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    i dont think the metin/boss part is a good idea and ill explain why. In a way, yes it will be easier to figure out the respawn time, but you forgot one aspect of this problem. Some people literally camp these bosses 24/24, for someone who is new to the game or maybe not that good geared for pvp it will be way harder to find any boss (i.e Captain Yonghan). Im telling this from my own experience, because the only way to gather keys for the aqua dragon for me is to be one of the first players that figures out the respawn time of this boss after a maintenance, or to farm at very late hours but thats a hardcore way to do things. Just a thought.

    for me - the pet system where u have to level ur pet is a no go, is bad on gf servers and it will always be bad - is a fking pet - you shouldnt get too much out of it anyway the gear and alchemy matters not a fking pet. Adding diversity in terms of making pets like 1k hp and 5% crit or 5% pierce is fine but thats the top line for me. I mean i get it that for an archer assassin doesnt seem right to use the green phoenix - but new pets with high bonusses like 2k hp, resistance or against races or level pets is a nono

    costumes dont give too much in terms of stats - that should be the same for pets and any item of this sort - gear should be the most important thing. In my opinion even the random stat on purchase for costumes a kinda bullshit and should be removed - but again the costumes are only 30 days, sooner or later even if u got a good bonus it will run out.

    I love sg because is different than other servers, I've come to SG because i wanted to run away from the bullshit that there is on P-servers or gf-servers - is different in a simplistic way and that makes it fun for me - it bring back memories from old times and also adds something new to it and I think it should remain that way. Again, im not against adding new pets, but if u ask me you only need 3 pets for the whole pvp:

    1k hp 5 crit

    1k hp 5 pierce

    green phoenix

    not to mention that if there isnt a lot of

    I honestly dont know how pvp will be a thing on this server, pvm wise is great but the fact that there are accounts and people playing for many many years makes it impossible to catch up. This also refers to alchemy - if u want new players to get into the game from start to finish, including pvp you have to adjust things to make this happen, otherwise dont change anything and let the same people fight for eternity since there's no one who will invest that much money and time just to fight 10 players. SG is great for casual players because pvm is very chill and fun, but competitive wise is just dead.

    i also think this will be a very good solution

    First of all - low level content isnt that great. Ill suggest you to level up around lv 50-61 - since you can use the OP mounts (chocobo and dragor) which give 300 attack value when fully upgraded, you also will be able to increase your horse level.

    Other than that - a good chunk of damage in low level gameplay mostly comes from a good weapon - P skills and item mall costumes and boosters. In my opinion you should aim getting these things first because they increase your dmg the most in a short time. After that you should aim for smaller things that add up over time like biologist quests, mystic/legendary rarity items with 5 mob/8avg and attack speed but since you are arahan warrior, you already have enough attack speed. You can also save some money to buy a minor legendary ruby with avg dmg and atack value. Other than that the last power spike u get is at lv 90 from the lv 30 horse quest which gives u 200 atack value i think and from S skills and that pretty much all, after this point the only way to increase your dmg is either by making better alchemy, get gear with better stats and 25% absorbotion sash

    we also should take into consideration the fact that - it the system is easier => more people are willing to do it => the price of the rarity ore will drop, not that it is very expansive anyway but maybe for new players this matters alot. Right now there are people (including me) which dont even bother making rarity ore just because it's annoying, but overall I'd love the change but again only from a "Selfish" point of view.

    i also agree that alchemy is way too hard - i get it - end game stuff it's supposed to be hard but no this hard - the only way to do some kind of alchemy are big events easter/christmas/halloween etc there should be a way to do it in a normal way as well.

    also farming for items is human slavery and it should be abolished, c'mon elspeth, the dude is right. The whole point of a suggestion is to have a discussion about it. You said yourself that maybe an increase in the points you get may have been a better way to put it but the result is the same. Right now you may spend an eternity to upgrade your pole just to have a chance to catch a valuable fish and you still may get fucked by life and receive a fishbone. So, therefor I can see the 2 solutions:

    • You either make it faster to upgrade your pole so you can actually catch these valuable fishes and you still may get fucked by life, but at least the process of getting there is easier.


