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  • DontBeScared

    Will be there any Halloween event buddies'

  • Gonzoxxx


  • Syslas99

    Moon event already started?

  • Pingu

    Never close the Metin2 SG :d <3

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Reboot done. Server on

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Hey guys, as it states at the very end of the post "The rewards will be sent automatically" just be a little bit patient and the it'll solve itself.

  • DontBeScared

    Same here, i think it will be manual

  • Adihere

    hello, you receive rewards from special lottery automatically ? i didn't receive :(

  • deathpool

    in your heart

  • Radioactive

    where is the lottery result?I cant see it ;)

  • DontBeScared

    Still nothing? :(

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Since I am waiting for the answer of some players it will be announced at night

  • MrSoon

    soon :) it requires to check A LOT of numbers, so be patient

  • DontBeScared

    When will the forum lottery winners be anounced?

  • PrometheusX

    just get enough dmg and then make sure you have magic res, hp absorb and as much hp restore

  • Adihere

    is there any use for fire resistance, wind, lighting etc?? i tested fire res in infernal flame field and no effect in damage taken(i have necklace 20% fire res)

  • MrSoon

    max your magic res, block chance, dodge arrows is usefull, don't get too much def because pierce will crush you

  • deathpool

    and for defense? 2 gms said me some time ago that lightning is useful but I tested it and nope, useless (against cleric, mob which attacks with lightning)

  • MrSoon

    demi vs "human" mobs

  • deathpool

    any useful bonus in hl (except mob and arrow resistance)?

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    Given that a lot of chests and drops are different from other servers, I think it would be really nice, especially for new players, to have some sections of the wiki completed.

    :D :D :D

    This is false. If people start opening shops on those nations, all the server will check 3 nations instead of 1 because they know they might find something there. They don't do that now, because nobody bothers to open a shop there. It is a endless ring.

    It is 100% true. The same applies to the real world, where everybody wants to have a store in a shopping mall because it has a lot of people coming through each day that want to shop.

    The case with having shops primarily in only one kingdom is the same with all metins, it is just the stable economic outcome. This tends to be in the kingdom with the most players because shopmakers know that most people will travel through that kingdom the most.

    I just don't understand why would you set a shop near storekeeper ( YES, STOREKEEPER ) while all other kingdoms have ZERO shops. Except the fact I don't really see blue safe zone really overcrowded with shops, there is plenty of space.

    There is a positive economic externality from making your shop where other shops are. If you make your shop @ reds or yellows, only a few people will actually buy things because people that want to purchase something go to blues.

    Antigamers like this LuxusKind should be banned because they have a negative impact on the game. They make players less willing to play when they actively destroy shops/hunt down low level players/ act annoying for no reason. I know it's not against any rules but they wouldn't be the kind of players that I would want on my server if I was running one.

    If they both get licences how Gameforge can make YouTube to block SG videos, it's not even SG video, it's player's videos... I don't get it.
    This makes me sad because i don't have time to play more Metin2, and videos like Mav's and others let me to see some more of Metin like higher level dungeons and pvp.

    For starters, Gameforge as a company is many times larger than TEC.

    Secondly, when you post stuff on youtube, you must have the rights to the intellectual property being shown in the video. Since you as a player have no rights to post anything about metin 2, a company like Gameforge can request that your video is taken down. TEC, on the other hand, is nice and allows for its content to be posted on youtube, which it has a right to because it purchased them from Ymir. Gameforge, however, does not want TEC servers being shown because it encourages players to play on SG so they block the videos using their rights.

    This is the general structure of things, other things may be going on that I'm not informed of since both companies are private.

    I dont understant the Tec-Team.
    They say we are Official Server, but they do nothing about the Blocked Videos xD

    They are an official server. You must understand how server publishing works.

    Metin 2 was initially created by Ymir (the game and everything). Ymir does not want to be in charge of maintaining the server so it sells the official right to run the server to publishers such as TEC Interactive and Gameforge. In this sense, the two are competing for players so obviously Gameforge would want to remove SG videos from youtube.

    You guys drive me crazy with your unofficial server talk lol...

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been trying to get the hang of high level pvm but it is very difficult with an empty wiki. My question for everyone is:

    What is the most efficient farm (gold/hour) that I can accomplish @ level 86 on a weapon sura?. I've decided to stay level 86 for the purpose of having access to more drops, but obviously missing out on 92/94/96 bio is pretty big. If there is a big difference in farm/hour, I would consider leveling up.

    My pvm stated items so far are

    ps 8 avg
    titan +9
    60 helm 5 mob
    bma 8 avg 3 block
    pvm neck
    ps +9 avg 38
    htb +9

    bonuses are roughly: 84% undead, 80% orc 10% demi, 30 arrow

    buff with 55%

    let me know what you think., thanks! :)