he/she wants but saying that G skill is better to have than P skill is just ridiculous.
    Not even going for the stats here because this server is pretty easy, but on another official server, i already had P berserk on a level 35, no special gear since no trade mall items/points and i could farm everything for that level range.
    And if, like you mention, he is "not a level 105" why would he be worried about taking little damage more from mobs but being able to kill faster and find mobs/metins faster? your statement is a contradiction

    Like i said before, any P skill is better than G skill. Berserk has the counter part of taking a bit more damage which even isn't that much. it's not like he takes 500 dmg more per hit per mob from having P instead of G. This is official server, doesn't pay up to compensate low move speed + low attack speed to get a little less damage by wasting gold on endless pots to get that move speed and attack speed, specially if it's a somewhat new player that isn't swimming in gold. that gold should be used for gear/stats not for pots

    anyway try on a level 40/50 to see if you get 200 attack speed even with berserk P.
    on my level 40 i have P berserk 62% + silver bracelet 5% + RIB 15% + 40 bio 5% and my attack speed is 187. if i want to reach maximum attack speed i still need to use attack pot M because with S i will get 197.

    so again doesn't make sense to me what level you think he is to use a poison +9 (at least 75) and why would someone that already equips a poison +9 has any problem with having P berserk. maybe he bought only the poison +9 and farms naked? :D
    And no you don't need to "make sure to do a super eq" to have berserk P.


    Then make IP block for all, also for that people who have 2+computers, i know about some people who said: -' im making run with my girlfriend/sister/mom/whatever ' when in fking life their parents touch metin.
    Im agree with this system but some player are still exploting dungeons.

    Whaaat? you can not earn your own money, that you depend on giving buff to others to win it?

    so in your opinion i couldn't play with my real life wife just because we live together? yups, that makes perfect sense. sorry dear we can share our life but we can't share a run in an online game. lols

    there are many reasons to make it P, being the most important while in poly, that it gives you move speed and you don't need to waste purple L pots or green pots.

    That idea that G1 is better comes from P servers where you have AS speed pots that give you high AS and are free, where sometimes you have AS stones/rolled stats and where the equipment and stats are so ridiculously high that you don't even need berserk.

    The difference of damage you take from G to P is not that big that is better to leave it at G.
    Also don't know where people got the numbers to say that you need super equipment to make berserk P and tank when many people have it even on lvl 30s, 40s and 50s and can farm no problem without super equipment. And don't forget that you can have P berserk at level 18 (whatever rocks your boat) but not a poison +9, or AS bio (lvl 40 bio gives 5% and lvl 80 gives 6 points).

    stats are like this:
    * The following values were recorded under these conditions:
    - Character Level 105.
    - No Biologist Quests done.
    - 4 CON, 3 INT, 6 STR and 3 DEX.
    - No equipments.


    Attack Speed: +41%

    Moving Speed: +16%

    Duration: 133s


    ttack Speed: +62%

    Moving Speed: +25%

    Duration: 172s

    These numbers come from SG wiki

    so how is less AS, less MS and less duration better?40 seconds duration more is for instance the difference between being able to kill or not a tougher boss according to your level, specially if you don't have poison pet/gear/fish

    P is better that G, all skills at P are better than G so just go for P

    2 numbers and 1 special number is 40kk and 3 numbers and 1 special number is 600 bravery capes. But 600 bravery capes are worth around 21-24kk (7-8kk each 200).
    thought you should know



    I have a doubt regarding the last quest in game, Servant of the Darkness.

    In wiki, this is the description:
    He will ask you to collect Blood of the Flame Lord and will give you a chest in which you can store this item for him;
    - Go to the Blazing Purgatory Dungeon and defeat the Flame Lord, Yamachon to retrive his blood;
    - Once you get it, return to Yon-I-Walker to deliver the blood and to receive your rewards.

    The chest it says on description is an actual item i need to have on inventory, given by the NPC? because when i started the quest i didn't get any chest.
    second question is, is the blood of flame king drop random, or should have dropped on first yamachon killed?

    I have no problem in killing a bunch of yamachons until i drop the item (were 30+ so far, but martyaxwar took me over 100) but i'm kind of confused regarding the chest item part, if i needed to have some item to finish quest, and NPC didn't give it to me.

    thanks for the help if someone can help me with this doubts


    before SG's close beta test, when the server was being negotiated and decided what would be implemented, there was the possibility of something close to that. i remember it was being considered the implementing of stones for demi, remove, faint, class resistance and some more. Also those stones were supposed to go to +9 and then Aqua stone (perfect mode).
    the option was dismissed, or so was said by the people that back then ran the server, because would unbalance the server, and pvp would be a matter of who hits first, because of remove and stun stone, and also that could happen no one making any damage due to the class resistance stones.

    As for the pvm stones you mention, the game is already so easy, why turn it into even easier game?
    like Kyov said, all mobs would have to get some HP, STR and DEF boost for new stones to be inserted in game.

