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    Because then you will get a server that is broken from X level to Y and fixed from Y and above. Thats not the proper way to do things. You don't clean your house by putting all the dust and shit in one room.

    If there is too much skill resistance in game, you remove some bonus from some items and who rolled their items must accept it and move on otherwise things stays as they are.

    So will there be a big shake up patch(or series of patches rather) on this server or did you give up on that idea and you're just working on the new server?

    You said you won't stop updating this server but at the same time you also say it's pointless to add new content either.

    You also stated that you might leave at the end of the year again.

    What is a very rough plan for the next, lets say, 6 months?

    If there is anything you can think of to simply rearrange what the server needs atm, either to be updated or fixed for future updates to come, such as the so said zodiac run we been waiting for so long, please feel free to do so. Shadow

    I believe it's anybody's most desire to see the server kept alive and not just depend on the new updates based on what you will be doing for the new one as you mentioned on the other thread, like a new offline shopbox...

    It is true we miss seeing your posts on the Dev's Diary, it would always give us some kind of contentment to know what was coming next and speculate around that.

    I applauded you myself, personally. Many as well were happy about it, they saw legendary getting raised again, such as onyx and jade.

    However I then spent over 300w to make a single DSS and I failed, after update, so I can only wonder how the disaster was before I tried it.

    These are my thoughts, like I said you seem to know how to manage a server, so in the end you will do what's right after trying anything else, you already mentioned that for now we are at these terms, so that's what we have.


    I also stated that "not only", meaning that most of the people just seem not to want to spend much time anymore. How come these things are the only end game content when there are much more people are waiting for?

    Do you think people will stay in this old school server and not just join the new one which is being worked atm, when they realize is a non winning battle? After some point they won't even bother. I don't see much people struggling to reach lv 100 anymore either, if much 120.

    DSS and PVP gears are the things that is holding people back atm, what does skills have to do with it? When in fact, they were brought by the team not only because of their new look but mainly to fix the broken damage, such as the followed nerfs?

    Now what do we have in here? People who reached said skills and complaining again they rather do hits cuz skills are simply unhandy to use and are again stuck at not making any damage at all? How discouraging is that? What do new players will think of when they spend a month+ to do a single skill? Do you think they will keep selling SS forever and not want that to themselves as well? What about anything else? Why are these skills so hard to obtain?

    I'm just saying that is simply brainless to think skills should be something so hard, when in fact everything else already is, so then we have complains over and over that pvp is inexistent and people rather keep farming the same old things over and over, well guess why, because whatever is being brought is damn hard to achieve.

    Yes, you can say it takes team work to help build new people to join said so PVP, but do you realize what it takes to make even a single gear? That's what is holding people back. They see skills so hard to achieve, so let's not even speak of the gears needed to join pvp.

    As for the market being flooded with SS, well is simply cuz one isn't farming and buy the SS right away, you know as it happened couple months ago when there was a stable amount of people playing, however right now I can bet with you if we just clean the market off SS they won't be back next morning at few 250 stacks anymore, as it was happening before.

    As shadow already said, the new server is not like SG so they arent in competition to each other. That fact shouldn't influence your choice here atall but eitherway, reducing the amount of soulstones is a completely contraproducitve thing to do as it will just hurt all the beginners.

    Realising that the vote is literally 50-50, that means its not only bad for beginners but also not as liked by the existing playerbase to justify such a change.

    Shadow said that the new server will be under a different spectrum of what people in here are into, so how come is what you claim can be viable, when in fact people are leaving and leaving over the last couple of weeks, not only because of the new server announcement but also of how things are being presented lately in terms of what they were used to and what they dealt when they got in here. I mean it was pretty much said every time everywhere when a new player from whatever server came in here that things weren't as appealing.

    The beginners didn't last at all, if much a handful of them.

    People do not have the time anymore, the economic crisis won't send anybody locked back home once again. And the fact that it was said that things were being made to keep us entertained meanwhile further stuff was being worked at and now being told that there is no point to add any runs or content because the previous are flawed.

    As for the poll, is not 50/50, it has just been raising brainless competitive feedback as it was already said by the team that most of these votes do not count and can't be viable. But facts and what others are saying should, and not be covered up.

    Hey there,

    I decided to post on this thread for the sake of things that were misunderstood along the posts I’ve read recently, not only on this thread, but also on the last ones that were opened regarding some changes.

