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  • Kentra

    yeah only +0 dss shows up in shop search

  • hillsg2

    hy , i cant see in f11 my dss upgrade +6 or +4 i have 3 different pieces . itz normal ?

  • EmyEmy


  • Palita

    next time you crash send ticket with the log

  • Etherial

    It's due to packet loss in your intetnet connextion.

  • HadroxHUN

    Im the only1 whos client is dying almost every time if i change channel?..

  • EmyEmy

    It will be announced on the Anniversary Thread:)

  • DenzelCurry

    so how we know who win lottery?

  • IronMikeTyson

    xD ye Holy is op farmer 24/7 :thumbsup:

  • Hiumi

    Ofc 1 ticket took lot of time to be farmed. We cant sit all the day to farm. Good luck

  • AlmightyHoly now stop spamming shoutbox for 1 ticket kids :D

  • EmyEmy


  • Hiumi

    the quarantine brought me back

  • IronMikeTyson

    Hiumi damn still playing

  • TheBrocker


  • Hiumi

  • Desired

    Pc perf mythic superclass diamond?

  • RedWyn

    Pls dont provoke thanks messi.

  • Hiumi

    Iq200 fake profile, good job

  • LyBos

    Also you are being disrespectful towards shadow, afterall he made the run so he knows best <3

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    Pretty sure this event is not like easter - you will drop the chests instead of items to "create" the chests. This means you will be able to see what the chest drops as soon as the event is live, unlike the easter event where you could only see the drops after the even was over (In case that is what you were worried about).

    Nah I was just wanted to get some hyped you know :D Still fine tho. Not much left till friday =)

    Server is running for more than 10 years and you recognized this all in a sudden? We're not playing a real-life simulator you trying to explain that animation is faster maybe 5% than walking speed. Well you can always make up some excuses for make the things go as you wanted. Take player priveleges and sell it back to them. Thats what a good team does. Did EA buy TEC and we dont know?

    It's utterly nonsense. Not gamewise but think it as common sense. A mount, is any kind of vehicle that used to transport a person or a load from point a to point b "faster" than walking speed. So why mounts has to display the movement speed on their tooltip if its already the main reason why mounts are used. I've never seen such nonsense before in SG or any other server. I really don't understand the reason behind this. MS removal is absurd, your explanation is even more absurd.

    Please explain it with one valid argument why its removed and we may discuss it. Otherwise this is just a "prick" move.

    The Mounts were never supposed to have this Stat, else they would have it displayed in the Tooltip.

    To be very honest, in my 8 Years here i never even noticed that they have it because i always was above 200+ MS anyways


    My suggestion is; there should be a button/tool on players inventory to dismatle a rare item to get rarity ores so players won't have to walk up to 1st village to dismantle items. If this happens players will collect the trash rare items, for example dropped while metin farming, and convert them into ores quickly. Also there will be less pollution on ground :pleasantry:
    This is not a unique system that i found by the way. This was a nice feature on another game known Cabal Online. So I thought maybe we can add it to SG.

    These was my humble opinions. Thank you for reading. GL&HF