    Its Easier to Kill bosses than a metin of gloom u say? Maybe Boss are easier to kill with the use of polymarph? i dont know :D.. But if Bosses are easiest to farm, so its mean that Players are OP in term of PVM? thats what ur trying to say?

    good luck trying to farm lvl 100 map bosses with poly. i would say you don't know metins and bosses on lvl 100 maps. bosses have less HP than metins and way less mob wave spawns but in case you don't know, a metin is a boss, just called metin instead. that's why the drops, if was like a normal mob would drop 1 or 2 items and few gold only.

    I know u Spent time for it.. Coz that is the situation. even i did that too.. Thats why i realize something that u didnt.

    realized what? that after 8 years of server, people should have their skills removed? that isn't even a new idea, like shadow said, just not doable now. you didn't find gunpowder. i remember on a thread asking Shadow his opinion regarding if should be possible to socket higher + SS on lower items and he's answer was something like yes, shouldn't be possible but to change it now would cause a shitstorm.

    real new players have the novice channel with higher exp, drops, better spawn rate. Other low level players that aren't new but decide to stay at low level who knows why, had already time to get strong enough to compete with everyone else. It's something that shouldn't be changed now, was made crooked from start and we have to play it like it is. And this server is actually way more balanced than any other metin server due to some changes that some agreed, some complained but almost all followed because it was to make the server more balanced between higher and lower level.

    i throw an idea around, instead of re-skill a bunch of people on server what about make the lower maps with insanely high exp, remove curse doll from mall, and force players to level up. like 1 metin lvl 35 would give enough exp to make a level 25, lvl 30. no more problem of lower level chars with P skills because before you could make them even G you would be level 60 :D

    Yeah Metins are easiest thing to farm. Is it not?? In term of Power?

    no they are not. dogs are easier than metins. less profitable though. even on higher lvl it's easier to kill most bosses than a metin of gloom. so no, metins isn't the easiest thing to kill at any level

    Thats the Problem.. Yeah u can farm whatever all u want, I'm not saying not to farm. But When i say that Low Level Char are OP that mean OP that 41 Char killing 90 Metins..

    and you know how much time and patience i had to put on my game play for that? same as other players? you can do same.

    Every Level Should have its own farming Limit, In term of Time. Thats what i was saying.. Well i know that already happened in Event, but not with the Game Play. And im not Forbidding any Player, Every Player Can Play all they Want From any Accounts, thats what they spent their time, gold, and money on it..

    i get the impression you didn't think through on what you said. You say that a player shouldn't be able to farm outside his level bracket (farming limit as you put it). You have to be talking about higher level players using lower level chars on lower level maps. IF you want to forbid that in all farming, on all maps, on all metins, THEN it means a player could only play on their main char. there's no other reading of your idea. or you can use lower level chars or you can't. and you keep saying that people on higher level shoudln't play on lower level maps, but metin is almost unique because you can have multiple chars and use all game play not being locked out by level

    Well About me here :D. If ur talking about my skills, They are P

    still you keep complaining you can't farm due to the nasty OP lower level chars. go figure

    "Hahaha!! Really?? Low Level doesnt have More Advantage then higher Leveler ?? Are u sure mate? Think again.. "
    Almost any high level can make in 1 day what you farm on lower lvl in 1 month. Like Clarice said, some people still have fun farming on different maps instead of restricting their game play to runs or 1 map only. But for sure there is no way you can make the same amount of gold in lower level as you can on higher level. Just not possible unless you have a really weak high level char. hell run and dc run specially, you can make 2-3kkk in 1 day. Try to make that on lower level farming metins.
    With my lvl 41 char i can kill all metins from lvl 5 to lvl 90, there is a reason i don't do it as a way to make gold. Not enough profit. I use it to drop a specific item i need or just for fun because i like to farm all maps/mobs in game, but to make gold? no point when i'm lvl 105 that can do hell and dc without a problem and spending 30 minutes for 1 run.

    "This is easiest thing to farm" Farming wild dogs is easier. Being easier doesn't mean more profitable.

    "So my point here is Every Level should Have its own limit of Farming " Already happens on events. All events, except moonlight box, is for main only. Moonlight box isn't but the way the drop was re-set makes it more profitable for higher levels, i think to make people level up and because it makes sense that higher level make more gold than lower level. What you shouldn't do is forbid all players to use their chars on which they spent lots of time, gold, and real money, just because you can't compete with them. Maybe it's you that need to re-think if the way you are playing the game is the best way to evolve your char faster and stronger. Because this is exactly what you are asking. You already were told that re-skill all chars of lower/mid level wont happen because should have been done like that years ago. What you are saying now is that people should be allowed to play in 1 account only, their main account.

    I take from all your post that your skills aren't G/P yet, and you see yourself disadvantaged regarding farming, specially farming metins. You might want to try to do a really weird thing some people do in game, it's called upgrade your skills. Plenty of events, tradable mall, it's not that hard. Do moons, OX, forum events, tanaka, metin spawn and boss spawn, do mine event. Do all daily events and use those winnings to buy what you need to perfect your skills.
    instead of trying to bring other players down to where you are, why not try to lift yourself to where other players are?