    So there is a stigma right now that whatever comes updated will make people cry over the fact that they had it done before and now will be made easier. This has always happened. No, I don’t agree with the fact of getting rid of the legendary dss players already have made, that enables them to farm properly and would simple undress them, to be reworked it’s % of upgrading, as mythic was already made easier and I didn’t see anybody crying over it, instead shadow got applauded.

    If you can’t understand that SS were exploited before and it was made harder because it was giving it’s supposed time for further updates to come and you could be entertained doing that, I don’t really know how you can claim it doesn’t need a change now and there is lack of players, when probably this new players you mention that depend on this said farming will probably go to the new server that is being created right now.

    As you can see, a server was closed recently and we’ve got a wave of new players, needless to say that most of them quit and that will happen in future with who recently started in here or have not invested so much time playing as old players. How can you even claim that it will only benefit high level people and they will keep logging only once a week for said NW when in fact there is not enough people to fight anymore for like weeks and weeks?

    Was it ever considered that the new players wanted that easier? Probably they would want to have a chance to own skills they never seen before, instead mythic was made easier, nobody cried about that. Needless to say that not even them thought this through, only they cared about was the gold they could be making farming, but do you really think that in their mind they didn’t want to achieve said goal? Did they last? I don't see many around.

    Now answer me this, who will you make skills when the new server opens, with the brutal amount of tickets it takes you to make a single skill? Or do you think the people that have nothing to lose will remain in here? I believe shadow knows how to manage a server and that the new server will be as appealing, so who has nothing to lose will probably move there.

    With the amount of SS decreased it gives you a chance to farm for your own tickets without losing way too much time daily, I’m speaking of several hours to farm for 2 tickets only at the moment. Nobody can do that, and if you only knew how many tickets it takes you’d think twice.

    I expect constructive feedback and an open perspective over the matter,

    ty for reading.

    Hey there,

    I read your full post and I totally understand your frustration, as I been there myself. Personally, I do not like the new "mini game" gameforge implemented, as it is more a mini game than actually fishing.

    I'm not sure if you read the New Fishing System on official guides, but I also struggled a bit in the beginning to make points on the pole, I guess that explains by the fact that with lower level poles most of the fishes are preferably catch with the cheapest bait, worms shouldn't be the way to actually grind points and minnows for later use, when you reach an higher level pole that allows you to fish a diversity of fishes, which in fact, the old system would be too nerve racking to catch said fishes.

    I agree that people like to do more than 1 task at a time and fishing can be boring yeah, but look at it this way, fishing is just a matter of focus, I could never fish with more than 1 char at a time like many players are capable of doing so or even farm while fishing, however if you dedicate enough concentration on it, you'll start raising points in the blink of an eye, the more you train your pole, the more it will be easier for you to get the hand on it.

    Best of luck

    We’re all the same, flesh and blood. We’re humans.

    Every single one of us have been gifted with the gift of life, and all of us have a path to follow, a path to run towards their wildest dreams and ambitions. After all, aren’t we all the same?

    What is the difference between racism, xenophobia and homophobia? There’s simply none, are all acts of discrimination.

    Myself, being an openly gay man, as I’m proud to say so, can only find joy in such word. Why is that word used most of the time as a degrading meaning?

    As the slogan goes by, “Black Lives Matter” a black person isn’t a person with color either, because we are all gifted with the power of sight, aren’t we?

    Why should we then call a black person an african person or a person with color? You have color, I have color and this chinese schoolmate that I’ve been friends forever also have color.

    Of course there are exceptions, because each one of us have gone through their own unique experiences in life, but the more we speak about such sensitive subject, the more it can bring awareness to it.

    How do we stop hate? It starts within you, you can not expect you’ll get a treat if you are not willing to give it in the first place, or simply keep on doing whatever you find wrong in the other, isn’t that the principles of life? Whatever you do comes back at you, in multiple forms.

    As for religion, I’m not so much of a religious person, well all my family is catholic, I’m baptized and so is my partner and most of the people that I am friends with, however my religion is simply based on being grateful everyday for whatever crosses my path.

    What is it that pops up in your mind when you hear the word religion? As for me religion is a synonymous to happiness, bound, hope, faith and love. It teaches you kindness, acceptance and comprehension.

    I don’t really wanna get into the politics as this post is simply to bring awareness to the fact we’re all humans, and when you point a finger at someone you’ve got 3 pointing right back at you. You’re not in their shoes, you can only fit yours.

    I hope my words can bring comfort to anyone and a step on the right direction.


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