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    i can say something about earrings, im a mage too, and only playing for pvm.

    i have hte+9 fully mine armed, and also i have sce+9 (no soul crystal added), those earrings have nearly same stats, and 8 avg rarity. i hit metins higher damage with sce+9. but this is a choice for u, cuz int increases our buffs, 10 int gives %3 more buff i guess. now im not in game, im at work, maybe i can add a ss about the damages after work.

    actually if u want high damage, u need sce. u want high buff rate, u need hte. yea int increase our damages also, but sce gives higher damage at all.

    and here is the thing, we need both of earrings, cuz u know, sometimes we join with dungeon runs, we need to buff our friends and guildmates with high buffs. and u know there are ruby earrings in the game, maybe u can try this one for higher buff rate.

    i tried before to buff myself with maximum int, and then changed my usual pvm items, but i saw buff rates going down. (tried months ago maybe something changed now, idk. u can try and look at the changes at bonus page.)

    Hi guys, i have questions about my salvation fan, i enhanced this fan a few days ago:

    I'm playing mostly pvm, i need a salvation fan for upgrade. This fan is confusing me, i guess it fits for pvp and pvm both. I need some suggestions for about this fan using for what. İf i want to upgrade this one, what stones i have to attach?

    Small notice: My character is Dragon Mage.

    Thanks a lot.

    Latte <3

    If they raise points received from 95+ metins with 30-40% its still hard to win hunter ranking against a warrior who dmg 20k in 105 lvl metins. I farm metins for red changers/ blue changers not for hunter ranking points, 30k tp are around 450kk and you can make them easy in max 3 hours at high lvl. But if they will raise points so much, will be unfair for lvl 80-90 players.

    They can create a new league for lv 90+ players. Silver, Gold, and the third one can be Platin for example. Players compete each other with justice. Platin's prize can be same, doesnt matter.

    Or the other solution is decrease lv 90 metins points to 70-75. That's the fair part.

    lv 85 metin: 27726 > 75 pts

    lv 90 metin: 27838 > 112 pts

    lv 95 metin (ember): 27911 > 73 pts

    lv 95 metin (gloom): 27984 > 73 pts

    lv 100 metin (vanity): 28062 > 78 pts

    lv 100 metin (wrath): 28140 > 78 pts

    That's the unfair part. One of Lv 90 player wants to make 2000 points, have to kill lv 90 metin x18 or lv 95 metin x26. U miss that point. That's the problem, not speed or high damage. U dont read or understand what we are saying...

    You are wrong. The points from lvl 95+ metins are same with the points from lvl 90- metins, it depends only by your level. Another perspective is you are killing 95+ metins slower than 90- metins because they have more HP and defense. I won hunter ranking with both farmers (80 and 91) and I tell you the points are same, there is nothing to change. If u want to win hunter ranking by farming lvl 95+ metins just improve your damage, I know many players who won hunter ranking with lvl 91+. The best example is HardCoreLilFarm (lvl 100 when he won), he made 250k hunter ranking points with his sura, I also made 229k points with warrior lvl 91 by farming 95+ metins. My advice is to improve your damage, I assure you the points are ok, the only problem is you are not faster enough with killing.

    I won this hunter's ranking run last week.

    I tried and tested the points, and i added my points ss.

    My level is 92 now, i tried when im at lv 92. I can earn hunter ranking points to kill lv 85-90-95-100 metins. lv 105 or lv 80 metins not useful for me.

    That's the all testing points:

    My start points: 27651

    lv 85 metin: 27726 > 75 pts

    lv 90 metin: 27838 > 112 pts

    lv 95 metin (ember): 27911 > 73 pts

    lv 95 metin (gloom): 27984 > 73 pts

    lv 100 metin (vanity): 28062 > 78 pts

    lv 100 metin (wrath): 28140 > 78 pts

    That is what im saying. Those numbers (lv 95-100 metins' points) are humiliating. That is not about my damages or slow killing, also im not killing slowly, im killing same speed.

    Stop talking without knowledge please. I hope u will understand what im saying.


    Here's the thing:

    İ dont know about which metin gives how much points but i can say, the metins at the 90+ maps, gives lower points than lv 85-90 metins. its not fair because this point dispersion humiliating the lv 90+ players. one of a lv 100 player wants to be first rank at the hunter ranking list, he have to farm at red forest at lv 90 metins. That's really absurd. What's the meaning of the be lv 100 or 90+ maps? You have to encourage players to be higher and getting stronger.

    Hi, i have a question. İ'm playing with mage, and mostly I am farming at forest, killing metins. I have an ebony earrings +9 with mystic rarity (8 avg) %20 double drop items and etc. What's the best choice for destroy metins, str or int?