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    For the first idea, you actually have a button that can rearrange the items and autostack(I added a screenshot).

    I don't think that it's that necessary. I mean, you can scroll a little and the items remains arranged, just look for the + or not. But if they change it, it will also be a problem when you are looking for items that are plusable(armors, swords, wthatever). I don't know how it will work if you wanna find an armor that have a bonus that you want but doesn't matter + how much it is(if you write just the name of the armor without + how much, it shows a list of that item from +0 to +9 ).
    Nice ideas btw.

    hello, the screenshot is actual useless for me, since i meant the regular inventory. and not the extra with U, but i appreciate your help

    anyways, if anyone from team read this, all i wrote above are features most other servers have since years! its quality changing, so pls bring it here too, it make the game more playfull and enjoyable

    +1 though I didn't get what you mean in the third one.

    if i unstack for example 15x thief gloves from my stack of 200x thief glove or 100x or whatever

    then the next time i press the keys to unstack again some thief gloves, it automaticly make the number i did last time, or another option to unstack 200x thief gloves in 10x 20, etc...

    i forgot : selling items to npc by clicking each by each.. need a faster way,, ( books, stones etc, make a hot key strg + x , or something else, its very annoying like this 2009 style )

    - changing prices of item in shop, without have to put out and in again.

    - when you pickup with groupmembers , picked up items AUTOSTACK, i have like full inventory of thief gloves and exp rings...

    - prices should save, for example i put red changer in shop for 5kk, the next red changer should suggest automaticly 5kk

    - destacking items, if i destack for example soulstones 200 stack into 10x stacks, it should save the 10x stacks, or a possiblity to make a destack options with different variations

    -shopsearch <-- if i look for orc tooth no +, it should show only orc tooth no +, and not orc tooth + as first, because its cheaper on market... only the item you really look for, should be shown.

    - remove the ultra slow entry text on npc at the gate to spider dungeon 2 from 1 or make it faster

    - return scrolls autostack when you safe position

    - language ring like thief glove in corner left ( for more tec point price , or completly full free... )