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  • iPhone5

    RIP samlam 2020.05.22

  • bombardieru

    UncleFlorin pm Bombardieru ingame when u reach on ty

  • HadorisHUN

    oh okey, thanks the info!

  • [GM]Elspeth

    they were just added to the hunter ranking

  • [GM]Elspeth

    The metins arent new, Hadoris. They were in enchanted Forest the entire time

  • HadorisHUN

    Where are the new 110-120 metin stone guys?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • 100pcentTSK

    - a moment of silence to show some respect for Zum -

  • L0lu

    There is an info about costumes, DSS and new Dungeon from [GA]Shadow, but it seems some poeple are just too lazy to check those topics first.

  • L0lu

    ALmoSIQaR Instead of whining, you should take 5 min. and check the latest Patch notes and responds under them.

  • ALmoSIQaR

    everyone aspires to get the best

  • ALmoSIQaR

    and we need something for dcc like changer we spent alot of gold and we got clean super class

  • ALmoSIQaR

    we need new runs and new maps and new costumes and new pets and new mounts

  • ALmoSIQaR

    the game now like metin2 in 2013 all things old

  • ALmoSIQaR

    we want somethings new in our game

  • ALmoSIQaR


  • yusupheu

    omg will they add meley's lair to the game

  • PrometheusX

    would that be an easy fix?

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow you can't right click beans into the refinement window anymore after they were moved to the extra inventory

  • L0lu

    xCesarz They should be dropping all day, just like moons.

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    There are alaways sth for and against something.
    This will make game easier in some ways cause you can just make item +9 and add rarity what for me is broken cause you can take to dt nearly everything or roll anything with avg and add bonuses. In this way it make no sense.
    But on the other hand if someone for exmple have sth really old with top stats - on changing them you spend fortune and now it's just another crap in eq - nobody will even buy it and you don't really want to sell it cause you spend on it so much yangs or time.
    For example i have really old Boneplate armour - 2 k hp 10 to hp , 50 ap, 15 arrows 10 reflect but it's common... i'd like to spend wons, some time to get possibility to have it with rarity. If it can be possible i would really like to do it. But it could only works if you can't spend real money to get this rarity adder. It should drop from box maybe or be craftable and not tradalbe. New players i think that they wouldn't really use it cause now you can buy a lot of good things with rarity. I know problem about some eq for exapmle like SCE or PS, Grudge etc and everybody would like to make them 8 avg. But maybe it could be used from for example 80/90/100 lvl + items or sth like that. Also i know that there are many new players which reaches high lvl but probably they've made items with rarity from the begining.

    100pcentTSK i know you can tell - you made it once you can make it second time, cause chagners are easy to get, but it's not a point. I've made other legendary items with stats probably if you get them you wouldn't change cause they are also really good. Probably even if you have such item to add rarity you wouldn't spend it for 34 armour or FMS cause there are many good items on market and easy to make.

    It's only my private opinion you can agree or disagree.

    EmyEmy i don't agree with you about changing adders for changers and price. Cause for drop blue adder and changer you have 5%.
    It takes some time to drop 200 changers = same time for adders. If you make good trade 20 adders = 1 changers. It will give you just 10 extra blue so not much. And you can do sth with this 200 stacks.
    HadorisHUN more filter for loots - i don't want to be sarcastic but maybe use autopickup hacks xd It's not hard to take this legend from ground from time to time and from time to time you can get rid of this 200 stacks of poly or some other usless things. It's not hard to tap "~" all the time

    Generally changes now are really good and i hope that we will go in good way and team will improve server.
    I generally agree with A.O.S  
    For me it would be nice if for example sash system will be added cause - every booster for dmg is good and players like to improve thier character to be stronger, but it should be really good balanced before coming to the game.
    About new costumes and costumes in general it would be also nice if you can hmm idk how to say it good in english. If you can turn off your's costumes. cause i like look of armours, but i more like dmg :D

    And question to comunitty and higher lvl players - what do you think about abs for one had waepon poly dmg for suras??
    About Plaged it was really good run - but now useless. Slighly increas drops of perals, or maybe add sth to drop to make this run profitable for players.

    Changes in Liqids wil be nice if there was button - make all ( but you have to think how much herbs you want to make - sometimes mathematic is hard but we can you some brian cells :P )

    Cursed doll - definitly in general shop - it will make easier game for new players and make spot in eq for it. You can put sth instead of this to IS :P

    Thats my idea for some changes in game.

    I would like to ask about shoulder sash system, what do you think about adding this system to the game??
    What community of sg thinks about this system?
    It would be nice to to make something new in game:gamer::gamer: