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  • jureczek

    ta, oplaca sie

  • Thoreau

    Profitable? What do you mean?

  • Marcin Rokita

    Hi, how many players online, is it profitable to play from 0?

  • CatFood

    new time at 9 am ?

  • [GM]Elspeth

    No aesthetic it wasn't canceled, the start time simply changed. You can find your answer in the Event Announcements.

  • Jese

    Japanese vs Blue Death (SOLO DT)

  • Jese


  • aesthetic

    what happened 20th moon event ? it canceled ?

  • iRiCO

    ok nvm everythings fine

  • iRiCO

    ok thx, and how can i deactivate lock&ready ?:D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

  • iRiCO

    hi can anyone tell me, where i can download the client ?:ü

  • Iba

    And the prices are?

  • SuraMain

    yip i would say spirit blessing but blue changer are the most expensive one that everyone can buy easily ^^

  • Iba

    What about spirit blessing?

  • KillerBambi

    Blue changers Iba

  • Iba

    A question: most valuable items in the mall?

  • Iba

    Hi guys!

  • Jese


  • Thoreau

    Even if it goes to 5kk, it's a great price for a changer for mid-end tier items.

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    Like I said, I have no desire to argue with you because I know it'd be a never ending loop and a waste of time and I have nothing to prove. I have apologized here numerous times and that's all I can say. I will not be responding to this thread again. I've said all that I'm going to say.

    I just.. wow.. I don't even know what to say to you because I feel like arguing with you would be.. Well, pointless.. The way you remember things and the way I remember things are quite different. I don't have a personal problem with you and I never have. Whatever I may have said or what you think I said was, again, well over a year ago now. I have absolutely no grudges. If anyone is holding grudges here, it is you and it shows in your reply.

    The only problem I ever had with you was how you treated people at times and we had lengthy discussions/arguments about it in the MOD chat back when I was a MOD. You have a tendency to belittle people and I always had a problem with that. And I did act out of line a few times when I voiced my frustrations over it with fellow players. I apologized to you about this and when I left the server last year, I truly believed I left on good terms with you.

    You're free to have whatever opinion you want about me personally but I think in your mind I've somehow manifested into a monster. If i was such a monster then why would other players who I've played with since the US server days 7-8 years ago still play with me? I am very sorry that you have such negative feelings towards me now.

    Once again, I want to apologize to you for any and all negative comments I said about you during my tenure as MOD. It was indeed inappropriate given my position. Also, the reason that I was told on why I was removed from being a MOD was because I wasn't very active in game anymore. Pharoah is the one who told me that. If there was another specific reason for it, you did not tell me when you fired me.

    And, for the record, I did apologize in the emails with support over the ban about using the commands and not reporting it and it was ignored. Also, all this from over a year ago seems to me to be a bit unrelated to the ban.

    Hey Cracker :)

    I know you for being a nice person and I am sorry to read this message.

    Did you announce the staff that you still have the powers after you discovered that? If you did then I believe that your ban is unjust.
    Anyway , you are a good player and we've had some chats back in the days when I joined your guild. The ban may be or may not be justified but for sure you should still hang around as you were a civilized player when you were active.

    Hey Diury, it's been a while since I bugged you in game lol. And no, I didn't submit a ticket or anything about it after I found out about it. I wasn't on for all that long and have been pretty busy in rl as of late. Even then, I didn't think of it as something very high priority since it wasn't something high priority a year ago. I never expected it would result in a permanent ban. I've obviously had the power for over a year now without any troubles so why would I think now would be any different? I wasn't running around muting people so I didn't think it was a big deal.

    I know now I should have immediately reported it and I've already sent in several tickets thoroughly explaining the situation and even apologizing for not reporting it. They've since ignored all those replies. The last reply I had simply was a short and "sweet" response inferring that there's zero tolerance for something like this.

    It seems my friend who uses my account talked to [GA]Teirusu in game about it today and he said straight up that there is no way the account will be unbanned. I guess giving a friend a 10 sec chat ban is the equivalent of hacking in the eyes of the administration. Personally, I think that if this is worthy of a permanent ban, then bug abusers, call chat spammers, and harassment are also worthy of a permanent ban instead of a temporary ban since at least they caused some sort of problem in game for other players. I feel that this isn't much different than a bug abuser who got a 3 day or even a 7 day ban except I wasn't doing anything to actually benefit myself.

    Again, this is just my opinion and I am a bit biased since I'm the one without my account and items.

    Also, for the record, with this ban in place there is absolutely no way I will return to the game in any form. I simply do not have the time or patience to rebuild what I lost. All I want is to be able to do is casually play and have some fun on occasion. I'm far too busy to be a regular player again.. Plus, it's the matter of principal.. I dedicated a lot of time and even money to the server to try and help support it. I didn't always see eye to eye with some of the decisions the GAs made but I always gave my input and ideas in hopes that I could help. I used to regularly post ideas to the suggestion thread and always tried to help out wherever I could. To me, this is a giant slap in the face and a huge "f*** you" for the contributions I tried to make whether they were helpful or not. All I can do at this point is voice my concerns.. Personally, I believe if something like this can happen and they are so strict with the rules (especially this one that is such a unique circumstance) that this is something worth permanently being banned for, then this is not a server I want to be part of and dedicate my time and energy into no matter how minuscule. I do not foresee much fun to be had playing on a server like this.

    Hello all,

    Some of you may know me as [MOD]Cracker and leader of the now deceased Bloodshed guild. It's been a little while since I've been truly active in game but I have been known to somewhat regularly visit. It's been over a year since I could say I was truly active in game. A close friend has been using my account in my absence.

    That being said, my MOD powers which gave me the ability to chat block were never removed from my account since i quit over a year ago. I got curious and tried them out last weekend. I used them twice, once on one of my own accounts for 10 seconds and to a good friend's account for 10 seconds showing him I still had them. This resulted in a permanent ban on my account.

    Last year I told Shadow, Pharoah, Serenity, and pretty much the entire MOD team from back then knew I had my MOD powers even after I stopped being MOD and the GAs always told me they were going to fix it. The way they made it seem was that it wasn't a big deal and simply having the powers wasn't hurting anyone and since I quit playing, I wasn't worried about it either. In fact, I didn't know I still had them.

    Now, I know making a post here on the forums is like signing a death sentence because the moment you criticize or question any decisions made by the administration team, you seem to become their enemy and they don't want you on their server anyways. However, I feel a bit hurt and upset over this and they will no longer even reply to any of my emails.

    So, I just want to know what the community thinks about this. Do you all feel that I should justifiably be permanently banned, losing my lvl90 character and a few kkk worth of stuff, because I got curious and tried out my MOD powers? I didn't abuse the powers.. I didn't chat block anyone i didn't like, I didn't impede or hurt anyone's game play, I didn't do anything but get curious.

    I was a MOD for around 4 months, and dedicated a lot of time to helping players and trying to help improve the server by being an active member of the community and an active guild leader. I even had a guild bank full of +9 low level gear to help out new players to the server that I would recruit to my guild.. this was the first server I ever spent any real money on because I used to love the support staff and how they ran the server. I believed this was the best metin 2 server around and I wanted to support it by purchasing from the item mall.

    Again, I'm hurt and upset. I feel as though I've done nothing but try and be a good player over the past few years and all I get is a cold 0 tolerance reply about how I used an illegal command and how it was such a serious offense. I guess dedication to the server in the past means nothing and curiosity makes me a terrible and evil player that shouldn't be allowed to play on the server. There goes my plans of making a little comeback to try out all the latest updates. :/

    Anyways, I just wanted to express myself since, in this case, I do feel as though I'm being very harshly and unfairly punished. I'd love to hear from some fellow players about what their thoughts are on this.

    Thanks for your time,
    Your friendly neighborhood Cracker

    Haha. I bet there hasn't been very many GWs since I quit actively playing. Ironically enough though, I just got banned the other day because my account still had its MOD powers and I tested it out. I gave a friend a 10 sec chat block.. Apparently that means I'm an evil player that shouldn't be allowed on the server. I suppose that means you'll never get another SS like this one. :banned: ;(