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    Frist suggestion you just gave in this post, make individually rewards for those who join wars, and EXP bonus for rest of kingdoms, since I guess those who join wars don't level so much...

    I tried to motivate ppl to write more on forum, but I don't have so much impact. That's what GMs should do when they are in game, listening to people even if they don't talk directly to GMs, and try to improve server. I do it on my job in real life, so I guess GMs can do that too, as it's their job (guess they're getting paid for being GMs).

    In terms of suggestions for balancing kingdoms I will post in next few days some suggestions.


    Dude Please 4 weeks ago we had a big NW and both kingdoms got 50%exp yellows did not join third round of Nw and tary still gave u kids 50%exp why u even cry ?

    Can you read one more time what I wrote and respond like a grown up person.

    In game is one thing, I like when we trash talk, and it's ok since we are ,,enemy'' nations, but this one on forum I posted is so we can make server better, not to provoke someone.

    If you have something personally against me, write me in private massage, maybe we can work it out.

    So what was about this thread. Nothing changed, Kingdoms are still unbalanced, Elgoria getting bonuses, while Asmodia, doesn't, with that you are only motivate people to still move to blues. I don't truly care about those bonuses, cause i got good friends here, we will just be a little bit more on skype and in DT, but there are people who are getting demotivated. ( I wrote those cause first respond will be, you are lelevling now you want bonus. That's how ppl respond here.)

    In other games I saw various ways to motivate people to move in other fraction, or to make there new chars, you can google it, any apply here too.

    Pandemonia is dead for a long time, Asmodia is dying, and staff doesn't work anything to motivate people to move or stay in Asmodia.

    And than you expect people to go PvP, and even if they go, you don't give rewards which you wrote you will give after war, so you don't even respect your own rules.

    If Tary, does not like wars where Elgoria wins 300 - 50, than she should get work with rest of staff to fix that, that's what you get in serious companies if something doesn't go well.

    To be clear I don't have anything against anyone in this community.

    If you have no critics you will likely have no success. - Malcom X