    • You don't change the process of upgrading your pole but when you DO manage to get your pole to the desired level for these rare fishes, make them be cooked alive so that when you do manage to catch one, you get rewarded for the effort you put rather than getting cucked by the rng.

    "There's enough you can do to boost yourself, why not help others for once?". I really don't like this sentence. Which part from what I suggested stops you from leading others or helping others ? Real life principles don't really apply to video games all the time. How many players got P at leadership on their mages, just so they can buff themselves - is it already abused for individual purposes. Also people already solo every piece of this game, you don't even need a group and in RARE cases where it happens it will make the experience more enjoyable. But again, it is just a suggestion you dont have to accept it, but as I can see many people agree with me. Have a nice evening!

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to suggest you a new feature that I've seen on other servers and which I think is a good thing to have. For the time and efforts you need to invest in Leadership to get it to P, the leader doesn't actually get anything, no passive bonus or party bonus. I would like to suggest after u get P at leadership, the leader should be able to give himself one of the bonuses (like atack value, buff duration etc).

    Tell me what u think, cheers!

    not everything we farm is supposed to have a bigger purporse. Capes are used only for gathering mobs and scrolls are only used for upgrade. The only logical thing to do is to use blessing scroll to create other scrolls like Dragon god scroll for 10% chance, but nothing else

    achievement system is cool idea, battle pass hell no, it reminds me of other bullshit private servers which is what I wanted to escape from while playing here.
    A good idea will be to have 7 day version of the 30 day costumes and hairstyles in item shop. I'm not talking about the halloween ones, just normal costumes that are always present, so people can buy one costume for 30 days or 4 costumes with 7 days each - for a change of style.
    Regarding horse in PVP if u cannot use it in guild wars or national war, I don't see any point in forcing this on players in normal maps, most of us don't even care about pvp so is better if we can just run away when a guy is in his bad day.

    There isn't much to discuss, the system won't be removed, with or without a poll. The cause of the current bad market are 3:

    1) Overfarming and hoarding, remember when you all complained to do runs without ip block etc? Complained when we suspended or punished people who avoided the cooldown because waiting two hours was too much? Well guess why those were a thing back then, and no it was not because we were sadistic bastards

    2) Easy drops, when the game has no hardcore drops that requires days to farm, everybody can farm anything with the proper time. There is no item that is so rare that when you drop makes you bilionare because you don't want to endure. It is not a coincidence that Mythic DSS is the most expensive item, cause is hard to upgrade and you all still whining about it.

    3) Events, again nobody here is special, if you can farm 1000 box during events, so can other hundreds of players. Hence those drops that you have are pretty much flooding the market and you cannot expect them to sell for high price, for quite some time.

    This is not correct. You can actually become rich if you drop a legendary piece of gear with the right stats but is rng. The search shop system is good but I do think that theres a problem with the market. Some days you see an item for twice as much as it was yesterday or with half the price but that mostly comes from the fact that the server isn't highly populated and one individual can massively impact the market in a good or bad way. The server itself is incentivizing players to grind and make everything on their own terms rather than buying from other players, if you take consumables out of the ecuation (e.g bonus changers/up materials), everything else is very hard to sell, equipement doesn't sell at all because no one is even interested, especially if it doesn't have perfect stats. Everyone is selling but few people are buying that's the major issue, but as I said that comes from the lack of players, especially new players, vast majority of the players are 90+, low level equipement is pretty much impossible to sell, but is an old game, i don't think there's any solution to that. We gotta live with what we have!

    removing the drops from 90+ stones is just a dumb idea, with these items u get rarity ore, vitality ore and also chances to drop some legendary or titanic item. This is clearly a NO go.
    - The prices are going down because of the events, once they are over it starts to rise up again, is just a normal thing.
    What i can suggest tho, is to remove the price filter from the search shop, people fight over first spots in the search results and they change the price little by little many times till the prices are like 30% smaller than how they were originally. A good idea will be, first results to be shown will be of those who had the shop on for the longest period, regardless of the price.