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    Oh I forgot that the new update also affects the shop. As for the event, well I understand I hope that at least there is a rejuvenation of the events calendar, something different must be invented and implemented, at least the events .... I proposed vs metin, because in many servers I know that both exist and here I saw that it was missing but in any case if you don't want to add this either, that's fine..
    For the pet, it seems strange that 50% disagree, in the end it can only give advantages but that's okay ..

    I specify one thing, these are suggestions that can be approached and kept in mind for the future.

    - Add filters or more filters for the shop in order to make the search more convenient for the object that you want to search in all the shops and buy.
    - Give the possibility to be able to do a search of all the shops on the server without necessarily going to the village. As for the purchase, I would manage it in this way: If you don't have the premium, it teleports you to the shop to allow you to buy the item, while if you have the premium taken from the itemshop, you can also buy items while staying away from the shop.
    -Add a visible notification when they purchase a product from your store.
    - I would add a notification even when the biologist's time runs out, many times I completely forget and unnecessarily prolong a mission that I could finish in a shorter time.
    - Enlarge the shop, 40 slots for me are very few, maybe enlarge the shop and insert slots that must be unlocked as it already works with the inventory
    -Add some new content in the itemshop, maybe costumes or other skins so that people can keep the stability of the server even more!
    - The warehouse that we open with the U key and includes books, stones and various stuff, let's make it visible perhaps by putting a warehouse icon next to the inventory window so as to notice it.

    Among other things, some new users did not know that with F5 you could teleport quickly or that with F6 you could look at all the shops, try to make these very useful functions that the server has more useless, it costs nothing :)
    -Get ready in the future and create an event: Double metin collection, i.e. we collect twice as many objects from metin by destroying them. I always try to recommend some event in my suggestions, because the event calendar that exists is 10 years old or so they told me.
    -There are no pets or strong vs metinstone mounts? Maybe they can be bought only from the itemshop, at the moment if I have not seen wrong there is only strong vs monsters
    - One thing that I love and that I haven't seen on the server at the moment, but the pet to grow? No guys, we are in 2021, I understand that you do not want to add new content yet to be able to fix the base, but at least the pet to be able to grow and increase its skills, drinking potions? It is very important to develop for the development of the farm....
    -The update, please let it out after the summer maybe close to Christmas so add a nice event too and we are all happy!

    Non hai letto bene perché ciò che descrivi è letteralmente l'opposto di ciò che ha appena detto Shadow.

    Quello che ha detto è che PRIMA di poter portare nuovi contenuti, dobbiamo correggere i difetti di base che sono venuti con gli anni. Ci stiamo lavorando al momento con una patch gigantesca, se funziona come pianificato allora e solo allora possiamo considerare l'aggiunta di nuovi contenuti, perché cosa ci aiuta il nuovo contenuto se il contenuto di base è difettoso.

    I got it wrong then, I apologize for the misunderstanding. If so then I fully agree, hoping that I as a user can make a contribution to help.

    Yes, however, I would like to understand one thing, so you are making me understand to me as a new user, that I have practically arrived on an old server that has nothing more to offer than some bug-fixes and that there will never be new content since the server base collapsing and risking closure? And above all, are you making me understand that to see new content I have to wait for a new server because it's not worth it here?

    Now I ask you a question: As a new user, who spent more than a week playing farm and making money, did I just waste my time? I am honest I do not care if there are 500 users or 50 to me it is enough that the server remains open. If I came here it is because this server has been alive for 12 years and therefore is stable, what you do you do not lose as happens with many new servers that close only after a few years. Does it seem fair to you that I new user should suffer such a response in a server that I am dedicating all my free time to have fun? I await an answer from you Shadow with great curiosity.

    Improve the search for the shopbox in F6, creating filters, weapons, armor and various stuff

    If there is no time to organize and view an event, you could create an events team with volunteer users who can help manage everything that does not deal with the administrative part of the event.

