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    i really enjoy the game actually and i personally have no issues with it i just farm and farm and enjoy farming to try to be able to pvp and i dont mind working hard to try catch up even if i never catch up but what im saying is the harsh mechanics and the way the dss is, is the reason there is little pvp on the server right now because they simply cant fight >.< no i wasnt one of the ones who complained infact i very rarely complain (only this and once other time) my first encounter with meley was very good i enjoyed it with my guild which is why i said i enjoy the new contents but know the reasons why there is little pvp and only the 3-4 guilds that pvp, that is facts and it is what it is. so the thread has been answerd.

    rarity may have come in 2013 yes but that doesnt mean everybody from then had 0 gold they had other equipment and valuable things accumalted over time over the years gold always exsisted from the server from the start. do i believe its fair to make a newcomer as strong as somebody who played for years OFC NO but i disagree with the 2nd mythic dss "fact" also the mechanics as i said was brutal somebody can do 200 runs meley and gain 10 mythic dss and make 1 superclass from that another can get 150+ mythical and still not obtain it its luck that is the other deciding factor not teamwork, and this discussion is off topic the whole idea was to create more pvpers so people are happy im adressing the reasons why, and the reasons is quite simply the mechanics on the DSS combined with the hardship of making skills items sash's is hard so there isnt many people in that catagory who can compete also i dont understand the people work as a team part since they only do the same runs as we do and most runs are solo, maybe you are talking about ochao but thats offlimit to anybody who is not of the 3-4 guilds like you said but thats how it is. which is why there isnt lots of high level pvpers but instead people like me who are just trying there best thats all happy to continue the server as it is but we all must think of the real reasons behind why there is little pvp in the server and these reasons are above ^.^

    i said boosters are not easily obtainable (requires level 18 pole) and very costly i didnt say its the main reason just offputting, people dont join because there is a massive gap from new players to the old players who have everything me myself have played for years for 6 hours a day at least with donations to aid my progression, and still dont stand a chance against those who played 15 years so how can any new player catch that? items themselfs are obtainable but pvp now consists of more then just items, dss,S skills,sashs,collecting boosters, i wouldnt say years work and completing nearly all pvp items +9 with good raritys just 10kk gold but ok, but like i said somebody like me with only 4-5 years gameplay cant go against the main pvpers so why would anybody else who has less then me try? the topic is getting pvpers to start pvping, but they cant because they will get crushed because of the gameplay gap between them its impossible to catch somebody who has mythic wheel when it takes 600w+ for each superclass yes im willing to lose any dss as many of those who ever spent so much to make mythic probly are also what is the need of mythic dss if nobody to fight with it because they get instantly crushed..if any major changes was to be made i would think putting a poll for those changes and go with the majority that way you are atleast pleasing most people :p

    i agree with shadow but i think in the current market items themselfs are easily obtainable but what is not obtainable is dss especially new mythic dss wheel is so crazy to try and make especially if you are not generally lucky ive played this server for a few years now and my only goal is to not suck at pvp and have fun in pvp which i enjoy but as i get closer to being able to pvp new updates set me back i quit once because of it (s skills) now finally the prices of soul stones is somewhat affordable ive managed my first s skill but now i see mythic dss now also needs a few thosuand wons enjoy the new content and dss but the mechanics are so brutal ( i play alot also more then 6 hours a day+ donations) but i dont see it ever happening

    and i know many people who tried 200+ meley runs and not even gotten one superclass and 6 are needed for the bonus another issue is boosters like the fish already so many elements in the game to start fishing and needing a +18 pole to get certain fish is offputting especially when they are so overpowerd just thought id share my opinion ^.^