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  • PaliPali

    If ya don't like smileys ya don't have to use them, let others have their fun :cookie:

  • EmyEmy

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  • EmyEmy

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  • Technologic

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  • Adamas

    EmyEmy In the end if u care about a topic u try to make pepole became benevolent toward that topic and, the opposit about what you are doing like start to insult guy here or there just because they are not in full agree with you. (sorry for my english).

  • Adamas

    EmyEmy : you are acting like a tiran: insulting and underestimating persons. Then you come out with this research: you have to provide your research with reliability (otherwise those are just usseless words).

  • EmyEmy

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  • L0lu

    Shadow When you click the "?" on the metin stone information near its HP to show the % of the drop for the items, there is a blank space when you want to check the SB % chance

  • L0lu

    Shaggyxd It is the percentage of the Tp points you have bought, 10% if I'm not mistaken

  • Shaggyxd

    How to get Mileage Points?

  • Technologic

    everythink need time and smileys are not usefull. better make projection or sash system

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This is a monthly Event very similar to PvM King Event.

The players must form group to undergo Dungeon Runs.

In each month one Dungeon is selected for the players to make, and that same Dungeon can be chosen by the players in this Poll: Dungeon Masters - Dungeon Choice


- Find a group and register the group on the forum thread, following this mod:


Name of the Group

List of group members

Hour of participation

- Each player can only participate once in the event.

- If a said group is not present at the time of its participation, it will be disqualified.

- A group has only 1 try to complete a Dungeon. If the Dungeon cannot be completed in the first time, it will be disqualified.

- The total amount of time, a group takes to complete the Dungeon cannot exceed 60 minutes.

- The winner is the group(s) that take(s) the smallest amount of time to complete the Dungeon.

In a said month, if there isn't a minimum of 4 groups registered, the event will not be held.


1st Place: 400.000 Tec Points + (X) Hero Certificate

2nd Place: 320.000 Tec Points + (X) Gold Certificate

3rd Place: 240.000 Tec Points + (X) Silver Certificate

4th Place: 160.000 Tec Points + (X) Bronze Certificate

Note: The amount of Tec Points awarded are given per group and not individully. The (X) refers to the numbers of members of the group.