    Crazy fighting:

    The fight concerns an all vs all, obviously it will be necessary to divide the low levels from the high ones and create two events of the same type. The round will last 20 minutes and during the fight the participants will receive random bonuses or penalties to create a fair disruption and discomfort during the war, if you are higher level you are more likely to receive a penalty than a low level. The goal in the end will be to make as many points as possible that are given by the damage done, both magical and physical and kills done. You will not be able to use any type of fish or any object that can give advantages but the only thing will be the bonuses or malus that the event will randomly deliver to the participants. During the event it will not be possible to be in a group, trade and block private chats, to avoid any type of organization and make everyone play on their own.
    Create continuous events and therefore new content based on the season in which we live, even just a new graphic content and therefore not very significant in terms of rewards, to make the work less heavy. Is it summer today? Well, let's turn all the metinstone into ice cream or the possibility of dropping ice cream that every amount of ice cream can be turned into a reward by an NPC.
    Why not create a battle pass system? Receive rewards, simply by playing and also add premium battlepasses that can be purchased through itemshop coins to receive further rewards that are much more important.
    It's a question I ask all of you on the staff, is it possible to create an alternative method of playing other than smashing and breaking methstone? Because if we combine this with a lack of meaningful new content for years, some people may get tired of playing the game because it gets monotonous. Why don't we make sense of all the mini bosses, starting with the level 1 map below? For the low levels besides destroying methinstone there is only one daungeon which is the orc maze, consequently I am forced to level up to try or venture into new things. I guess the higher levels are tired of doing the same daungeons 500 times that they have learned by heart by now ...

    Why not make it useful, all that is possible to do from the monsters already present on metin?

    Will there be a big update soon? Well, create a trailer that will be your advertisement, attract people with a trailer to advertise on youtube or the twich itself. Doesn't Metin 2 Singapore have its own channel?

    On the web there is only a trailer of Metin 2 singapore which dates back to about 9 years ago, a new user who sees it thinks he is dead.

    Several users who have been playing for many years, have informed me that they have been trying for a very long time and suggesting to implement the zodiac daungeon, but they have always had a negative answer, why not ever satisfy them? Maybe it takes a big investment to implement something like this, but if you don't risk creating new things, how do you want to attract new users? The alternative is not a new server I can assure you. Any game, regardless of metin if it has no new content that game is abandoned.

    We should create seasons and every season a new big update.

    Create alternative earning methods to make the server more and more solid and stable. The question is which method? Well, create a twich account and start hype through live twich, you will buy a minimum of viewers that can slowly grow and above all can support you even more on the economic side even if at a minimum level. How cool is it to show hype through twich live? A lot of curiosity from people and therefore more attraction for the game!

    Why not improve the game graphically? Maybe just the main maps like map 1 jinno and map 1 yellow kingdom. Even a modicum of visible but new content draws people in.

    You have to get out of your head that it is an old game or one that has existed for many years, this is not the case, it is a wrong idea. It is thanks to the seniority of this server that today you are the best server in circulation, the most stable one and if this were combined with continuous new content you would make a user boom!
    When a player reaches level 120, what should they do? The end of the game here only allows you to opt out of the game and go to another one, because you have nothing more to do. If Pvp were alive, maybe he comes in and concentrates and enjoys playing Pvp but he lacks that point of view too. We invent new things for those who have come to the end of the game and allow them to keep playing and not to stand still in front of the storekeeper without doing anything.
    Giving characters a utility like mental war

    Cambiare semplicemente un elemento di aggiornamento in un altro non è una soluzione, quindi personalmente non sono un fan di quell'idea.

    Well it's not the best idea but it's still something to make items useful that their current usefulness is to throw them on the ground, maybe they could be used to create something useful in the game. A question: I have other ideas and suggestions about the game in general can I write them below or is it better that I create a new topic?

    If you have suggestions how to use all the lower level Items, feel free to suggest them here. Simply saying that we should make dozens and dozens of items useful isn't really going to help us. We've given a purpose to a lot of things, theres just not enough space to give a purpose to all of these.

    Item 1: Unknown medicine, give the possibility to turn them into unknown medicine +.

    For example 20 unknown medicines and 5 vitality hours, you can make an unknown medicine +


    Item 2: Ice Balls +, give the ability to transform into Ice Ball.

    For example 20 + ice balls and 10 vitality hours, you can make an ice ball


    Item 3: Book of Curse +, give a chance to transform into Book of Curse.

    For example 20+ curse books and 10 vitality hours, you can make a curse book


    Item 4: Shiriken, give a chance to transform into Shiriken +.

