Summer Event 2024

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  • Dear Metin2 SG Players,

    With the sun shining brightly and the warmth of summer in the air, we're excited to dive into the joys of the season. Summer is a time of vibrant energy and adventure, blending fun and camaraderie. Get ready for our Summer Event.

    Let's unite in creating unforgettable memories. As we embrace the summer's spirit, we're thrilled about many more festive celebrations alongside you!

    Event Details:

    Start: 05.07.2024 17:00 GMT

    End: 14.07.2024 17:00 GMT

    During this event, every normal Metin will drop Watermelon Slices and will have a Watermelon Metin beside it!

    You can use Watermelon Slices and give them to the Summer Koala to craft fancy rewards!

    Most Dungeon Bosses will drop a Summer Dungeon Chest, which has a chance to contain the Summer Wheel Ticket, used to spin the Wheel of Fortune on our Item Mall., which can grant you not only Summer cosmetics but also Football related cosmetics!

    Throughout the event, there will be a permanent 25% EXP-Bonus.

    During the summer event we will also be holding some of our normal events!

    Wishing you and your dear ones a summer overflowing with sunshine, laughter, and unforgettable moments. May the summer vibes fill your days with fun and happiness.

    The Metin2 SG Team :thumbsup: