Christmas Event 2023

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  • Dear Metin2 SG Players,

    As the winter nights deepen and the twinkle of festive lights fills the air, we immerse ourselves in the enchanting spirit of Christmas. It's a time when warmth and wonder blend, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness. Now, get ready to dive into the most magical season of all as we unveil our Christmas Event. Your unwavering support and dedication throughout the year have been the true magic behind our journey.

    Let's join forces in creating cherished moments throughout this event. As we embrace the magic of Christmas, we're genuinely excited about the prospect of countless more years filled with joyous festivities and celebrations alongside you!

    Event Details:

    Start: 23.12.2023 18:00 GMT

    End: 06.01.2024 18:00 GMT

    Throughout the event, there will be a permanent 25% EXP-Bonus. Also be on the lookout for those dazzling Christmas Stones. Grabbing these bad boys means dropping Candy Canes, the sweetest treat in town.

    Our bosses are feeling the holiday hype too! They're dropping Socks With Holes – festive goodies you won't want to miss. Swap these gems with the Snowman NPC to unlock special boxes loaded with mind-blowing prizes, including the highly sought-after Wheel of Fortune Tickets!

    Please be aware that during the Christmas Event, all previously scheduled events are canceled.

    Wishing you and your families a Christmas filled with warmth, laughter, and unforgettable moments. May the festive spirit bring joy to your homes,
    the Metin2 SG Team

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