    For example 20 Shiriken and 10 vitality hours, you can make a shiriken +


    Item 5: Orc Tooth, give the ability to transform into Orc Tooth +.

    For example 20 Orc Tooth and 10 vitality hours, you can make an Orc Tooth +


    Item 6: Scorpion Tail, give a chance to transform into Scorpion Tail +.

    For example 20 Scorpion Tail and 10 vitality hours, you can get a Scorpion Tail +


    Item 7: Precious stone, give the possibility to transform it into precious stone +.

    For example 20 Gemstone and 10 hours of vitality, you can get a Gemstone +


    Hay, Carrot, Ginseng give the possibility to transform it into a riding medal or into an object that can increase the mount by a week


    Give the option of 15 green dragon beans for one blue dragon bean. Or 20 blue dragon beans for a pink dragon bean


    Make the electromagnetic blade useful and therefore give the possibility to transform it into a solar blade


    Red dragon's blessing (s) give the possibility to transform them into mediums and mediums into Large. For example 20 Red dragon's (s) in exchange for one Red dragon's (m) and the same for the large


    Add new skins for the summer only to be taken from the itemshop


    Create an item in the itemshop similar to the power snack, that is, that has the possibility to extend your costume for longer without having to lose it after a month and having spent a lot of money on it to turn the bonuses. Obviously, this item from the itemshop must cost more than the costume itself, so if the costume costs 8.000 Tec Points, this item must cost 9-10.000 Tec Points. This item can be added to the costume and gives you an extension of one month, so that the user has the possibility to keep it indefinitely, taking this tool month by month from the itemshop. So maybe instead of spending money in game to turn around a new costume month by month, they could take advantage of itemshop which is more important to give new economic resources to the server itself.


    Add a convenience function for the shopbox. When we click SHIFT + left click, a window appears that gives us the possibility to choose the divisible quantity of that object. Here, in this case, give the possibility of being able to directly put the objects that we divide in the shopbox, without having to divide it in the inventory and then drag them one by one into the shopbox.


    Give the possibility to extend the duration of the shopbox by another 24 hours, if you connect before the end of the closing of the shopbox of the previous 24 hours. This is to give the user more convenience of not having to rewrite the password and put the store back. The possibility of being able to add the stuff in the shop even if we are far from it and even if the shopbox is already open


    Red pigtail ribbon + and without +, white pigtail + and without +, toy: Give way to craft these items with useless villus 1 item ups that you drop either from metin or mobs.


    Increasing the drop of Hermit and exorcism papyrus at low levels, many new characters have had difficulty in raising their skills, at least to allow him to get to G1 with not too much difficulty.


    Eliminating dews that last only 1 minute or those with minimal value, people usually throw them on the ground. Eliminating them gives more possibilities to receive dews that are not useless.


    Simplify the mission for the average horse. Eliminate each level from 0 to 10 and wait directly for the level 35 of the character, who will have to carry 11 medals, deliver them to the stable boy and start the mission, in this case the horse from level 0 will pass you to level 11, as soon as the mission will be over.


    With the new update, I would implement for all new users who come into the game the ability to receive items for a month, which gives them an advantage in terms of PVM. Such as, for example, a mount, a strong pet vs monsters 15%. Or that from the moment you release the update, for those who enter that particular week you will give new users an object that is always timed that they can use to grow faster as soon as they start playing, just to give them a little help in the game. Start. Maybe they see that they receive special help, they see that this help ends after a certain amount of time and in this way it pushes users to try it at that time to receive the benefits.


    Make the metins in the 90's maps more useful than those in the red forest or ghost forest map. The more you level up the game, the more it has to give you a way to earn compared to previous maps and levels.

    You are absolutely right, in fact there is already a great job with many item ups inside the server. Now I am going to prepare some suggestions and I will write them in a little while below in order to give you ideas on how to use those items as well.

