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    You should learn the consequences of things you want.

    For example... you wanted an update to the drop rate formula and supported it when it was suggested, staff listened and that update came, that update is the main cause of the current market state. The market was exactly the same before the update and there were next to no complaints about it. The only thing that changed was the drop rate formula that you supported.

    So in essence, your comments are so invalid that even your own past actions prove what you say is a bunch of crap.

    It's sad to see that SG players have to face consequences for suggesting necessary changes. I am very sorry for you guys. :D The drop rate formula update was the best update in the last 6 months, the problem is that Shadow does not see it as his job to regulate the market. Obviously, more items are being dropped since the patch than before, but that can be adjusted, right? The old drop formula was complete garbage, why is it our fault for suggesting a change?

    you just proved your comments are absolutely pointless and you didn't use your brain to type any of that


    Thanks for saving me from having to reply.

    you just proved your comments are absolutely pointless and you didn't use your brain to type any of that

    By no means we said that every freeze and disconnection is caused by IPV6, we said that IPV6 can cause that. Also claiming it is a bug is false and wrong, the game was born in this way. We also stated that eventualy this needs to change as IPV4 is doomed to cease to exist.

    Oh really?

    This is the main reason why some people are so annoyed by his statements btw.

    Blaming every problem on someone else, funny isn't it? Elspeth has said this to everyone in the guild, everyone on elitepvpers, everyone on Discord. But it's nice to see that you're admitting it to yourselves by now. :)

    We also said that this problem exist in other server, which was denied by players like your friend Airmax, except he also played a server where this problem exist (and still does) proven by several threads about it and the same reply and it still does, maintenance or not.

    Funny, I played on the mentioned server for several months and didn't have a single freeze or disconnect.

    For comparison: mentioned server, SG

    And this although the mentioned server probably has more than 10 times as many players.

    Quote me where i said that is the player fault? I said to the suggestion to remove the shop search and put a simple arrow on every shop that has the item you are looking for, is a huge step back. I said we are not meant to regulate the market, something that players create themselves. If this for you means that it is player's fault, then oh well whatever.

    Even worse lol.

    „I said we are not meant to regulate the market, something that players create themselves“ This is the reason why the market is completely broken. :D If you think that it is not your job to regulate the market, then oh well whatever.

    All bugs are reported here and 99% are fixed.


    Suggestions are made here. You don't have to consider everything you dislike a bug,

    How about fixing extra inventory lags, stuck metins, shopsearch for alchemy, dungeon ranking or finally giving purpose to the vote4bonus button so you can promote your server on toplist sites to gain players? Most of this has been suggested several times. :)

    Did Palita finally help you write a proper answer? I already thought that there is no more answer, except for the senseless stuff from earlier.

    Nice screenshots of A***** discord, you unfortunately did not consider that the server you showed has 33000 players in the last 24/h, which is many times the SG players. 5 players out of 33000 have complained? Good comparison. On SG pretty much everyone has these problems, funny isn't it?

    You say the problem with the shop search is that it sorts by price, how is that a problem? Literally every single mmo both modern and from 25 years ago since Everquest had a market like this, and seriously doesn't take long to check for the x10, x100, x200 prices and compare what would be the best buy.

    f you don't see a problem there, I'm sorry. It's very obvious that prices are dropping so much because players are undercutting each other. If shopsearch stopped sorting by price, not everyone would bother looking for the cheapest item. As I said, this problem has existed on countless servers, which is why almost no server has a shopsearch that sorts by price anymore.

    The rest of your post is complete nonsense, no idea what you are trying to say.

    I don't care about SG at all, I just find it funny how some here still defend the team. More entertaining than Metin2 itself. :)


    Temple farmer will win gold more than high lvl farmer? Nice joke xd. I can win 3-5w in 30 minutes in runs. Also with less effort. Metin2 players expactation is too much for 2GB game, maybe not even 2GB :D

    70won/day in temple was normal for me in the first week of playing here. crossfire knows this, I even bought an 120won ruby from you after 3-4 days of playing here including doing horse quests and building my farmers. keep doing runs pro :saint:

    Hi, I want to give my opinion regarding this subject. First of all, some players keep complaining that server has many bugs/disconnections/freezes and often accuse staff for not fixing those. But, they do not understand It is a problem of 'metin2' itself It comes with bugs and disconnections, every metin2 games have similar issues. The staff always try to fix all issues reported, metin2 sg is one of the game with minimal bugs or disconnections to be honest.

