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    Care to show the evidences of this false claim? Your only report was that a boss, which you stuck inside the wall didn't drop you anything, and we told you to not stuck boss inside walls because most of the times they don't drop.

    "We do not punish you for doing it, but we are also not responsable if

    the game doesn't behave as it should when you are inside walls."

    False claim? How is it a false claim when I literally said it in the mail to the support, that the boss himself pushed me into the wall and I had no choice but to finish him off there. I couldn't get out. The game sucks and is full of bugs which we suffer from, and the one time I tried to use support I was told that you guys are "not responsible". Is it my fault that the game is broken now?

    No wonder people are leaving.

    Honestly, this update was a huge fail. Lots of people were farming polys and lots of people were buying them for dungeons. And it was good that way. I understand that they tried to make all mats useful for something, but 90% of the polys are still useless because of their animation. This just ruined it for people whose income came from hell, for example. And also for those who were farming the polys. For the past 4 days I've seen only a few black orc polys (25kk each or so) and no baby spider polys at all.

    And as xWarn said - this will make a lot of lower level players quit. And actually, this has made me stop for now, too. I don't have all day to farm.

    P.S Just a friendly advice - If something works don't change it.

    Hello everyone,

    I've been playing here for a couple of months now. From day one I started noticing how unstable the market is. The prices vary from day to day. That is mainly due to the impatience of some players, who put their stuff cheaper so they appear first in shop search. That doesn't only reduce the price, but also makes everything sell even slower.

    So my suggestion is - rework the shop search system.

    A common shop search system (which works fine) in other servers works like this : You type in an item. ex. : clam.

    You click search and it shows you which shops contain the item that you are looking for. This works very well, since if you look for something, and there are many shops containing that item, you will buy the first one that you find at a good price.

    In my opinion, this will prevent people from constantly undercutting each other and actually create a somewhat stable market.

    I'd like to hear your opinions on that.


    Ok, but what does this statement have to do with anything? The idea of this suggestion was to make War god bless scroll more useful, either by altering its function or by giving it and us more option to acutally use it.

    It's supposed to be used for higher level items. If you try to upgrade 100lvl helmets, fire/oceanic shoes, high lvl armours etc, you will definitely benefit from using them. For example - 100lvl helm to +4 has 60% success rate. And the items needed for the upgrade are worth around 15-20kk. Just for +4.

    There are things in the game that are used occasionally or even very rarely. And I think that's ok. But that's just my opinion.


    I am a warrior and before the update I was hitting 13k on hell run boss. Now I hit 8k with the same poly as before.

    About the new poly system - honestly, most of them are totally useless. The damage of them is fine but they hit way too slow to be used. Maybe can be used for weak bosses like Blue death, but not for hell/nemere etc.

    Hello everyone!

    So, I'm in kind of a dilemma. I'm a relatively new player and I'm looking to buy an armour for high lvl pvm. Aqua or DHA?

    I want to use it for everything. From metin stones to dungeons like razador, nemere, hydra etc.

    I've asked around and some people say Aqua is better because of the extra 10 magic res, some people say DHA is better.

    I'd like to hear your opinions about which one is more versatile and overall better to get.

    Take care.

    One thing that I'm missing is a notification about bio. Or maybe even delivering bio items by clicking on the mission itself. Would be helpful since sometimes I forget about it.