    There are many objects, such as an unknown talisman, or an ogre's amulet, bear bile or other objects that are almost worthless and hardly sell, why not find a purpose for this item in such a way as to truly make everything does it drop on the server useful for something? It would be an effective choice so that people can also focus on dropping multiple items to earn some money, especially for the early levels. In the menu I have a lot of stuff that I do not need at all, such as broken porcelain or the purple precious stone that is dropped in villo 2, if we found a purpose or something useful to be used through these items it could prove useful, in the end I ask something that has already been done with many other item ups and it was excellent

    On wom I agree. As for the new users in 2021 it is true, many are simply passing through, that is, they change servers every few months but there are also many people who like a stable server to play and be sure that everything is not lost after a few months. and it is necessary to focus on that part of the user, whether small or large is not essentially important, the necessary thing is to attract them. I'm fine with the current users too, I have to be honest, but what worries me most is that suddenly you don't have the funds to keep the server alive but I know this will never happen because you are all competent people who know that. what are they doing. I can only congratulate you because this server has all the conditions to be the best. Please don't give up because you think it is old but take advantage of it because you are the best around and I am sure you will prove to be the best in the future as well.

    1) There is currently no need for new dungeons. When we see the need for it, we will add Zodiac content.

    2) Will be adressed in the next patch, in fact, that part of the patch is already in testing since a few days

    3) Same as 2
    4)Be More specific
    5) We already advertise everywhere possible, the issue isnt advertisement, the issue is that most people do not want to play a 12 year old server.

    6) There is a sort button which does exactly that and sorts your inventory.

    7) PvP in metin2 is a weird topic. Most players say they want it but if you check, 90% of the servers have basically near to none PvP. We will try to make it more accessible with the next patch in order to give people more of a way into it, but in my personal opinion, unless you gift people full PvP Equip or hand them a switch bot, they will likely not do PvP anw.

    I totally disagree, I am a new user and I came even though it has been open for 12 years and you know what brought me here beyond the beauty of this server? It brought me here precisely because it has existed for 12 years and therefore gives me security, stability, solidity, I know that if I play here I am sure not to lose everything after a while. Furthermore, for example, Wom2 had existed for the same time: about 10-11 years and had a high number of users, this is because it derived from the constant updates and continuous advertising on the most important national and international platforms. A server does not mean that if it exceeds 10 years it becomes old and therefore no longer attracts people, it doesn't work like that ...

    The product must be updated, it must be modernized a minimum. I return to point 4 that you asked me to specify, well then I mean:

    Add new content, Weapons or armor, new maps to go into, new daungeons need to be created to allow users to try more things, have more alternatives to make money and not have to climb the same daungeon for 5-6 times but have the ability to change and earn in the same way. For the low levels there is only orc maze and it is little, very little ...

    Also you have to give the users a way to make sense if they level up, because I see a lot of high level users creating level 35 characters to go farm in the valley and this is not good ...

    I want to clarify one thing: do not think that since Singapore has existed for 12 years it cannot attract new users, I believe that the 12 years of life are a virtue and a privilege and something to boast about.

    Why do I say we need to advertise more? Because there are some platforms whose publication of this server dates back to years and years ago and therefore those who see it may believe that it is no longer cured ...

    We must show that you are always close to the users and that you are constantly working for us.

    We must have the courage to take risks and put new content, it does not mean that everything must remain like this because 4 player players since 2010 complain. The majority is for having new content as well while always remaining a server with an old school style.

    It takes advertising on social media, instagram, facebook, twitter, reddit (I met some new people who came through reddit), if necessary create a team that deals only with this.

    You have a fantastic product in your hand, an exceptional server and I hope you will never lose awareness of this.
    I conclude tournaments by saying that with pvp, I intend to create more than guilds with prizes, more singles tournaments and so on ... give life to that side too.

    1) Add new dungeons

    2) Make the daungeons important, the ones that already exist, because right now it's not worth doing the daungeons.

    3) Make sense of a character who wants to level up and not force him to stay low to farm.

    4) Add something new

    5) Do more server advertising

    6) Add a button in the inventory that if you click it automatically joins all the duplicates on a single object
    /) Creating something or stimulating the PVP part of the server more, it takes more competitiveness between people, more wars.

    It is 12 almost 13 years that this server is alive and it is perhaps the only one left that has a minimum of Old School, completely different from all the other servers of metin 2 that suck, that even sell the fms or rib +9 in the merchants, better to leave it alone ....

    I am wondering, why do you have to create a new server, when you get a chance to improve this ??

    The first thing that needs to be done is advertise, take the best platforms from each nation and advertise this amazing server, I would like a response from a staff member or the developer himself. Why not invest in this server that has so much potential? You have to do a lot of advertising but create a totally new non-server one, why don't they understand it?