    The problems are not coming directly from 'Metin2', the SGteam just doesn't feel like it's necessary looking for the bugs in their files. There are, as far as I know, no other servers that have such big problems with freezes/disconnections or 'ipv6', as the team would say. The team's statement doesn't make much sense if after disabling ipv6 the freezes don't disappear. Elspeth even admitted for a while that the freezes/disconnects are not only caused by ipv6 and that it would simply take too much time to figure out what is triggering them. As you can see in the video that Airmax posted some time ago, there are more problems than just that. They just keep adding stuff without fixing the already existing problems, what is probably going to happen? Maybe they should ask their old friend Shogun how to fix their files, but he probably won't help after Chris annoyed him so much. :(

    Another thing I noticed is that players often complain that 'market is dead' since they cannot sell their items. They even wanted the shopsearch feature to be removed from the game. The problem here is not the shop search', players mostly overfarm and we end up having a huge supply of stuffs. If players can farm something themselves why would they buy them? You can just sell the items which players want and adjust to market changes. You cannot expect just farm metins day night and make lots of wons, you need to have patience and find out what players are demanding. For example at the moment devil's splinters are sold really fast , you can them from plagued run and also soul stones/rarity ores. It is not so hard to make gold, hence complaining is not the solution here or blaming staff etc.

    The main problem with the shopsearch is that it sorts by price. There has never been a server where the market has worked well with a sort by price function, so why should it work on SG? Many players have already suggested that it should be changed. Shadow has refused the suggestions and said it is the players fault (? wtf). There are not too many items on the market. For example, the blue changers & rarity changers on the market are barely enough to roll one very good PvP item (unless you are extremely lucky). The problem is that the server has a small playerbase and not much PvP. You don't need good items for PvM, the items on the market are more than enough for that. So why would you make items yourself? Why farm dungeons when you make much more money farming metinstones? A 50won budget temple farmer makes more money than any high level player who farms dungeons. It's definitely not the players fault.

    Some players keep mocking the game, but still play it for years and years, I seriously do not get this, how they can play the game and speak bad about it? They keep saying that 'server dead' do they even know the meaning of a dead server, It is a server where there are no players and then it shuts down. So you cannot call metin2 sg a dead server, It is online for years and years. The staff work really hard all the time.

    You've basically already answered your own question. Most players on SG have been playing for years, it's too hard for them to quit or change the server when they've already built up their accounts so much. Compared to other servers, SG is pretty dead, yes. But maybe the players say that so the team finally starts doing something like 'promotion' to gain some more players? So much hard work, I hope Elspeth doesn't overwork himself looking in other Metin forums for public stuff to add.

    Finally, I have also seen players complaining hard about their tickets not answered 'quick' or their tec points not accepted. Seriously, you need to learn how to wait and that the staff are humans just like all of us, they do great work here. Some might think I am writing this to 'bootlick' the staff but this is not the case, It is just things which I have noticed.

    Why automatically accept Odins when you can accept them manually for 11 years? As the team would say, there are more important things to do. :')

    I'm pretty sure you're aware of all this and you're just trying to defend SG, which of course is not a bad thing, but as long as there are players like you, they won't fix the problems.

    Best regards & #LongLiveMetin2SG

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    hello amigos here my video for contest

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    wishing you lots of fun ingame dear edgar :) if you need equipment / gold or any other kind of help feel free to msg 'EmyEmy' or 'Palita' they will give you something for sure!

    Seems to me the solution is to remove the drop formula. Meaning that you won't get any increase of drop if your level is lower but you also won't get any decrease of drop if is too high. Always the same drop, till 10 levels more, then you won't drop nothing.

    pls do this it would be amaaazing

    It is not dumb at the moment. However its a fair point after hell and ice run boss level has been raised. I do disagree with the suggestion, because those maps are not meant to be farmed with 105+ chars. From lvl 100 you can enter every high lvl run except 1. Maybe its time to check those out. I have a lvl 91 farmer and farm high lvl runs exclusively for example.

    the metin is lv105 and is not meant to be farmed with 105? bro??? XDD